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Wear different shoes every day the sweat from your feet in your shoes needs more than just overnight to dry out, otherwise you can get fungal infection.

Make the following hair tonic and apply daily: 1 cup each of fresh china roses, and margosa leaves or dried neem powder, and 10 bay leaves. Add two litres of water and boil on a slow fire until the liquid is reduced to half. Strain and let cool. Store in an air-tight bottle and use it to massage the scalp daily. It is a non-oily nourishing hair tonic which will not only strengthen the hair roots but provide nourishment and shine to the hair.

The best way to tighten stomach muscles is to do sit-up and take regular brisk walks while tucking in your tummy. Join an aerobics class or a gym to tone up the entire body.

Hairfall can be due to an internal weakness and for this you need to check with your doctor whether you need some supplementary vitamins and a high-protein diet. You could also oil your hair with warm castor and coconut oils mixed together in equal quantities. Follow this up with a hot towel wrap.

Management of diabetes before and drng should be designed to preserve maternal health and secure optimal outcome for the child.

To promote hair growth: Take 5 tbsp of fenugreek seed powder and mix with an egg and half a cup of yoghur. Add 1/2 tsp black pepper powder to this mixture and apply to the scalp. Black pepper is know to increase blood circulation. Leave this on for half an hour and shampoo. This should be done twice a week for a month.

Cellulite is simply a term coined by the beauty industry to describe perfectly normal fatty tissue. The fat on the back of a woman's thighs is no different from fat under the skin elsewhere on her body, and it has nothing to do with poor circulation or a build-up toxins. Exercise will tone underlying muscles, and sticking within your ideal weight range will keep fat stores to a minimum, making a combination of exercise and diet the best methods of cellulite control. There isn't a quick-fix.

Feel tired or dizzy? Suffer from bad breath or body odour? Have high BP or high levels of cholestrol? If yes, your body could be running low on vital vitamins and minerals.
Vitamins and minerals are the useful parts of the foods and beverages we consume. They are the building blocks of our cells, and our cells are the building blocks of our bodies.
They can be immensely helpful in preventing diseases and maintaining a sense of well-being. Vitamins and minerals can also be a valuable way to treat illnesses and bothersome symptoms. Many common ailments can be easily treated with supplementation as an alternative to dugs.

To lighten the skin on the legs, the solution of almond oil mixed with a few drops of lime juice is good. Do this daily, and also apply it on the knees as well.

To lighten chicken pox marks on face: Take 1 tsp almond powder, 1/2 tsp milk powder, t tbsp coconut milk and 1 tsp honey. Mix it all together and then apply it daily all over the face. You must keeep it on for an hour and then scrub it off with water. You an do this even twice a day. The monounnsaturated fatty acids present in olive oil are believed to help reduce bad cholestrol, and, therefore, lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. These fats and the vegetable mucilage in the oil also help in digestion, and relieve stomach disorders, including flatulence, heartburn and constipation.

Massage your hair with a mixture of almond and castor oils. Follow with henna. This can be done once a week to help thicken the hair and promote its growth.

To lighten your hair, mix 2 camomile tea bags and 2 tbsp lemon juice in 2 glasses of water and use this to wash your hair. Dry your hair in natural sunlight following this. This helps to bleach the hair and gradually you will notice your black hair lightening.

We all love sexy shoes, but...
* High heels put 80 per cent of your body weight onto the ball of your foot and toe bones.
* Heels make you tilt forwards, increasing the curve in your lower back, so continuous wear could affect blood flow to the brain, causing headaches. Try to alternate heels with comfortable shoes like trainers.
* Most damage is done before the age of 25, when feet finish developing. So, if you're under 25, make sure shoes fit well, and bear in mind that soft upper leather are easier on the foot than plastic.

An apple a day will keep depression at bay. Apples contain fructose, which boosts energy levels without addng unnecessary kilojoules.

Eye makeup comes in a myriad of colours and textures but all do not suit all people and all eye shapes. The basis of good eye makeup is choosing colours that bring out the beauty of your eyes and make them look brighter. Eye colours must suit and enhance the natural eye shape and colour. Light colours attract attention to the eyes and dark shades give a mysterious look to them.

For dark patches on nails: Massage with coconut oil and lemon juice at night and leave on overnight. In the morning, take two tsps of oatmeal xed with milk and one tsp sandalwood oil, and massage the area until the flakes fall off.

Get kids to love garlic. It is nature's ready-to-eat anti-cholestrol capsule. Amounts equal to one-half of a clove of garlic a day shrink cholestrol levels above 200 by an average 10 per cent.

For every one hour of work, take a five minute break and stretch, walk, or meditate. With just a few minutes of relaxation (or doing something other than work), you'll increase your physical activity as well as productivity and feel better throughout the day.

Leaving home to an open park in very dusty weather is not fun, and it is not advisable either. In addition to the inconvenience, prolonged exposure to dust might result in dryness of the throat, dryness of the nose and sometimes even nosebleeds.

'Toxins, such as pesticides and heavy metals, collect inside cells, and can lead to disease. This toxic overload also prevents our bodies from cleansing properly. You can help by consuming raw foods and juices and cutting out convenience foods, sugar, alcohol and caffeine. Taking multivitains during detox makes it safe. High sulphur foods like garlic and onions escort unwanted compounds from the body.'

Calcium is extremely important - the richest sources being dairy foods such as milk, yoghurt and cheese.

Experts recommend that you take adequate amounts of water before or even between execising. Not consuming water could deprive you of basic fluids and leave you dehydrated. In fact, if you don't take in enough water during exercise, you may strain your heart and you muscles.

For a dramatic look that can brighten and draw attention to your eyes, use eyeshadow that complements the colour of your eyes.

Generally, a good quality eyeshadow, if kept in hygienic conditons, should last about three years. Check to see if the colour has changed or it smells strange. If you are not sure about its conditions, buy a new one.

Diet colas actually contain zero calories - but make sure for your health that you are drinking enough water, fesh juice and milk. Drinking Diet Colas everyday is not recommended, but it is ok as an occasional treat.

Sugar-free chewing gum: keeps the saliva flowing, has a naturally abrasive effect, cleans the mouth, biting surfaces and removes particles in betwenn teeth with its chewing action. Keep a pack handy, because it's probably the most practical way to clean your mouth after a snack while at work or outdoors when you can't brush or rinse your mouth.

last updated on 19 October 2010