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Montana DX, FM Stations Heard From Missoula, Montana

Stations heard on a Realistic DX-350

Station ID Frequency City/StateFormatPower
K204EV 88.7 Missoula, MTReligious.033kW
KUFM 89.1 Missoula, MTPublic/Classical (U of Montana)14.5kW
KXEI 89.5 Missoula, MTReligious.099kW
KBGA 89.9 Missoula, MTCollege/Alternative (U of Montana)1kW
K212DE 90.3 Missoula, MTChristian Rock.002kW
KMBI 90.7 Spokane, WAReligious56kW
KMZL 91.1 Missoula, MTContemporary Christian1kW
KUFN 91.9 Hamilton, MTPublic/Classical.980kW
KQRK 92.3 Ronan, MTHot Adult Contemporary60kW
KXDR 92.7 Missoula, MTHot Adult Contemporary.046kW
KGGL 93.3 Missoula, MTCountry43kW
KYSS 94.9 Missoula, MTCountry62kW
KKMT 95.9 Columbia Falls, MTAdult Contemporary56kW
KBAZ 96.3 Hamilton, MTModern Rock85kW
KALS 97.1 Kalispell, MTContemporary Christian26.5kW
KBBZ 98.5 Kalispell, MTClassic Rock65kW
KXDR 98.7 Hamilton, MTHot Adult Contemporary100kW
KZOQ 100.1 Missoula, MTClassic Rock13.5kW
KMSO 102.5 Missoula, MTSoft Adult Contemporary14kW
KZMN 103.9 Kalispell, MTCountry43kW
KDBR 106.3 Kalispell, MTCountry60kW
KBQQ 106.7 Pinesdale, MTOldies13kW
KLTC 107.5 Superior, MTAdult Contemporary100kW

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