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John Shea

John Shea as Adam


John Shea plays the mysterious leader of Mutant X, Adam Kane.


Film and TV Movies

  • The Empath (2001-Role Undetermined)
  • Heartbreak Hospital (2001 - Mile Derringer)
  • Catalina Trust (1999-Offerman)
  • Getting Personal (1999-Mr. DeMarco)
  • Lost & Found (1999-Role Undetermined)
  • The Adventures of Sebastian Cole (1999-Hartley)
  • Southie (1999-Director, Co-writer)
  • Nowhere to Go (1998-George)
  • Backstreet Justice (1994-Nick Donovan)
  • Honey, I Blew Up the Kid (1992-Dr. Charles Hendrickson)
  • Freejack (1992-Morgan)
  • A New Life (1988-Doc)
  • Stealing Home (1988-Sam Wyatt)
  • Once We Were Dreamers (1987-Marcus)
  • Angel River (1986-Dee)
  • Light Years (1986-Sylvain-voiceover)
  • Honeymoon (1985-Zack)
  • In Our Hands (1984-Himself)
  • Windy City (1984-Danny)
  • Missing (1982-Charles Horman)
  • Hussy (1980-Emory)

  • TV Movie: The Apolcalypse Watch (1997-Harry Latham)
  • TV Movie: Forgotten Sins (1996-Sheriff Mathew Bradshaw)
  • TV Movie: A Weekend in the Country (1996-Micheal Kaye)
  • TV Movie: See Jane Run (1995-Dr. Micheal Ravenson)
  • TV Movie: Leslie's Folly (1994-Daniel)
  • TV Movie: Justice in a Small Town (1994-Tommy Marchant)
  • TV Movie: Lincoln (1992-John Barnes-Voiceover)
  • TV Movie: Ladykiller (1992-Jack Packard)
  • TV Movie: Notorious (1992-Devlin)
  • TV Movie: Small Sacrifices (1989-Frank Koziak)
  • TV Movie: Do you Know the Muffin Man? (1989-Roger Dollison)
  • TV Movie: Magic Moments (1989-Troy Gardner)
  • TV Movie: Baby M (1988-Bill Stern)
  • TV Movie: The Impossible Spy (1987-Eli Cohen)
  • TV Movie: Coast to Coast (1987-John Carloff)
  • TV Movie: A Case of Deadly Force (1986-Micheal O'Donnell)
  • TV Movie: Hitler's S.S. : Portrait in Evil (1985-Karl Hoffmann)
  • TV Movie: The Dining Room (1984-Client/Howard/Psychiatrist/Ted/Paul/Ben/Chris/Jim/Dick)
  • TV Movie: Family Reunion (1981-James Cookman)
  • TV Movie: The Nativity (1978-Joseph)
  • TV Movie: A Will of Thier Own (1998-Jonathan Abbott)

  • Undetermined Role: Unsettled Land (1988)

TV Series' and Guest Appearances

  • Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993 to 1997-Lex Luthor)
  • WIOU (1990-Hank Zaret)

  • TV Miniseries: Kennedy (1983)
  • TV Miniseries: The Last Convertible (1979-Terry Garrigan)

  • Guest Appearance: Sex and the City (Episode:"Evolution"- Dominic)
  • Guest Appearance: Almost Perfect (Episode:"The Ex-Files"- Paul Sterling)
  • Guest Appearance: Tales From the Crypt (Episode:"As Ye Sow"-Father John Sejac)
  • Guest Appearance: The Hitchhiker (Episode: "Minuteman"-Role Undetermined)
  • Guest Appearance: Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Episode:"The Human Interest Story"-Brian Whitman)
  • Guest Appearance: Eight is Enough (Episode:"Triangles"-Jonathan Moraacci)
  • Guest Appearance: The Man from Atlantis (Episode:"The Naked Montague"-Romeo)

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