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You Are Not Alone

Since August 12th, 2000

The Dreamer's Sanctuary Spring 2001 Awards

Describing of Characters
The Backstreet Boys: Kevin Richardson, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean and Nick Carter. 5 successful young men, from Florida (USA). Kevin is 26 at the time, Howie almost 25, Brian is 23, AJ is 20 and Nick is 18.
Leighanne: Brian's fiancÚ. She's 28 (almost 29), tall, blonde, beautiful, and she's a sweet person.
Destiny: A 16 year old girl from Orlando. She's a high school student, works at Star Bucks after school, and she does some singing in her spare time. She doesn't watch much TV, or listen to the radio. She's more into her writing, singing and reading.

Basic Plot
Brian and Leighanne are having a good relationship. They are planning to get married, but however having children will have to wait a few years. But something goes wrong. What will Leighanne tell Brian, and what will his reaction be?. At the same time, Nick meets up with the girl of his dreams. Does she feel the same? And what will happen to the two of them? Read and find out!

When the story begins it's in the midsummer of 1998.

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