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More of my collection

*Motorola X31N, which plays like a champ ! Made in 1962 in the USA, covered in leather with a busted carrying strap, and takes 4 x C-cells. So sensitive, will pick up AM radio stations in Bangkok. Found in an antique store in Mt Vernon, OH, in 1999, for $15. Had to coax this one back to life over several days... I think that once they've been off for a few decades, you have to play them a while to re-shape the internal components.

*Zenith Royal 32, made in Hong Kong, I would say after 1963, as it has no CD marks on the dial. Plays OK. Brought home by my friend Bill in 1999.

*Seminole Model 1000, brought from Oklahoma by my friend Al. Made in Japan in 1962. Takes 4 x C-cells, and plays well, though the SW band doesn't do too much.

*Sony Model TR84, made in Japan in 1960. It says that it is super sensitive, but has a hard time getting AM stations 10 miles from here. I think that this radio has seen better days. Takes 4 x C-cells, and eats them up real quick.

*Another few of the "Sony of my "Own-ie"

*Admiral Model 537 made in 1958. Takes a whopping total of 8 x C-cells. Has 2 speakers, one on the front, and one thru a grill on the back. This thing will blast the wallpaper off the kitchen. Found at an antique show in Atlantic City in 1999, for $35.

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