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Baskehil Beau

Double bred Bask

Looks, Pedigree, Performance and Personality all rolled into one package!

He will be standing for the 2006 breeding season but offered to approved mares only.  He will be standing to the public with a limited open book for 2007. Tale advantage of his low introductory stud fees. Shipped Semen Available.

Please make an appointment to see him in person and book early. Photography is amateur at best and doesn't do him justice!

This fine, young stallion, (06-06-03) was fated to be a star. Of noble lineage and difficult circumstances, when he was born it only took one look to know that he would be something special. Although still gangly and immature, this colt has retained his innate elegance, balance and correctness throughout his babyhood. He never lost sight of the fact that he was a true Prince and would be expected to assume his place in life with dignity. He has a wonderfully sweet disposition, loves to play but is willing to work diligently when necessary.
He is only 2 years old and his legacy begins. He will be expecting his first foals in March of 2006.  He is expected to mature about 15.2hh. He has not been shown yet due to a minor injury, but still plans to hit the arena at a future date.

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JoJo's story
Beau's story is full of tragedies, overcome by perseverance and faith. In 1992, his dam Jobaska, and her new colt by Aladdinn were lost during Hurricane Andrew. The colt was never found to our knowledge. For almost 10 years, JoJo was shifted anonymously from one shady adoption/rescue operation to another. She developed a reputation of being foul tempered and difficult to handle and was frequently returned by those who adopted her.. She was scarred mentally, physically and emotionally. She was eventually adopted by a friend who recognized her as an Arabian and called me. We shaved down her freeze-brand, had her identified in mere minutes and set about finding her last known owners. After much research, we found the owner, who no longer owned any horses, and he graciously agreed to sign over her papers.

Jobaska had a mighty heart and survived multiple ordeals from which she never truly recovered. She became very gentle and trusting of her family, but had an intense dislike for strangers, especially men.  She was bred to Jonang Jahil, who had just been purchased by a new owner and was leaving All World Acres, and subsequently Baskehil Beau was born in 2003. She had difficulty in regaining her weight after foaling and it was after much deliberation that we finally decided to breed her one more time to try for a filly to replace her as she was getting up in age. However, this was not to be. She contracted a bacterial encephalitis, which she survived for over three weeks but then fell prey to the secondary colic which ensued.  After her valiant efforts, it was decided for sure that Baskehil Beau would not be gelded, and would continue JoJo's family in her stead.