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More of my collection

*Magnavox AM-70, made in Japan around 1960-1. No data on this particular model in the books. Takes a wierd C-cell shaped battery, but with higher voltage than a C-cell. Have never taken the time to figure this baby out.

*Coronet BL006P, made in Japan in 1960. Has 2 transistors, and lists for $45 in the Lane & Lane book. Takes a 9V battery. Can't remember where it came from.

*The Magnavox FM92, made in 1965. A real nice little radio, with a lot of quality. I have two of these; they take a 9V battery, and play their little hearts out. These were built in Japan. Bought one at a flea market in Michigan in 1995; my friend Bill picked up the other one at a flea market in 1999.

*Bulova Model 882, made in Japan in 1962. Has embossed on the back of the case, "Made Under Bulova Engineering Supervision in Japan." Has AM and shortwave. I saw a guy at a flea market in Michigan a few years ago who had a crate of a similar model that was AM / Longwave, new in the box, for about $20 each. I guess, in the age of Marconi, they used to play stuff on the longwave band. This little gem played so poorly, though, that I didn't think any more should be added to the collection. Takes 4 x AA cells.

*Sorry, I put this one in twice... scroll back in the collection to get the data on this one.

*Sylvania TH16, made in 1963. This is a nice radio, and has a nice tone. Sylvania radios are kind of hard to come by, and I buy them when I run across them. They all play well, too. I think this one was originally wired for a bunch of C-cells, to make up 9V. I jumped past with a little cheap 9V battery, and the set plays like gangbusters.

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