Phase 47 - The Destiny Plan

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY

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Phase 47 - The Destiny Plan


January 15th, CE 74 - ZAFT mobile space fortress Messiah, en route to the Moon

Rey gazed down hesitantly at the shiny, stylized badge of FAITH in his hand. He looked back up at Gilbert Dullindal, sitting grimly behind his desk, fingers interlaced, watching Rey stoically.

填se this power to protect the Sword from all manner of enemies, Gilbert instructed. Rey saluted sharply. 典he war is almost over. We must not falter now.

的 understand, Rey said quietly. Gilbert glanced at him, arching an eyebrow.

添ou are dismissed, he said. Rey saluted again and took his leave, drifting out the door.

He gazed down numbly at the shiny badge still clenched in his fist. It was an award for skill, and a token of trust.

Rey scowled as he clipped it to his lapel. Gil trusted him, and always had, so this shiny token meant little more than an affirmation of that which he already knew. It only gave him the power to do what no normal ZAFT soldier could be tasked with, something he had done since the beginning of this war.

He looked back down at it. They had said that Shinn would be given this badge. Rey scowled only the trustworthy could be endowed with the power of a FAITH member.

Rey alighted against a railing overlooking a mobile suit hangar. He gazed down below at the workers and mechanics as they strove to prepare a legion of ZAFT mobile suits of all conceivable make and model for the impending battle. And yet he could not shake the unbearable feeling that it would all be for naught that somehow, Gil would be stopped; that somehow, Shinn would find the power or the trick to bringing the two warring sides to a halt, to stalling the world in this swamp of hatred and warfare.

Rey shook his head. Shinn would not understand.


Orb Raiders dreadnaught Megami, en route to the Moon

As the mechanics reloaded the Judicator痴 CIWS guns, Dearka Elthman cast a surprised glance down the catwalk at Miriallia as she ambled towards him. She smiled warmly as she steadied herself next to him against the railing.

典hey let you out of the bridge? Dearka asked with a smirk. Milly huffed with mock indignation and looked down with a smile at the hangar floor.

徹nly for a little bit, she said. 的 thought I壇 go and spend my time off with a friend.

Dearka smiled back. 敵ood to see where I rank, he chuckled. 鉄o what do you wanna do when this is all done?

Milly glanced at him with an arched eyebrow. 的f you池e asking me to marry you

徹h, no, Dearka interrupted, shaking his head and laughing. 溺y silly male mind won稚 be able to wrap itself around the concept of commitment for another ten years at least. He looked back at her. 釘ut seriouslywhat are you going to go after this is all over?

Milly gazed back down towards the hangar floor soberly. 的 haven稚 thought about that, she said. 的壇 rather survive it all so that when it is all over, I have a whole world of opportunities in front of me to choose from then.

典hat痴 what we池e all fighting for, Dearka said with a nod. 哲o lunatic with a mask can take it away from us.

的 guess all those stories you hear about friendships from war are true, then, Milly added, smiling. 的 never wanted to fight, but now that I知 here, if I could go back and change it, I壇 do it all the same way again.

Dearka nodded again. 的n the end, he said, 努e still have each other.


Casting a wary glance across the observation deck, Shinn eyed Lacus Clyne carefully as she gazed at the stars. She had called him here to talk, but he could not sense what aboutalthough the emotional turmoil churning inside her, the turmoil only she and he could feel, was probably a good hint.

典hat machine, Lacus began, 鍍hat you were fighting against yesterdaywho is its pilot?

Shinn arched an eyebrow at her. 滴e痴 an old friend of mine, he said quietly. 展hen I left ZAFT, our friendship sort offrayed.

Lacus turned her surprised eyes towards Shinn. 添ou have been fighting your friend all this time? she asked. Shinn looked back out at space, nodding.

迭ey and Gilbert were using me, he said flatly. 典hey wanted me to fight for the sake of some future where everyone would be a Newtype. He turned back towards Lacus. 的 couldn稚 do it, and I couldn稚 let Stella die, so I left.

Lacus glanced back towards the stars. 適ira and Athrun faced the same situation, she said. 滴owever, they reconciled their differences and learned to fight together.

鄭nd look where they are now, Shinn snorted. 迭ey won稚 join us; he hates me now. And I won稚 go back; I promised Stella I would protect her. So our destiny is just to fight each other until one of us is dead.

Lacus turned towards Shinn, regarding him sadly. 泥o you accept that? she asked. Shinn glanced back at her, eyebrow arched.

泥o I have a choice? he asked back. 迭ey and I are not Kira and Athrun. He looked back out the windows. 鄭fter all, I did betray him.

Lacus was quiet for a moment. 滴ow did you betray him? she asked.

Shinn glanced back at her. Rey had told him his deepest secret would it matter to tell Lacus?

He shook his head. 的t had to do with the Chairman, he said. Lacus turned towards him, surprised; Shinn sensed it and held back a sigh. 迭ey iswell, he痴 not well. He won稚 live much longer.

滴e is a clone, Lacus concluded. Shinn glanced at her himself. 滴is presence felt strangelike that of Commander Le Creuset, but somehow altered.

滴e said his telomeres are short, Shinn went on resignedly. 鼎hairman Dullindal had a plan to build some new world where everyone would be a Newtype. Rey was fighting for the sake of that world. He wanted me to carry on the fight, since he can稚. Shinn shook his head. 釘ut I couldn稚 do that, not at Stella痴 expense. So I left, and I took that dream with me.

Lacus paused. 鄭nd you do not regret your choice, she added.

展hy should I? Shinn asked. 的f I had stayed, Stella would have died, and I壇 just be a tool for the Chairman. He closed his eyes unhappily. 的f he joined us now, I壇 forgive him, and hopefully he would forgive me, and we could spend whatever time he has left as friends, not enemies. But I couldn稚 do what he asked of me.

Looking back at the stars, Lacus was silent a moment. 展ar is a truly terrible thing, she said quietly, 妬f it can turn friends into enemies.


Atlantic Federation Daedalus Crater lunar base, the Moon

Lord Djibril smiled as he sat back in his chair in the Daedalus Crater control room. Arrayed before him on the main screen, stretched out across the forward wall, was an overview of the Daedalus base痴 defenses. It was formidable indeed in addition to a fleet of nearly two thousand warships and nearly fifty thousand mobile suits, Daedalus Crater was protected by five Destroy Gundam units, a wing of powerful mobile armors, and thirty thousand automated Mobius units. He glanced at a side screen, displaying an overview of the humming mobile suit factories, as they churned out a wing of Exus mobile armors for the use of their unstoppable Extended. Already, the Exus units produced were being fitted with nuclear missiles. Even if ZAFT threw their entire fleet at Daedalus, they would not be able to punch through these defenses.

At his side, Neo Roanoke nodded as a black-uniformed Special Forces lieutenant drifted up next to him with a clipboard. Djibril glanced up at Neo, as he dismissed the lieutenant.

天ice Admiral Stone痴 fleet has arrived, Neo said. 展e池e almost at full combat capacity.

Djibril sat back, satisfied. 的 am having the -X723 Apocalypse shipped here for your use, he said. 釘ut for now we shall wait, and let ZAFT make the first move. Once their fleet sets out from the PLANTs, it will be powerless to stop the Requiem.

Neo glanced at the main screen, as it displayed the battle plan against a green wire grid. 鉄houldn稚 we fire the Requiem at the PLANTs while their fleet is still there? he asked. Djibril laughed and shook his head.

鄭nd rob ourselves of the glory of conquering the Coordinators in battle? He smiled. 哲o, Neo, we will strike down their homes while they are left undefended, and as we burn their fleet alive, they can turn back and look upon the burning homes.


ZAFT Eternal-class cruiser Deliverance, Lagrange Point 5

Outside the observation deck windows, a GINN Trainer laden with mobile suit weapons drifted by, flanked by a CGUE armed to the teeth with machineguns. Kira watched it pass by emotionlessly, as it angled towards a nearby Laurasia-class frigate. He had, conceivably, one more chance to destroy Athrun.

He watched as a pair of GINN Trainers loaded Valentine痴 new mobile suit into the Deliverance痴 hangar what looked like a ZAKU Phantom in dark gray, equipped with the Legend Gundam痴 backpack; the Providence ZAKU, they had called it.

He glanced over his shoulder as Valentine drifted onto the observation deck; she greeted him with a thin smile and a gentle kiss.

展hat are you doing up here? she asked, steadying herself against the railing.

哲othing important, Kira answered quietly. Valentine eyed him carefully for a moment.

典he Chairman will be making his move soon, she continued. 典he time to use the Sword is coming.

的 will defend it, Kira resolved, looking up determinedly at the stars. 徹ur new world will come, one way or another. I will not let Athrun stand in its way.

徹f course you won稚, Valentine said soothingly. 鄭nd this time, she added, whispering in his ear, 土ou値l kill him.


January 16th, CE 74 - Orb Raiders dreadnaught Megami, orbit of the Moon

鼎aptain! Sai exclaimed, as Murrue burst onto the bridge. 典welve warships are coming at us from twelve o団lock! Distance, 7600 and closing!

展ho is it now? she snapped, sliding into her seat. She scowled up at the imposing array of twelve Izumo-class battleships. 的s that Orb?!

典hey池e launching mobile suits! Milly added. 鄭t least forty Murasames!

Murrue studied the image of the fleet for a moment. 鏑aunch our own mobile suits, she said. 徹rb is coming to finish our longstanding fight.


Orb Space Fleet Izumo-class battleship Amaterasu, orbit of the Moon

展e have entered the Megami痴 sensor radius, the deckhand reported. 典he enemy ship appears to be activating its weapons and mobile suit catapults.

Jona glowered up ahead at the dark and intimidating form of the Megami. They had dogged him throughout the Seiran family痴 all-too-brief rule in Orb, they had eluded his Takemikazuchi Fleet, and their ineptitude had robbed him of Orb痴 finest political prize. But now he had them cornered and caught by surprise finally the Orb Raiders would die.

鏑aunch all mobile suits, he ordered, 殿nd move in to engage the Megami at point blank range.

He scowled as the Orb Raiders distinctive mobile suits began to take off, charging towards his fleet.


The beams went flashing by the Akatsuki as Mwu drew back behind his shield, skirting around desperate beam rifle shots from a squadron of Murasames. A beam volley came down from above, spearing two of them, and the Strike Rouge shot by, angling up towards the first Izumo as it poured CIWS fire towards her.

鏑una! Mwu shouted, swarming his remote turrets around her and projecting a shield, sending the beam blasts of another Murasame team flying. 泥on稚 be so reckless!

A wave of missiles came streaking through the battlefield, as a Murasame team from the Orb Raiders shot by, forming up around the Strike Rouge. Mwu took off over the Murasames heads, opening fire on the Izumo with his remote turrets and picking off another team of enemy Murasames as they tried to defend the ship.

的 can fight them too! Luna cried. 摘ven me! The Strike Rouge plowed through a wave of CIWS fire behind its shield, spearing the dorsal Gottfried cannon with a beam rifle shot. Mwu smirked inside the Akatsuki, covering her with a wave of turret shots.

典hey shouldn稚 have attacked us! he laughed. 鏑una, get over them and take out the bridge! I値l hit the engines!

The Akatsuki and Strike Rouge split up, spiraling through a wave of beam rifle fire and charging down towards the ship痴 hull. Luna pulled up over the smoldering remains of the dorsal Gottfried, firing at the bridge and spearing a Murasame in front of it with a beam rifle blast. Another dove in from the side, beam saber raised Luna knocked it aside with a blow from her shield, taking it down with her rifle, and burst through the flames, roaring up towards the bridge tower and shredding it with a point blank CIWS burst. She jetted backwards as a Murasame came down from above with another saber slash, picking it off with a rifle shot to the chest.

Mwu clenched his teeth as he plowed effortlessly through a wave of beam rifle fire, smashing a trio of Murasames with a return volley from his turrets. The remote turrets burst away from the Akatsuki, forming up around the Izumo痴 engines and spearing them on a relentless volley of beam shots.

Mwu watched with satisfaction, pulling his turrets away, as the Izumo痴 engine block exploded and the rest of the ship vanished in a plume of flame.


Metal shrieked and sparks flew as Andy shot by in the Mustang over the hull of a dying Izumo-class, plunging both his anti-ship swords into the hull and cutting his way through the bridge. The ship staggered under the force of a series of explosions with a shout, Yzak landed on the smoldering deck and pumped a series of beam cannon rounds into the ship痴 core, lunging away as the ship died in a thunderous burst of fire.

鄭nd here I thought they壇 be tough! Dearka laughed, as a pair of Murasames charged towards him. With a flash, he drew both of the Judicator痴 beam sabers, slicing the two charging opponents in half at the waist a moment later he fired a flurry of missiles up towards the next Izumo, smashing dozens of craters and scars into the ship痴 hull.

展e don稚 have time for this shit! Yzak snarled, spiraling through the desperate beam volleys of a squadron of Murasames and returning fire, picking off one with his beam rifle. 鉄omeone find the flagship and we can end this!

Andy somersaulted up over the hull of the Izumo, driving both his swords into the bridge and spearing the engine block on a Scylla shot. A Murasame lunged up behind him, beam saber raised Andy smirked and crushed its cockpit with a blinding strike from both of his rocket anchors. 鄭t the rate we池e going, it won稚 last long anyway!


As another Murasame exploded, Shinn dove down towards the smoldering hull of a battleship, sword drawn.

典hese guys are nothing, he growled, somersaulting over another Murasame and slicing it cleanly in two with his sword. The Gaia shot by underneath him, beam saber drawn and cleaving through a charging Murasame before it could react. The Izumo痴 Gottfried angled to fire Shinn pierced it with a long beam cannon shot and dropped down to slam his sword into the ship痴 hull, striking missile stores and blowing the vessel in two. Stella lunged up over the bridge, driving her beam saber down through it, and Shinn finished the ship off with a final beam cannon blast.

展e致e taken out a third of them already, Shinn muttered. A Murasame raced towards him, beam saber raised Shinn scowled and ripped its arm off with a palm cannon blow, kicking it aside and letting the Gaia finish it off with a beam rifle shot through the cockpit.

Stella glanced over at the red and black Izumo, as it fired a storm of missiles after one mobile suit.

的s that Athrun?! Shinn exclaimed, pulling back behind his beam shields and returning fire.

展e should help him! Stella insisted, ducking under a saber-wielding Murasame and spearing it with a beam rifle shot.

滴e can take care of himself, Shinn grunted, lunging around another missile volley and leaving a cloud of afterimages in his wake. 鏑et痴 go after that one!

The Murasames formed up in front of the second Izumo, opening fire. Shinn scowled and drove his way through their shots with his beam shields, snapping his anti-ship sword out of its rack and cutting two Murasames in half in one horizontal blow. The Murasames turned their rifles on him, but a moment later, two more went down in flames as the Gaia swept into their ranks, beam rifle blazing.


展hy are we failing?! Jona shrieked, as the Amaterasu quaked. 滴ow can they be so powerful?!

展e致e lost contact with the Murasaki! a deckhand cried, as outside, the ship in question snapped in two like a twig under the force of a thunderous explosion, and three mobile suits darted away from it.

Enemy approaching! another man screamed. Jona stared up in disbelief up ahead, as the Infinite Justice tore through two Murasames with its twin beam saber and spiraled down towards the Amaterasu痴 hull.

Inside the Infinite Justice, Athrun looked up and scowled, magnifying the image of the bridge. 笛ona, he growled. 添outhe man who burned Orb down again!

The Infinite Justice somersaulted over the charging Murasames, drawing its beam rifle and destroying the Amaterasu痴 dorsal Gottfried. Jona痴 eyes widened in horror.

Shoot him down! he screamed, pointing at the charging Gundam. Athrun痴 eyes flashed angrily as he activated his subflight lifter, the beam sabers coming to life with a blaze, and sent it streaking forward towards the bridge

The screens flickered to life, and the world at once saw a determined face.

鼎itizens of the Earth Sphere, the voice said, 塗uman beings of all walks of life, of all nations and creeds and religions, of all genetic backgrounds, I offer you greetings. I am the Chairman of the PLANT Supreme Council, Gilbert Dullindal.

In the control room at the Daedalus Crater base, Lord Djibril scowled. 展hat the hell are you doing? he growled.

Gilbert paused for a moment. 的 make this speech on all frequencies, to all who dwell in this realm of our home, the Earth. We stand at the brink of a terrible battle, during a terrible war. The forces of ZAFT and the Earth Alliance are marching towards each other, ready to do battle, ready to destroy, ready to die. Already this war has claimed thousands of lives, sparked by a tragedy that itself claimed thousands of lives.

On the Megami, Lacus watched carefully as Gilbert spoke.

展hat is he doing? Murrue murmured.

滴e is playing his hand, Lacus explained. 鉄ai, please prepare to broadcast a live message on all frequencies.

展ha why? Sai exclaimed. Lacus looked over at him, and he paused a moment, before smiling and nodding. 迭ight.

的t has been like this throughout history, Gilbert went on. 鄭 terrible tragedy, leaving thousands dead, sparks an even worse war that leaves even more people dead. The greatest wars of the AD calendar were all repetitions of each other. Humanity had killed ten million of its own and destroyed its finest civilization by AD 1919, and yet by AD 1939, they had picked up their weapons and put them in the hands of a new generation, for a new generation痴 war. Thinkers and visionaries throughout history have tried to answer the question of why we never learn to sheath our swords of why, after killing ten million of our own, we killed a million times more a generation later. Such an answer, I believe, can never be found. But there was one man who gave us a different way. That man was George Glenn.

On the Deliverance, Rau smiled as Valentine and Kira watched, Valentine emotionlessly, Kira incredulously.

的s the Chairman trying tosell the Destiny Plan? Kira asked, glancing in shock at Rau.

擢ifty-nine years ago, George Glenn set out for Jupiter, Gilbert continued. 滴e left us with the genetic modification techniques used to create him, and eventually, the Coordinator people. The world promptly descended into chaos, and over half a century of strife has followed, culminating in the Valentine War of three years ago and the war we are embroiled in now."

On the Amaterasu, Jona glanced at the ship's captain.

"Get us out of here."

"Through all this fighting, we have lost sight of what George Glenn told us, and what he gave us. He told us that he was made, and he had released the technique used to make him so that more of his kind could be made, in order to bridge a gap. He told us that humanity was evolving to meet the needs of its new environment in space, and to make the transition from the way we were to the way we would be in the future, we needed a genetic stopgap. George Glenn gave no name to the evolved being for which Coordinators were made to help us become. I call them Newtypes.

On the Minerva, Talia scowled at Gilbert痴 face as the rest of the bridge crew watched in shock.

展hat is he saying?! Arthur exclaimed. 典hat Newtypes are real?!

泥amn you, Gilbert, Talia growled. 添ou were planning this all along.

哲ewtypes, as Glenn predicted and as I have witnessed, bear extraordinary powers, Gilbert said. 典heir gifts are many, but their greatest is the power of understanding. Their minds can connect they can understand each other, and others, and thus transcend the conflicts that come from a lack of understanding. Newtypes can transcend violence and bloodshed; they can transcend war. We cannot bring back those already dead, but we owe it to ourselves, and to our children, and to the children yet unborn, to strive towards this ideal. We owe it to the universe to become what George Glenn wanted us to become. We owe it to the universe to become Newtypes.

On the Girty Lue, Lee eyed the screen carefully and glanced at Neo.

展hat the hell is he saying? Lee asked angrily.

Neo smirked. 泥on稚 worry, Lee, he answered chidingly. 笛ust watch.

徹ur evolution into Newtypes is, of course, no small feat, said Gilbert. 釘ut there is a way Newtypes are the result of a life in space, not on Earth. His eyes flashed. 撤eople of the Earth, I am not the first man to urge this of you. But I intend to be the last. Many men in the past, great men, men that you cannot remember, have striven towards this ideal, and tried to convince you to join us, your brothers, your people, in outer space, where we can evolve and become a species beyond war and hatred. But to do that, we must break our bonds to the Earth, move off its surface, live in the cold of space, to become what we are destined to become. We must call to an end this pointless war and strife, and agree to walk forward together towards our destiny as a people of Newtypes.

的致e got the signal! Sai shouted on the bridge of the Megami.

展ait, please, Lacus said sternly, watching Gilbert closely.

典here can be no evolution if we remain divided and tied to the Earth, Gilbert痴 voice boomed. 展e all, regardless of politics, regardless of race, regardless of genetics, wish to see the end of conflict. We all wish to see the end of the days where we must send our children to die, only to bring a false peace that forces us to send more children to die a few years later. We all wish to move forward, unburdened by our warlike ways. I come before you now with a plan to do that. We must move off the Earth; we must let her rest in peace, and make our abode in outer space, to become all that we are meant to be. People of the Earth I hereby offer to you a chance to become far superior to any mere Coordinator! I offer you my plan for the evacuation of Earth the Destiny Plan!

The screens went blank the face disappeared a moment later, the face reappeared, but not the same as Gilbert痴. The world watched in surprise as the face changed.

撤eople of the Earth Sphere, a girl痴 voice announced, 斗end me your ears.

The screens flickered to life.

的 am Lacus Clyne.


To be continued