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Transistor Memories

More of my collection

*This is a big Phillips radio ("You've got to admit it's getting better") that I bought when I was visiting England about 10 years ago. I won't go into a big thing on this one; I just thought I would include it, cause it's a nice radio.

*RCA Model 4RG52, absolutely mint shape, made in 1962. Takes 4 x AA cells, and plays super. I can't find a country of origin on this one, but, from the size of the internal components, I would say that it was made in the USA. Found by my bud Bill in 1999 at a flea market for $5.

*Found this one in 1998 at an antique store in Pennsylvania; I think I shelled out $12 for this one... it plays great. A Longines 1561. No reference data listed anywhere in the books for this baby. Takes 4 x C cells, and will blow your doors off.

*Scroll back if you want to read about this one... another Emerson 869. I nearly had heart failure the day I dropped this thing off of a table, and the swivel antenna/carrying handle BROKE off.... I ended up spending a few hours putting a screw through the handle, to reattach it to the frame... now, the antenna doesn't rotate, but at least it won't fall off again.

*G.E. P860A, made in 1963. As you can see, there are still more of these around than you can shake a stick at. They don't play too well, sound tinny, and are kind of junky performers... they all take 4 x AA cells. If you see one, pick it up for your collection, but don't give more than $10 for it. Made in Japan.

*Ross Model 1040, made in Hong Kong, probably in the early 70s. Not too rare of a find.... this one with the box and everything. Worth about a buck. They play, but don't sound too good. There must be a million of these still floating around... I think I have 5 of them.

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