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The Philippines According to the CIA

Delta Air Lines

What's Happening!

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Imelda, Imelda will be posted later..... we received a lot of e-mails regarding this article from so many readers all over the world... relax!  we will publish this without any cuts...everything will be there from the time she was crowned Miss Manila, by the city mayor who later got killed later after she married the swindler and killer and all of the above description of a bad man, Ferdinand E. Marcos.

Some of the articles coming soon for publication: "Imelda, Imelda"  "The daughter of the late Manila Mayor Arsenio Lacson, grew up to become a very successful politician and business leader"  "Rita, the Canadian Model that was gang raped in Manila by policemen"  "No Government Officials Can Prove They are not Crooks"  "Why North Borneo Was Never Secured Territory of the Philippines"  " What Ernie Maceda did in Washington, D.C. having escaped the rape case filed by a secretary brought in from Manila"  And, there are so many stories very interesting for Filipinos to read.....Please stay tuned...for there are lots of articles and stories coming from our very talented Filipino independent writers whom we are to celebrating, especially stories that cannot be published in Philippines for fear of imprisonment for libel. 

Filipino illegal Immigrants both in the US and Canada: What can be done or what can they do to make their stay legal or what they should do before going home on their own, or  where else can they go to find work and settle permanently. How we can help and assist our people in need who are in trouble overseas, including those in North America.

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What's Up Doc?

This section is a special feature on health and life style. Written and compiled by the very well-known Filipino American Surgeon, Dr. Philip Chua, celebrated by the State of Indiana that bestowed upon him the Sagamore of the Wabash Award by Indiana Governor, and  now US Senator Evan Bayh. Read more of his CV at the link.

Medical terms for everyone to  learn

Hey you all people out there, do you want to know what those medical terms means at all? Like, E. coli infection   Ankylosing spondylitis   Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder   Hepatitis B or C    Schizophrenia   Click the above link and you shall find out. Keep this vital info into your note book, so,  from time to time youd know what medical science people are a talking about. The listing is from A to Z. Check it out now!!

The Seven Medical Beliefs that's not true

Drink at least eight glasses of water a day     We use only 10% of our brains    Hair and fingernails continue to grow after death    Reading in dim light ruins your eyesight    Shaving causes hair to grow back faster or coarser    Mobile phones are dangerous in hospitals    Eating turkey makes people especially drowsy

WHAT'S A STROKE? : Helping stroke patients to speak    Music 'can aid stroke recovery'  Stroke risk peaks every 12 hours   Heart drug may help threat stroke   Stroke struggle: 'They said I would never become a doctor'      What's Killing Canadians?   What's the "Marburg" Virus?  More disease cures check archives  

Care to Know  the New Seven Wonders of the World?

Bare Necessities   Bare Necessities

What do you want to know?

 Got a question? Anything in mind that bothers you because no one seems to listen? Send them in and I will try to find the answers. Your name will be kept confidential if requested, and no one will ever know. The Philippines My Philippines News Magazine and its publishers are not responsible for all contents in this section. All Rights reserved. Copyright 2008.   


Suggest any topics that could possibly improve the country's politics and economics...let's work together for a prouder identity to the world.

Why are we politically and economically behind countries like Japan , Taiwan , South Korea , Singapore , Malaysia , other countries in the region and no one from our own government and business leaders seems to care?  And, is it true that the government is ran by corruptors and gunslingers? This section will be busy discussing all allegations that our people are accused of doing or practicing. Your feedback is very important for this site... It's about time we all talk about those subjects and find ways to improving our standing in the world community and once again gain the respect and admiration we all used to have. All together, we can be very productive as we are almost there, considered one of the most educated people on earth , even Nelson Mandela learned something from our very own national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, that made him great. Want to know more? Stay tuned.

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Here's an introductory front page of this site.... We are still working for the final or more permanent design within the next few months. We will be publishing continuously with updates whenever possible with important news from back home and overseas important to our people. Please stay tuned and visit us on a regular basis. In order to deliver a more comprehensive news and information we will be needing good reporters, photojournalists, business and advertising agents, so, if you think you have the guts to join us then send your inquiries to our webmaster  This is a non-profit organization... proceeds are donated to different and qualified NGOs serving our people and the country.

Check the latest News on Human Rights  Who are the killers of the century?    Iraq War Casualties    Humor Anyone? 

The Holy Koran

Do you want to know all about the Koran? Check it out... If those uneducated imams are following this holy book whenever they ask their followers to blow themselves to kingdom come to eliminate their supposed enemies with assurance that they will be met in their next life by 72 or 75 virgins. Come on... spare 5 or 10 minutes of your time to read this very holy book to understand what prophet Mohammad wants them to do.

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