Phase 08 - A Time to Kill

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED - Soldiers of Old


Phase 08 - A Time to Kill


June 29th, CE 73 - Palo, Leyte Gulf, the Philippines

鼎agalli! Athrun exclaimed, staring in disbelief at the Strike Rouge as it held the Diablo Gundam back. 敵et back! This guy痴 good!

典hen let痴 fight him together! Cagalli shot back. The Diablo backed away, beam saber raised, and charged again, this time towards the Rouge. Athrun shouldered Cagalli aside to deflect the blow with his shield the Rouge charged up towards the Diablo and rammed into it with its own shield, throwing it back. 的 can fight too! Cagalli snapped.

Inside the Diablo, Jack snarled furiously, opening fire with his beam cannons. 典here痴 two of them now! he growled. 展ell you値l need more than that!

The Justice Gundam roared forwards towards the Diablo, saber raised in the cockpit, Athrun ground his teeth as the two Gundams came together with a crash.

鼎agalli! Athrun screamed. 敵et around him!

The Strike Rouge took off, arcing around the Justice痴 side and leveling its bazooka off the Diablo surged forward, throwing the Justice back and pausing to hurl both of its beam boomerangs at the Rouge, sawing its bazooka in two.

泥ammit! Cagalli shouted, hurling the bazooka痴 sparking remains aside. The Diablo charged again, pushing the Justice down towards the ocean and then, with a roar of engines, it somersaulted off the Justice痴 shield, catching both of its boomerangs on the rebound, and charged up towards the Strike Rouge.

鉄hoot him! Athrun yelled the Justice drew its beam rifle and squeezed off a shot up towards the Diablo. The Alliance Gundam spiraled underneath the shot and lunged up into the Rouge痴 face, bringing its beam saber down with a crash onto the Rouge痴 shield.

Inside the Diablo, Jack grinned animally. 鄭re you afraid?! he cackled. Are you afraid?! The Diablo kicked the Rouge in the stomach, sending it stumbling back and with a flash, it hurled both its boomerangs back at the reeling machine.

A pair of beam blasts lanced up into the sky from down below, picking both boomerangs out of the sky. Jack looked down below angrily and down inside the Justice, Athrun narrowed his dull, lightless eyes.

鉄tay away from his front! Athrun shouted to Cagalli, as the Justice took off, switching to its saber. 的値l handle him up close! Try to shoot him from behind!

The Justice brought its saber down on the Diablo with a crash, pounding down onto the Diablo痴 own saber. Athrun clenched his teeth one way or another, he had to protect Cagalli.


A beam shot went searing by the Duel Gundam痴 left shoulder Yzak responded with a rifle shot of his own, driving back the attacking Strike Dagger. As it stumbled back, Yzak followed it up with a railgun shot that blew off the Dagger痴 head and knocked it dead into the water. Another Dagger leveled its beam rifle off to his left, aiming at the Megami痴 starboard Gottfried cannon Yzak squeezed off a shot of his own and blew the Dagger apart before it could fire.

典here痴 so many of them, he grunted. 鄭re they sending their whole force or what?

Another Strike Dagger came storming up the beach, beam rifle blazing. Yzak deflected its shots and fired back from behind his shield, knocking its rifle out of its hand. He moved to follow up

A thunderous explosion sent the Duel stumbling backward, smoke rising from the ground and the Duel痴 blackened shield. Yzak growled furiously as he quickly put the Duel back on its feet, looking up ahead. He found three destroyers closer to the shore than the rest of the fleet, and they were shelling the coast.

鉄hit! he shouted. Megami, three of those ships

展e see them! Milly cut him off. 釘ut we can稚 let up on that Archangel over our heads!

The Duel leapt aside as another shell pounded into the sand, sending a cloud of dust and smoke billowing up overhead.

典hen I値l do something about it! Yzak snapped. 泥earka, do you copy?!

There was a burst of static, and then an annoyed voice. 展hat the hell do you want?! I知 busy!

展e池e going after those ships! Yzak shot back. 典he Murasames can handle defending the ship!

Another burst of static answered Yzak glanced across the beach and saw the Buster reeling from a direct hit to its torso. The Phase Shift emerged blackened but otherwise undamaged, as the Buster balanced itself.

摘asier said than done! Dearka snapped. He paused to duck under a Strike Dagger痴 beam shot and blow it away with his gunlauncher. 添ou go first and I値l cover you!

Yzak snorted derisively. 擢ine, be a pussy, he answered. The Duel vaulted up into the air, showering missiles on the Strike Daggers and taking off over their heads. Dearka fired a high-energy rifle blast into the Daggers after them, cutting down three of them as they were distracted by the Duel.

Yzak eyed the three destroyers up ahead as he dodged their shells, and charged towards them.


The Dark Dagger L shuddered as the Aegis brought a punishing beam saber blow down on its shield. Barbosa narrowed his eyes at his crimson foe as his Dagger rattled. The Desert Tiger was no pushoverbut it was no helpless Eurasian tank corps that he was facing, either.

Seizing one of his Stilettos, Barbosa brought it down like a dagger towards the Aegis痴 shoulder armor, struggling to embed it in the Phase Shift surface. The Aegis shrugged it off and surged forward Barbosa somersaulted over the Aegis痴 head, jetting away, but a moment later, the red machine hurled Barbosa痴 own Stiletto back at him. It exploded in midair, showering the Dagger with shrapnel and forcing it to pull back behind its shield.

泥ammit! Barbosa growled. The Aegis whirled around, opening fire with its beam rifle Barbosa ducked aside and released his few remaining missiles, sending them streaking up towards the Aegis. But with practiced ease, his crimson foe darted aside, taking them down with a CIWS burst. 滴e can稚 keep this shit up forever!

Inside the Aegis, Andy grinned and watched the Dagger charge, beam saber drawn and raised. 徹nly one of you left! he laughed. The Dagger attacked with its saber, but Andy easily parried the blow with his own, throwing the Aegis back and pelting the Dagger with CIWS shots. Chips of the Dagger痴 armor went flying as it rocketed out of Andy痴 line of fire. 泥on稚 go too far, or I値l have to chase you!

The Dagger charged again Andy stabbed forward with his saber, forcing the Dagger to stop its own attack in order to block Andy痴 attack. The Aegis ignited the saber on its right foot and sliced a fearsome gash across the Dagger痴 torso.

Inside his sparking Dagger, Barbosa cursed and opened fire with his CIWS guns, only to watch the bullets ricochet off the Aegis痴 armor.

敵oddammit! he shouted. 展here the hell are Carlos and Oliver?!


Orb Raiders dreadnaught Megami

Murrue gripped the armrests of her chair as the Megami痴 bridge quaked under another near miss by the destroyers in the gulf. They had to do something about them the Megami痴 laminate armor was no use against solid shells.

典he Duel and Buster are going to attack those destroyers, Milly reported, as the bridge shook again.

展e need to support them somehow, Murrue answered. 迭omero, can we fire the Valiants?

添es, ma誕m, he responded, 澱ut we値l need to reroute power first.

Murrue looked back towards the sky, as the Mephistopheles curved around for another attack. It turned again in midair, firing a blast off to the side, as the Strike Gundam pounded a beam shot against the ship痴 laminated armor.

Inside the Strike Gundam, Mwu ground his teeth as his shots slammed against the Mephistopheles hull and had no effect.

哲ow I know how our enemies feel, he grunted. 典his stuff痴 a pain in the ass!

The Mephistopheles opened fire with a salvo of anti-ship missiles. The Strike spiraled up into the air, missiles streaking up after it. Mwu grinned and cut the thrusters, dropping down and destroying the incoming missiles with a CIWS blaze. He plunged through the smoke and opened fire again, pounding more shots against the Mephistopheles hull.

鄭s long as I can distract you guys, that値l do! he yelled. Megami, do something about those destroyers!

Down below, aboard the Megami, Murrue glanced over at Romero. 迭eroute enough energy to the Valiants to get them working! she ordered. A near miss rattled the bridge. 滴urry!


The Daggers were thinning out by now, Dearka noted, to the point where he figured it would be impossible for them to break through the Megami痴 CIWS fire. He idly wondered exactly how many rounds they had left as the Buster scanned the gulf. Three destroyers were out there, and Yzak was fighting through mobile suits and missiles to get to them. They would never see him coming hopefully.

The Buster took off along the coastline, leaping up and activating its engines to skim over the water, guns deployed. The Daggers turned to open fire, but the Megami痴 CIWS kept them back behind their shields. Dearka leveled off his energy rifle, but a beam shot from one of the Daggers held him off, and he backed away to fire off a salvo of missiles instead.

泥ammit, he grunted, turning to fire on the Dagger and force it back behind its shield. 的値l have to deal with them first!

The Daggers turned, standing knee-deep in the water, and fired back with their rifles. Dearka skimmed along the surface of the water, dodging their shots, and lunged up into the air, flamboyantly combining his rifles and pounding a high-energy blast into the Daggers ranks, destroying three of them.

添ou guys will have to do better than that! Dearka laughed, taking off again and dodging more return fire. The Buster leapt up again, this time switching to its gunlauncher and firing down into the water between the Daggers. As a massive column of seawater rose up around them, Dearka landed in the surf, switched to his high-energy rifle, and fired again and three more explosions inside the column of water.

Flashing a grin, Dearka took off again towards the destroyers.


Atlantic Federation Archangel-class battleship Mephistopheles

鏑ee, Tapang痴 voice growled through the Mephistopheles bridge. 典he enemy mobile suits are starting to push back my Dagger battalion.

Lee cast a grim glance down at the Megami, as it fired another near miss with its Gottfrieds towards his ship. He glanced again at the Strike Gundam, as the Mephistopheles own Gottfrieds struggled to hold it off. With this, he could hardly afford to fire on the Megami againand Tapang痴 fleet was beginning to take fire.

滴old them off for as long as you can, Lee said. 展e need to take out the ship above all. The mobile suits will be easy pickings after that.

的 hesitate to call any of these foes 粗asy pickings, Lee, Tapang answered. 溺y ships are not well-equipped to fight off mobile suits. If we are attacked

典hen I値l move in and abandon the attack on the ship, Lee cut him off. 典hey can稚 move anyway. He gripped his armrests as the ship rattled from another beam shot pounding against its hull. 適eep your destroyers in place, shelling the coast, until the last moment before you pull them back. We can稚 let this opportunity go.


Cagalli cursed as the Strike Rouge went into a dizzying nosedive. Behind her, a storm of missiles from the Diablo Gundam came streaking in after her. She pulled up as she approached the ocean痴 surface, pulling away as the missiles slammed into the water and exploded, and the Rouge pulled up ahead, back into the air.

Up above, the Justice and Diablo locked sabers again, with both pushing against each other with the help of their engines. Cagalli leveled off her beam rifle and opened fire the Diablo pushed off the Justice痴 shield with its legs, ducking aside as the beam shot tore between the two Gundams.

敵et behind him! Athrun shouted. Cagalli jetted to the left as the Diablo returned fire with its CIWS. The Justice threw itself back down at the Diablo, beam saber raised, bringing the two machines crashing together again. Cagalli skirted around the Diablo痴 back, leveling off her beam rifle but before she could fire, the Diablo had somersaulted over the Justice痴 head, kicking the Justice in the back as it did, and took off again.

Inside the Justice, Athrun scowled as he whirled around, opening fire with his beam cannons. The Diablo dove up through the air with a flashy somersault, hurling both of its beam boomerangs down at the Justice. The Strike Rouge lunged up over the Justice痴 head to shoot them down with its beam rifle, taking aim at the Diablo itself next.

Instead, the Diablo opened fire with its own beam cannons, forcing the Justice and Rouge back behind their shields. It charged forward, saber drawn, and kicked the Justice aside, stabbing forward with its saber. Cagalli parried the blow with her shield and squeezed off a shot with her beam rifle, only to watch it land harmlessly against the Diablo痴 shield.

泥ammit! she shouted, taking off over the Diablo痴 head before it could follow up. 典his guy is unstoppable!


The Strike Gundam rattled as a missile exploded a little too close by. Mwu grunted as more CIWS bullets bounced off the Strike痴 frame, and he hid his rifle behind his shield, knowing that the CIWS would rip it out of his hands if he left it exposed. The Strike pitched down towards the Mephistopheles again, opening fire with its beam rifle and this time aiming for one of the ship痴 exposed Valiant railguns but the ship edged to the side, and Mwu痴 shot went singing by the railgun, just missing.

展hoever痴 at the helm of that thing is pretty good, Mwu grumbled. Another missile came streaking up towards the Strike Mwu shot it down with his beam rifle and followed up with another rifle shot down below, towards one of the Gottfrieds. Again, the Mephistopheles made a tiny course adjustment that let it slide by unharmed again it returned fire, this time with the other Gottfried, forcing Mwu to duck to the side.

He glanced down towards the gulf as the Strike rose into the air, out of the range of the CIWS. Down below, the Duel and Buster were trying to attack a trio of destroyers that had moved forward from the fleet in the gulf, and were shelling the coast. So far, it didn稚 appear that they were having any luck. He looked back at the Mephistopheles, as it curved around for another pass at the Megami, only to be stopped by a wall of Gottfried fire. They could handle themselves.

Mwu cut the Strike痴 thrusters and turned to plunge down towards the destroyers. The Mephistopheles sent a wave of missiles after him he fired a beam rifle shot into their ranks to wipe them out, and roared down towards the destroyers.


添ou guys can稚 stop me now! Yzak shouted, as the Duel vaulted into the air from the water痴 surface. A trio of Strike Daggers across the bay had rushed in to water up to their shoulders, firing back with their beam rifles, but the Duel darted through the air and fired back with its beam rifle, taking down one of the Daggers and rushing towards the destroyer on the right. The destroyer痴 main gun boomed the shell clipped the Duel痴 right shoulder, sending it spiraling down into the water. Yzak cursed as he fired the booster, pushing the Duel out of the water before the engines could be waterlogged. The destroyer opened fire again with its main cannon, but this time Yzak managed to skirt around the shell, letting it land in the sea and throw up a massive column of water.

的 don稚 think so! Yzak snapped, taking off along the water痴 surface. More shots came down in the water around him he snapped his attention towards the rest of the fleet, as it opened fire with another salvo. The Duel rocketed into the air under the second salvo, as it blasted more towers of water into the air. Yzak glanced over his shoulder at the destroyer below him as it fired a swarm of missiles.

典here痴 got to be some way through all this! he growled, taking off again and letting the missiles pass by under his feet. Spiraling in midair, he squeezed off a railgun shell that blew one of the destroyer痴 CIWS guns apart but the main cannon boomed again, nearly hitting the Duel a second time.

Yzak dropped down towards the ship, firing his own CIWS guns and scarring the ship痴 hull. He landed with a crash, shoving the destroyer痴 bow down into the water and lifting its stern out of the sea. 典here! The Duel snapped its beam rifle into position and fired into the destroyer痴 bridge, wiping it out with a blaze. More shots came down around the destroyer from the rest of the fleet, but Yzak ducked under the destroyer痴 hull, letting one of the shells slice through the air over his head and with a crash, he fired a railgun shell into the destroyer痴 missile array. With a thunderous blast that sent the Duel reeling off the ship痴 deck, the vessel broke in two, and the remains were quick to slip beneath the waves.

Yzak turned back towards the Strike Daggers, as they staggered back towards him, and took off.


Somersaulting through the air, Dearka grinned wildly as shells and missiles exploded around him, aiming for the destroyer on the left. They couldn稚 stop him at this point.

A Strike Dagger rose up from the sea, climbing aboard the destroyer, followed by two more. Dearka narrowed his eyes as they opened fire, and ducked down towards the ocean痴 surface, dodging their beams. The destroyer opened fire with missiles, but Dearka took off again, skimming along the water, letting the missiles crash into the sea and explode behind him. He stormed towards the destroyer痴 hull, leaping up at the last second to dodge another salvo of beams and as he passed over the ship, he fired both his high-energy rifle and gunlauncher, destroying the destroyer痴 main gun and one of the Daggers.

敵ood enough! he shouted, stopping himself over the water and coming around for a second pass. Explosions along the surface of the water stopped him, throwing the Buster back cursing, he glared over at the rest of the fleet, as showered his position with cannon fire. 典hey池e gonna hit their own ship! he exclaimed, ducking as a shell passed over his shoulder. 鄭re they mad?!

CIWS fire from the stricken destroyer pelted the Buster痴 armor Dearka took off again, racing forward and circling around the stern of the ship, as more shells and missiles pounded into the water around him. He took aim with his high-energy rifle again, firing at the destroyer痴 hull just above the waterline. A thunderous blast rocked the ship over to its side, ripping the hull open. Seawater poured in as the two remaining Strike Daggers struggled to hold on just as a misaimed shot from one of the destroyers in the distance slammed into the remaining Dagger on the stern, knocking it into the ocean. Dearka fired off his last set of missiles, pounding them all into either the last Dagger on the ship痴 deck or the deck itself. The Dagger vanished in a puff of smoke and fire, while the destroyer disappeared beneath the sea.

Dearka smirked and took off back towards the Megami.


With his Dark Dagger L throwing sparks, Barbosa brought his saber down on the Aegis痴 shield, hoping to drive it down towards the ocean and into the range of the fleet痴 guns. The three destroyers that Tapang had moved forward to shell the coast were being torn apart two of them were already on their way to the bottom of the gulf, and the third probably would not be long in joining them.

Beam shots from the Aegis snapped his attention back to reality he ducked aside from them and charged back into the Aegis痴 face, stabbing forward with his saber, only to see the Aegis parry the attack with his own saber. The Dagger opened fire with its CIWS, kicking the Aegis back, and Barbosa deployed his last Stiletto, hurling it into the Aegis痴 chest. The blast sent the Aegis spiraling back down towards the ocean Barbosa grinned and charged after it.

Inside the Aegis, Andy shook his head that was what he got for letting his guard down. Explosions rocked the mobile suit痴 frame, and Andy cast an anxious glance over his shoulder. The enemy fleet was firing shells and the Dagger had just forced him into their line of fire.

Andy used his shield to parry the Dagger痴 follow-up saber strike. 展hoever you are, you致e got guts to follow me in here! Andy said with a grin. 釘ut let痴 see how long you last here without Phase Shift!

Andy took off again, ducking aside to dodge an incoming shell as he did. The Dagger followed, beam saber raised, as shells and missiles exploded around it. Andy whirled around with his saber, blocking its attack, just as he heard one of the guns below boom again.

哲ow or never!

Inside the Dagger, Barbosa ground his teeth as the Aegis rocketed away backwards. He raised his saber to charge after the retreating Gundam, but the Aegis boosted up into the air

The Dagger rattled as a shell from the fleet below blew off its right arm.

泥ammit! Barbosa yelled. He glared up at the Aegis as it came back down, sabers ignited, and rocketed backward to dodge its killing blow. Barbosa opened fire with his CIWS, taking off backwards and angling for the Mephistopheles.

He glared over his shoulder at the Aegis. 的値l look forward to our next fight, Desert Tiger


YOU BOTH CAN探 BEAT ME! Jack shrieked, as the Diablo and Justice locked sabers. Behind him, the Strike Rouge opened fire with its beam rifle, but the Diablo again ducked aside and forced the Justice back on its heels. I can handle you both!

The Justice came streaking in again, saber raised, and brought it down with a crash on the Diablo痴 shield, forcing it back. Jack stared up furiously at the Justice as his vision began to blur he felt weakness wash through him like ice water, loosening his death grip on the Diablo痴 controls.

笛ack! he heard a voice say. 添our vitals are falling! Return to the ship!

Darkness enveloped him as he felt his mobile suit take off into the air and curve around towards something, presumably the ship. He glanced back at the Justice and Strike Rouge as they quizzically watched him go, and wondered who they were.


Equatorial Union Spengler-class aircraft carrier Sukarno

The Sukarno shook as a missile came down into the water nearby. Tapang clutched the railing, glaring up ahead at the Megami. They had been trapped in the sand, and yet they had still managed to fend off his fleet and the Mephistopheles. He had to admit, they were better fighters than he had given them credit for.

鄭dmiral, the Hanoi has been sunk! one of the deckhands shouted.

典hey池e better fighters than I thought, Tapang grunted. 鼎all back our mobile suits! Fire the retreat flares and contact the Mephistopheles! And send out the Jakarta to pick up survivors! He glared up at the Mephistopheles as his crew scurried to work, wondering how Lee would take this.


To be continued