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Fried Kallaj ( Desserts / Arabic / Tea-Coffee-Time )
6 slices Baqlawa dough (filo dough)
1 can of 170g cream
1 1/2 cups milk
2 tbsp plain flour, sifted
oil for frying
1/2 cup ground pistachios
1/2 cup icing sugar
cane sugar syrup

Mix milk with flour. Place mixture on medium heat while stirring. After it boils, simmer for five minutes. Allow to cool. Mix cream with prepared mixture to make it ready to use. Cut Baqlawa slices into square shapes. Place cooked cream in the middle of each square and seal dough. Fry in hot oil until the colour becomes golden. Serve Kallaj either garnished with ground pistachios or icing sugar, with syrup on the side.
For best results fry the Kallaj just before serving.
Serves 6-8.