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Western Washington DX, FM Stations Heard From Mukilteo, WA

Station ID Frequency City/StateFormatPower
KPLU 88.5 TacomaPublic Radio/Jazz (Pacific Lutheran University)55kW
K205DD 88.9 BremertonReligious.010kW
CBUF 88.9 Victoria, BCCBC French News/Information Translator5.9kW
KNHC 89.5 SeattleDance/Techno (Nathan Hale High School)8.5kW
KNWP 90.1 Port AngelesPublic/NPR (Washington State University)1.6kW
KEXP 90.3 SeattleCollege/Alternative (University of Washington).720kW
CBCV 90.5 Victoria, BCNews/Information6.3kW
KSER 90.7 EverettPublic5.8kW
CJZN 91.3 Victoria, BCModern Rock3.5kW
KBCS 91.3 Bellevue College/Jazz/Folk (Bellevue Community College)8kW
CBU-1 92.1 Victoria, BCClassical87kW
KLSY 92.5 Bellevue Adult Contemporary56kW
KISM 92.9 Bellingham Classic Rock50kW
KUBE 93.3 Seattle Rhythmic Christian98kW
CJJR 93.7 Vancouver, BCHit Country75kW
KMPS 94.1 Seattle Hit Country69kW
KRXY 94.5 SheltonAdult Contemporary.710kW
KUOW 94.9 Seattle Public (University of Washington)100kW
KJR 95.7 Seattle Classic Hits98kW
KXXO 96.1 Olympia Adult Contemporary72kW
KRQI 96.5 Seattle Classic Rock 80's and 90's100kW
KGY 96.9 McClearyClassic Country 2.35kW
KBSG 97.3 Tacoma Oldies52kW
CBUF 97.7 Vancouver, BCCBC French News/Information100kW
KING 98.1 Seattle Classical57kW
CIOC 98.5 Victoria, BC Soft Adult Contemporary100kW
KWJZ 98.9 Seattle Smooth Jazz57kW
KAYO 99.3 Olympia Country3.4kW
KISW 99.9 Seattle Active Rock57kW
CKKQ 100.3 Victoria, BCActive Rock100kW
KQBZ 100.7 Seattle Talk57kW
CFMI 101.1 New Westminster, BCClassic Rock100kW
KPLZ 101.5 Seattle Hot Adult Contemporary99kW
KZOK 102.5 Seattle Classic Rock68kW
CHTT 103.1 Victoria, BCClassic Hits/Hot Adult Contemporary.05kW
CHQM 103.5 Vancouver, BCSoft Adult Contemporary100kW
KMTT 103.7 Tacoma Adult Alternative57kW
KAFE 104.3 BellinghamAdult Contemporary60kW
KCMS 105.3 EdmondsChristian Contemporary 54kW
CBU 105.7 Vancouver, BCClassical100kW
KBKS 106.1 Tacoma Top 4068kW
KWPZ 106.5 LyndenReligious68kW
KRWM 106.9 Bremerton Soft Adult Contemporary49kW
CHBE 107.3 Victoria, BCHot Adult Contemporary20kW
KNDD 107.7 SeattleModern Rock 57kW

Western WA DX FM
Radio Stations

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