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Hawaii DX, AM Stations Heard From Kaanapali and Lahaina, Hawaii

Stations heard on Sony WM-FX28 Walkman, and on Chrysler 300 car radio

DXing took place January 9-15, 2011. ** Denotes strong signal.


Station ID Frequency CityFormatPower d/n
KFI 640 Los AngelesNews/Talk 50/50kW
KTNQ 1020 Los Angeles Spanish 50/50kW
KNX 1070 Los AngelesNews/Talk (Moderate signal received in car)50/50kW


Station ID Frequency CityFormatPower d/n
KMVI** 550 Wailuku, Maui Sports/ESPN Radio5/5kW
KSSK 590 Honolulu, Oahu Adult Contemporary7.5/7.5kW
KHNU 620 Hilo, Hawaii Talk5/5kW
KRTR 650 Honolulu, Oahu Easy Listening10/10kW
KPUA 670 Hilo, Hawaii News/Talk/Sports10/10kW
KHNR 690 Honolulu, Oahu News/Talk10/10kW
KUAI 720 Eleele, Kauai Hot Adult Contemporary/Hawaiian Oldies5/5kW
KGU** 760 Honolulu, Oahu News/Talk10/10kW
KKON 790 Kealakekua, Oahu Sports/ESPN Radio5/5kW
KHVH** 830 Honolulu, Oahu News/Talk 10/10kW
KHLO 850 Hilo, Hawaii Sports/ESPN Radio5/5kW
KHCM** 880 Honolulu, Oahu Ethnic Chinese2/2kW
KNUI 900 Kahului, Maui Ethnic Chinese5/5kW
KKNE 940 Waipahu/Honolulu, Oahu Ethnic Hawaiian10/10kW
KHBZ 990 Honolulu, Oahu Talk5/5kW
KLHT** 1040 Honolulu, Oahu Religious K-Light7.5/7.5kW
KWAI 1080 Honolulu, Oahu Talk5/5kW
KAOI 1110 Kihei, Maui News/Talk/Sports5/5kW
KPHI 1130 Honolulu, Oahu Ethnic Filipino1/1kW
KZOO 1210 Honolulu, Oahu Ethnic Japanese1/1kW
KNDI** 1270 Honolulu, Oahu Religious5/5kW
KUPA** 1370 Pearl City, Oahu Sports6.2/6.2kW
KKEA** 1420 Honolulu, Oahu Sports/ESPN Radio4/4kW
KHRA** 1460 Honolulu, Oahu Ethnic Korean5/5kW
KHKA** 1500 Honolulu, Oahu Sports/ESPN Radio10/10kW
KREA** 1540 Honolulu, Oahu Ethnic Korean/Asian5/5kW


Station ID Frequency CityFormatPower d/n
KPNW 1120 Eugene News/Talk 50/50kW
KEX 1190 Portland News/Talk 50/25kW


Station ID Frequency CityFormatPower d/n
KPTK 1090 SeattleProgressive Talk (At a distance of 2650 miles, this may be the furthest station I have ever heard!)50/50kW


Station ID Frequency CityFormatPower d/n
???? 740 ?????AsianAt Least 50kW

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