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Mexico DX 12-16-06 to 12-24-06

The first night of the cruise I attempted to do a DX but I could not hear any stations. My room was on the right (Starboard) side of the ship so I was facing out to sea, the ships hull somehow blocks signals from transmitting through it which led to me hearing nothing the first night. I tried dxing the same way the next night with no radio stations as well, I then realized I would not hear anything until I reached port or the ship was facing shore. In order to DX from a cruise ship you have to be on deck or right next to the window in your room facing land, otherwise you will not hear a thing as the ship itself completely blocks all signals. The following is the list of stations heard from Acapulco at about 10-11 pm Central Time on Tuesday 12-19-06. The radio used was the Sony WM-FX28 Walkman with digital tuner. It would be nearly impossible to dx without a digital tuner unless you speak good spanish. The method by which I gathered the stations was to go through the dial and record the frequency, ID if heard, classify the proximity of the signal to either close, medium, or far. The rest of the information was gathered once I was back home. Some stations I can not 100% confirm, they will be denoted with a **.

Acapulco Night DX

Station ID Frequency City/StatePower d/nNotes
XEACD 550 Acapulco, GR.5/.25kWIDed, Music
XEBB 600 Acapulco, GR5/1kWMusic
XENQ 640 Tulancingo, HG35/10kWMusic**
XEMAR 710 Acapulco, GR1/1kWMusic
XEKOK 750 Acapulco, GR5/.25kWMusic
XEAGR 810 Acapulco, GR1/.1kWTalk
XEACA 950 Acapulco, GR5/1kWMusic
XERFR 970 Mexico City, DF50/50kWTalk
XET 990 Monterrey, NL50/50kWTalk**
XEVP 1030 Acapulco, GR1/.5kWMusic
XEZUM 1050 Chilpancingo, GR2.5/.25kWTalk**
XEAGS 1070 Acapulco, GR1/.2kWMusic
XERED 1110 Mexico City, DF50/50kWMusic
XELIA 1140 Morelia, MC1/1kWMusic**
XEUVA 1170 Aguascalientes, AG10/1kWTalk**
XEWK 1190 Guadalajara, JA50/10kWTalk**
XEBCO 1210 Villa de Alvarez, CL50/5kWMusic**
XEB 1220 Mexico City, DF100/100kWIDed, Music
XELP 1230 La Piedad, MC1/1kWMusic**
XEL 1260 Mexico City, DF50/10kWTalk
XEDA 1290 Mexico City, DF10/10kWTalk
XEGRT 1310 Taxco, GR1/1kWMusic**
XENET 1320 Mexico City, DF20/20kWIDed, Mexican UNCE Music
XECI 1340 Acapulco, GR1/1kWIDed, American Rock Music
XEKJ 1400 Acapulco, GR1/1kWMusic-Ranchera
XEAI 1470 Mexico City, DF25/5kWTalk
XEDF 1500 Mexico City, DF50/5kWTalk
XEUR 1530 Mexico City, DF50/1kWMusic
XEINFO 1560 Mexico City, DF50/10kWMusic

State Abbreviations:
AG: Aguascalientes
CL: Colima
DF: Districto Federal
GR: Guerrero
HG: Hidalgo
JL: Jalisco
MC: Michoacan
NL: Nuevo Leon

My conclusion on the Acapulco DX is that you can really only identify the local Acapulco stations as well as some major Mexico City stations. The majority of programming is music in Acapulco with a number of talk stations in Mexico City. The stations that I could not 100% confirm are educated guesses as to what I think the station was based on the distance it sounded and the type of programming.

Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa Day DX

Station ID Frequency City/StatePower d/nNotes
XEJR 630 Zihuatanejo, GR1/1kWMusic
XELCM 920 Lazaro Cardenas, MC 1/1kWMusic
XEUQ 960 Zihuatanejo, GR1/.5kWTalk
XEZHO 1410 Zihuatanejo, GR.5/0kWMusic
XELAC 1560 Lazaro Cardenas, MC5/1kWTalk

State Abbreviations:
GR: Guerrero
MC: Michoacan

Only local stations were received on this DX as it occured at about 2:30 pm. Only stations from Zihuatanejo and Lazaro Cardenas located about 60 miles away were heard. Despite having lots of big resorts, Ixtapa does not have any radio stations. All stations on this DX can be confirmed with a high level accuracy.

Puerto Vallarta Late Afternoon DX

Station ID Frequency City/StatePower d/nNotes
XECOU 590 Puerto Vallarta, JAMusic
XEEJ 650 Puerto Vallarta, JA10/.25kWMusic
XEVAY 740 Puerto Vallarta, JA10/1kWMusic
XENAY 910 Puerto Vallarta, JATalk
XELJ 1030 Lagos de Moreno, JA5/1kWReligous-English**
XEQR 1030 Mexico City, DF50/5kWTalk
XEBBB 1040 Guadalajara, JA10/1kWMusic
XEJLV 1080 Puerto Vallarta, JA5/0kWMusic
XEPVJ 1110 Puerto Vallarta, JA10/.02kWMusic
XEMR 1140 Monterrey, NL50/50kWMusic**
XEAD 1150 Tolana-Guadalajara, JA20/.5kWIDed-Talk
XEJTF 1170 Zacoalco de Torres, JA10/.25kWMusic
XEUVA 1170 Aguascalientes, AG10/10kWTalk**
XEFR 1180 Mexico City, DF10/5kWMusic
XEWK 1190 Guadalajara, JA50/10kWIDed-Talk
XEPP 1190 Orizaba, VE5/5kWTalk**
WOAI 1200 San Antonio, TX 50/50kWIDed-News/Talk, clear in daytime
XEB 1210 Mexico City, DF100/100kWMusic
XEDKN 1220 Zapopan-Guadalajara, JA1/.25kWMusic
XELP 1230 La Piedad, MC1/1kWTalk**
XEKMX 1240 Sayula, JA5/5kWMusic
XESI 1240 Santiago Ixcuintla, NA10/1kWMusic
XEDK 1250 Guadalajara, JA10/1kWTalk
XESJ 1250 Saltillo, CI 5/5kWMusic**
XEL 1260 Mexico City, DF50/10kWMusic
XEJY 1260 Autlan de Navarro, JA10/1kWMusic
XERPL 1270 Leon, GT10/10kWTalk
XEHD 1270 Durango, DG1.5/.5kWMusic**
XEBON 1280 Tonala-Guadalajara, JA10/.5kWMusic/Talk
XEAW 1280 Monterrey, NL10/10kWTalk**
XEDA 1290 Mexico City, DF10/10kWTalk
XENX 1290 Mazatlan, SI10/10kWMusic
XETIA 1310 Tonala-Guadalajara, JA10/.25kWMusic
XENET 1320 Mexico City, DF20/20kWMusic
XERJ 1320 Mazatlan, SI5/5kWMusic
XEBO 1330 Irapuato, GT5/5kWTalk
XEPJ 1370 Guadalajara, JA10/1kWIDed-Talk
XERW 1390 Leon, GT10/10kWIDed-Talk
XEI 1400 Morelia, MC1/1kWTalk**
XEKB 1410 Guadalajara, JA25/10kWTalk
XEBS 1410 Mexico City, DF10/10kWTalk
XEKMX 1420 Sayula, JA10/10kWTalk**
XEABCJ 1440 Tonala-Guadalajara, JA10/1kWMusic-6 letter call sign!
XETD 1450 Acaponeta, NA.25/.25kWMusic**
XEAI 1470 Mexico City, DF25/5kWTalk**
XEZJ 1480 Tonala-Guadalajara, JA20/5kWTalk
XEDF 1500 Mexico City, DF50/5kWTalk
XEQI 1510 Monterrey, NL10/10kWTalk**
XECGP 1520 Morelia, MC1/1kWMusic**
XEUR 1530 Mexico City, DF50/1kWTalk
XESD 1530 Silao, GT10/10kWTalk**
XESTN 1540 Monterrey, NL.5/.5kWTalk**
XERUV 1550 Jalapa, VE10/10kWTalk**
XERIO 1570 Ixtlan del Rio, NA5/5kWTalk
XEDM 1580 Hermosillo, SO50/50kWTalk
XEAE 1600 Ciudad Acuna, CI1/1kWMusic**

State Abbreviations:
AG: Aguascalientes
CI: Coahuila
DF: Districto Federal
DG: Durango
GT: Guanajuato
JA: Jalisco
MC: Michoacan
NA: Nayarit
NL: Nuevo Leon
SI: Sinaloa
SO: Sonora
VE: Veracruz

A suprising number of stations were coming in during the late afternoon in Puerto Vallarta. The lower end of the dial had very few stations but all of a sudden I was running into 1-2 stations per frequency. The stations from Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara were easy to confirm as they were not that far away. Hearing WOAI was also a nice treat considering I was over 1,000 miles away from San Antonio and it was still daylight. And no that is not a missprint, XEABCJ is the actual call letters of a station in Guadalajara! 6 letters in a call sign, what will the Mexicans come up with next?

Just out of Puerto Vallarta Dusk DX of the US and Mexican Border

Station ID Frequency City/StatePower d/nNotes
KKOB 770 Albuquerque, NM50/50kWNews/Talk/AH-Coming in very clear
KCKN 1020 Roswell, NM50/50kWCountry-Coming in very clear
KNX 1070 Los Angeles, CA50/50kWNews-Distant Signal
XEPRS 1090 Rosarito-Tijuana, BN50/50kWSports-Coming in very clear-The Mighty 1090
WOAI 1200 San Antonio, TX50/50kWNews/Talk/AH-Coming in very clear
XEP 1300 Ciudad Juarez, CH1/.5kWAmerican Rock Music** This might not be correct
XEKTT 1700 Tecate-Tijuana, BN10/10kWBusiness News-Distant Signal

State Abbreviations:
BN: Baja California Norte
CH: Chihuahua

Once it got dark I started searching for US stations and sure enough I got a few. KCKN was coming in super clear, apparently the former KINF is back up and is it ever a flame thrower! WOAI of course could still be heard. WOAI has now been heard from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Appleton, WI, Missoula, MT, Seattle, WA, and Southern California. This stations signal might encompass the whole of North America. KKOB was playing the Las Vegas bowl football game between BYU and Oregon and was coming in pretty clear. KNX and XEKTT were coming in but they sounded somewhat distant, it might have more to do with the direction I had to DX rather then the strength of their signals. KNX was playing LA traffic and XEKTT was playing its usual business programming. Its amazing how well I could hear some of these stations from over a 1,000 miles away. Im not 100% sure about XEP, but I know Stu has heard the station on 1300 that plays American music and travels a long distance.

Cabo San Lucas Day DX

Station ID Frequency City/StatePower d/nNotes
XESJC 660 San Jose del Cabo, BS2.5/.25kWSuper Ranchera

State Abbreviations:
BS: Baja California Sur

There are only two cities at the tip of Baja California, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, well they only have one AM radio station. XESJC is super super ranchera music. I could hear it playing as I walked the streets of Cabo San Lucas.