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So Cali DX, SW Stations Heard From Corona, CA

Stations heard on a Realistic DX-350


Station Frequency City , Country Date Time (UTC)Remarks
Radio Thailand 5900 Bangkok, Thailand06-30-040330English news broadcast to Western U.S., then Thai broadcast
Radio Taiwan International (VOFC) 5950 Taipei, Taiwan07-01-040300English broadcast to US West Coast
Radio Japan 6110 Tokyo, Japan07-02-040330English news broadcast to Western U.S.
China Radio International 6190 Beijing, China06-26-040500English ID at the top of the hour
China Radio International 9550 Beijing, China06-29-040415English Programming News
China Radio International 9690 Beijing, China07-08-040330English News Programming
China Radio International 9755 Beijing, China06-29-040330English Programming


Station Frequency City , Country Date Time (UTC)Remarks
BBC Mundo 5995 London, England06-29-040315Spanish Broadcast of In Focus
Radio Deutsche Welle 6140 Cologne, Germany07-01-040315German broadcast
Radio Netherlands 6165 The Hague, Netherlands06-26-040430 English discussion of Eurpoean Union Constitution
BBC Mundo 9515 London, England07-14-040315Spanish Broadcast of News
Radio Netherlands 9575 The Hague, Netherlands06-30-040430 English News
Radio Deutsche Welle 9630 Cologne, Germany07-06-040415English news broadcast
Radio Deutsche Welle 9700 Cologne, Germany06-29-040350German broadcast to Mexico, ID in German
BBC World Service 9715 London, England06-27-041530English News/Discussion
BBC World Service 11835 London, England07-21-040430English News/Discussion

North America

Station Frequency City , Country Date Time (UTC)Remarks
EWTN Global Catholic Radio 5825 Irondale, AL, USA07-01-040245Christian talk show
WWCR 5935 Nashville, TN, USA06-29-040445Christian preaching
Radio Marti (VOA) 6030 Greenville, NC, USA07-07-040330Spanish broadcast to Cuba of US propaganda
WHRI World Harvest Radio International 7535 South Bend, IN, USA07-01-040330Christian talk show, radio liberty
Radio Habana 9550 Havana, Cuba07-21-040430Spanish Propaganda
Voice of America 9560 Washington D.C., USA06-29-040400Yankee Doodle Dandy, then VOA News
Radio Habana 11760 Havana, Cuba07-14-040330Spanish Propaganda, "america es terroristas"
EWTN Global Catholic Radio 13615 Irondale, AL, USA08-14-042130Catholic Broadcast
WHRI World Harvest Radio International 13770 South Bend, IN, USA07-14-042230Christian preaching
Radio Canada International 17765 Sackville, NB, Canada08-14-042200CBC Radio 1 broadcast

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