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"the cheekiest name since the
Sex Pistols"

- Pipeline Magazine

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Surf Rock 'N' Roll Combo

The end of September 1995 saw the rise of the new quintet…………….

The end of last year was brought to an incredible finish with their USA debut supporting 'The Trashmen' (Surfin' Bird) in fabulous 'Las Vegas' (approx.' 2000 people) which has also been featured on 'Channel 4' and SKY programs.

The Bands repertoire is drawn from wild 50's Rock'n'Roll obscurities through to early 60's Surf/Rock'n'Roll, and with material of their own provide audience's world-wide with their very own phenomenally infectious brand of Surf, Rock'n'Roll animalism.

Now the "Fab-Five" with their wild, rumbling Surf Rock'n'Roll sound have moved the party on with one single and 2 EP's, Gas (Finland) and indie (UK) Labels respectively. Now also available a Limited edition LP, on Vinyl, which is also available on CD.

The "Arousers" have not only played extensively across the UK but also successfully secured a strong following by their appearances in Europe playing France, Holland and Germany. The band have also provided explosive finishes to 'Hemsby' and 'The big Rumble' weekenders (the biggest R&R events in the World approx.' 3500+ people)

So if you would like to catch waves with the ultimate party band!! 'The Arousers' are "Fendered up and ready to Party".




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