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Chicken Balti Masala ( Chicken / Indian )

500 gms chicken
1 tomato, chopped
1 green chilli, chopped
1 green capsicum, chopped
2 tbsp fresh coriander leaves, chopped 5 cloves of garlic
2 pieces of ginger, 1" each
1 tsp balti masala

Boil chicken with whole garlic and 1 piece of ginger until tender. Use just enough water that when meat is done there is little left. Fry this whole meat and garlic, ginger mixture in very hot oil with tomato, capsicum, green chilli, 1 tbsp coriander leaves and balti masala and salt to taste.
The boiling of the meat can be done in advance and the assembly should be at the last minute before serving. Sprinkle with remaining 1 tbsp of coriander leaves and the second piece of ginger, finely chopped. Serve with nan or roti.
Here ingredients are usually assembled and cooked quickly in a manner reminiscent of a stir-fry.