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April 20, 2021 I found the Jabot for linux (https://www.moddb.com/mods/jabotq2) again and quite easily at that so I updated the downloads. I also added the Eraser Ultra to the downloads section. I have not used Ultra much or maybe not at all, but I believe it is for the mission packs and the awesome Lithium mod. There are a couple of servers that run the Eraser Ultra mod that can be found on http://q2servers.com -Smack's Hideout is one I've played on a few times, really low frag limit but it's kinda fun. The runes add an enjoyable dimension to the game. Cheers!

April 19, 2021 Fixed the Jabot win32 download link as I deleted the page that held the file last year and just realized today that it is broken. I also crossed out a couple of the old linux bot links as well since I lost them when I deleted the same site. No one will miss them, I'm sure, but I like to keep things up to date. Better late than never ;) Happy 2021!!

January 19, 2020 Added the original 3ZB bot and the awesome No Items Quake mod to the downloads section. I included a fully ready config and some extra maps and textures with premade routes for your fragging fun. Extract the NIQ.zip to your Quake 2 folder and Start the NIQ mod with "quake2.exe +set game niq +exec niqeb.cfg", and you should have three bots on q2dm1 to start. The niqeb.cfg is where you may adjust settings for the mod to whatever you like. There is also an "niqebctf" file and the "MAPS" file is where all the map rotation settings are. NIQ is probably my favourite mod for Quake 2 and the Eraser bots do a great job as well. Cheers!

January 18, 2020 I have a server up with https://www.nfoservers.com. The name is Seattle FFA and the ip is It's listed at http://q2servers.com, so it will show up in The Quake Server Browser as well as the browser built into Q2pro.

Here is the pak I currently use. Just rename it to pak9 or any number higher than your highest numbered pak in the baseq2 folder. There are some cool weapon sounds and I turned up the volume on some of the standard game sounds like armour, and ammo pickup. No fancy textures, but the sky is different and no need for fancy clients. I am using it in DirectQII which does not support png or jpg, but does have a super cool water warp effect much like Quake I. Finally, here is a brighter colormap to brighten up your day- bright.pak. Again, rename to the highest numbered pak in baseq2 or download Pakscape here and insert the colormap into any pak you want. All files available in the download section as well. Cheers!

January 17, 2020 Wow! 2019 was a huge year for Quake 2. Imagine a 22 year old game getting a complete re-do in the latest game building tech. So cool! Pretty nice of NVIDIA and Bethesda to put out an RTX remake for free. What can I say? -There's just something about Quake 2..... Well, looks like the old site is still here and that's really cool too, so I finally forked out a bit of money to get rid of the ads. Better late than never :) Angelfire has definitely earned it.

Also, I've been playing around with the Direct 3D version of Quake 2 since I acquired an old Radeon that does not like the dynamic lights under OpenGL so much. Here is the LINK. if anyone wants. DirectQII creates a dq2.cfg in your baseq2 folder, so be aware that it may conflict with any config.cfg in the same folder. I could not get the vid_gamma command to work until I removed the original Q2 config.cfg, and now all is good. The DirectQII client looks really nice, and runs perfectly, but it is very old school in that there is no gun over fov 90. The gl_monolightmap command will come in handy too. Cheers!

February 8, 2018 Two updates in one year!! Okay, if anyone does try the software refs under the February 7th update, you will need this ddraw.zip for the Russian's ref_soft.dll 32 and 8 bits. For Qbism you should need nothing as it works well on its own. Put ddraw.dll directly into your Quake 2 folder. Cheers!

February 7, 2018- Been a while.... downloads still work. Quake 2 still being played online. I've been playing with Qbism, an 8 bit software renderer for Q2 with coloured lights (r_coloredlights 0 is plain old software mode). Nice and retro, brings back memories of playing Quake 2 on my old 333 MHz PC 20 years ago. I also found another 8 bit and a 32 bit software renderer that looks a bit more colourful. Here's the page address - Panzerschrek 32 and 8 bit soft_ref - You will need to figure out where the download link/tab is as the page is in Russian, but it's fairly straightforward. The 32 bit renderer looks pretty impressive although it seems to have trouble with any non standard player skins during online play, so cl_noskins "1" may be necessary. Alright, cheers then.

December 4, 2016- Download links still online, very cool.

August 5, 2015- Still here :) Had a little trouble accessing the page through Chrome, but IE works fine. Dunno.... Oh, wait, it's a media file that my version of Chrome is having trouble with... oh well. Incidentally, I have always meant to change an instruction that I gave for creating 3ZB2 routes. It's not "set chain 1", it's "set chedit 1" (Ha Ha). Yes, I am bored today. One last thing for my 2015 contribution: Thank you again, AngelFire, for hosting this site for well over ten years now. Cheers!!!

September 19,2014- Still alive, still check the DL's once in a while and the links. Glad to see there is still a Quake 2 presence on the net and servers to play on. Thank you Tastyspleen.net. Awesome!!

March 2/13- Well, Angelfire is still alive. That's great!! Happy to see the ancient page still up and downloads still alive. :) Can't believe ten years have gone by already. /:O I did notice, however, that some of the files now come with a warning. For example: "AceBOT007.zip is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous." There is NO need to worry, the zips contain an exe. file and simply are not commonly downloaded. I have NOT included a virus or trojan for you to play with.

-Cheers to whomever still comes here!! ;)

April 2/11- Still working!! :) -and still the best fps made thus far!

April 19/08- Well, it's been a long, long time and I thought I should check the venerable downloads to see if they are still working and they are still rolling along, of course.

Quake 2 is an immortal classic and I am grateful to Angelfire-lycos for keeping this site up for all this time for free.Thank you!

May 10/05- Qudos is at it again with an excellent Quake 2 mod called Lights, as seen in the shot above showing off a new Hyperblaster effect, for linux. There are many features not only visual but gameplay wise as well. It's a fantastic sight to see especially when night falls in the Strogg world showing off the flashlight effect as well as the fantastic lighting effects created by Qudos -Awesome! Head to his page in the links section and get it now linux nerds. It's best played with icculus Quake 2 Max enabled binaries.

April 10/05- Fragged, taunted and flipped off. Thats right! -the Crbot for Linux is alive and well, and ready to shame you. Get it in the downloads section. Works with current Quake 2 binaries from icculus.org

April 08/05- The good times just keep on roll'in for Quake 2 and its linux bot/mod ports courtesy of Qudos who has recompiled Quake 2 binaries just for the purpose of running some of those great bots like Eraser, Eraser Ultra, EraserX, and the original 3ZB2 as well as the Awaken mod and, Cry Havoc. Look for them and other current linux projects from Qudos like the FDMbot which has extra features including scanner, guided rockets, triple blaster, triple hyperBlaster and more! Available at his home site http://qudos.quakedev.com/. Qudos has also graciously given me a better tuned version of the Jabot that handles jump pads and has little to no crashes. Available in the downloads section as a gamei386.so to be swapped within the Jabot folder.

March 23/05- After 7 years of Quake 2 and two years after putting out this little Q2 bot site I am truly happy to present a brand new bot! That bot would be the JABot by Jalisko [http://jal.quakedev.com/] which is based on the Acebot v.008 with improved AI and combat skills. It's even ported to linux already courtesy of Qudos. Since FreeBSD has become my OS of choice these days I have used the linux port of the JAbot to Dm with. This bot does have some problems with crashing on some maps but it is still in development so bug fixes are in the works.

I have found the bot to be very stable and crash free on some of the maps I have tried it on. IKDM6 being one of those that JABot really excels on. It uses the whole area and proved to be a bit of a handful for me at times as the demo will show. I particularily like the way JABot switches from the RL to the super shotgun when up close. Here is the map and demo:



In this little demo JABot-k3-demo, The JABot shows how well it can navigate some pretty tricky pathways suspended over lava without falling in, and firing on me at the same time! You will have to be patient to see those examples as they show up near the middle/end of the demo but they really do illustrate the great skills this bot already possesses. The map is called k3, grab it here k3.bsp

To sum things up, the JABot is a good, clever bot to play just as it is. It can also be used as a base for other modders to use as AI for new Quake 2 monsters and bots. Of course this late breaking bot and source code is downloadable from my own downloads section to the left and its homepage http://jal.quakedev.com/ Both Win32 and linux ports are available. Have fun!!

Qudos has also been kind enough to give me his Acebot v.008 port for linux which is available in the downloads section to the left. It's totally stable and ready to go!

March 21/05- I've found my Acebot stuff including Acebot .007, .008, and the source code to .008 as well as the source code for 3zb2, and added it all to the downloads section.

March 19/05- The venerable Acebot site appears to be toast so I will hunt down my Acebot files and upload them soon. It's not like there's a mad rush for these things anyhow. I would like to add some more sources and stuff to the downloads section as soon as I can find all my shite as well.

Sept 02,2004- Seems none of my .exe files were downloadable because of Angelfire's new? security settings so I had to remove the 3zb2 launcher which isn't a big deal and I had to adjust the Eraser file to zip format but it still works.

Feb 29,2004- Been lookin at linux and now using slackware 9.1, so I decided to add the only linux bot I could get to work with Quake 2. It is Reanimator's 3ZB2 version. It's yet another "improvement" of the original and venerable 3ZB2, but appears to have a little more randomness and variety to its movement. In summary I would say it is a very good bot, akin to the Goldsoft [if not the same]. Grab it from the DOWNLOADS SECTION.

Dec 6,2003- Added 3ZB2 BOT to downloads area.

Oct 24,2003- Added the FAMKEBOT [about the only cooperative and dm bot] to downloads just because it's a pain in the arse to get from its homepage.

Oct 17,2003- Anyone have a bot they wrote for Q2 or Q3? I'd love to try it out! Give me an email if you are interested.

Oct 1,2003- Made a Quake 3 page with one bot [Spiterbot] so far. Maybe I will add some Q3 maps as there does not seem to be a lot of Q3 third party bots. Access through links section. -REMOVED-

July 26,2003- Made a couple of demos of me against bots. One is against the Gladiator's Reaper bot glad.dm2 and the other is against a top skilled 3ZB2 bot 3zb2war.dm2. Place demos in your 'baseq2/demos" folder and run by typing :"map demoname.dm2" in console. [no quotes]

July 25,2003- Just checked out the TANGENTIAL MOD for Quake 2 and its SECANT BOT. Not too bad for having no routes other than its own "eyes" and "ears". You can get it from Tangential homepage- www.planetquake.com/tangential/

April 27,2003- It appears that the ICE BOT can not now be downloaded from it's home site, so I have offered the bot and its launcher on the DOWNLOAD page.

March 30,2003- I am happy to add the GOLDSOFT BOT to my collection http://kamensk.far.ru/files/q2.htm. It appears to be a variation of the 3ZB2 bot. You can add bots at skills 1 thru 10 and it also has a fantastic rail only option, and rocket arena type option as well. It's available on the DOWNLOAD page! Once again I will add a readme to help when you run the bot.

March 19,2003- Added 3ZB2 launcher to downloads section.

March 9,2003- It's been -30 celcius here for two frikkin weeks. Canada can really suck. Anyhow, Quake 2 still rocks and so do the bots. I recently checked out unreal tournament 2003 and uh, it looks really good. Quake 2 still is number one for me though, there is just too much nostalgia to give it up. I have also played DOOM2 online through the magic of ZDAEMON and CSDOOM. Zdaemon is still very much alive and currently in full development.


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