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Child pornography and prostitution is a global problem that we need to eradicate. Children are being used, "victimized" by adults for personal gain and profit. The world wide web is infested with child pornography, that  continue to proliferate, making it harder to track and prosecute. Canada's law enforcement agencies are hard at work tracking down offenders from within our borders. They need your help, if you have valuable information in stopping these offenders, email the Montreal Tribune or contact your local law enforcement office. All information submitted to the Tribune is kept strictly confidential.

What's available for seniors?

After the event of 9-11, air travel had been hit hard. People's confidence in air safety had been seriously compromised. Both the Canadian Department of Foreign affairs and the U.S. State Department are working hand in hand to provide people with up-to-date travel advisory. While most Canadians are well respected around the world, our American counterpart may not be as lucky. But, still travelers may want peace of mind and lessen the risk factor and know which countries to avoid. To be able to do that you need to check out the following websites:

How safe is that plane you're taking. Years ago that kind of information wasn't easily accessible. Now, its as easy as typing in some key words in the search engine. However, don't sweat it, I came across a website that gives you that kind of information. It provides safety information by airline, aircraft models and advice for those with the fear of flying.

Check out, a Canadian communications organization that has some excellent advice on doing PR in the not-for-profit sector. They are also in a partnership with the Canadian Centre of Philanthropy to try to convince the government to update its definition of charity so that more organizations can qualify for charitable status.

A perspective of the lives of seniors, Seniors constitute one of the fastest growing groups in Canadian society today. As well, the senior population will grow even faster in the next century, particularly when baby-boomers begin turning age 65. We can only guess about the impact that such a group will have on demands for services, products, and special programs. But we can prepare by understanding the issues affecting seniors. More  A Portrait of Seniors in Canada


Founded in 1935 out of need, continues. Leadership... Ethics... Excellence... core values of the American Association of Fundraising Counsel since its founding in 1935. AAFRC Member Firms are distinguished as leaders in advancing philanthropy and assuring the highest ethical standards and professional practices.

Action Network

Take action for the environment… join 750,000 email activists, all acting for a healthier environment. It's just a click away.


Association of Fundraising Professionals, advancing philanthropy through education, training, and advocacy.

The Alliance

The Alliance for Non-profit Management is the professional association of individuals and organizations devoted to improving the management and governance capacity of nonprofits - to assist nonprofits in fulfilling their mission.

California Law

California Law consists of 29 codes, covering various subject areas, the State Constitution and Statutes. Information presented reflects laws currently in effect.

Charity Channel

CharityChannel was established in 1992 as a volunteer-driven on-line community of voluntary-sector professionals just like you. Today the on-line community consists of more than 100,000 participants, with nearly 35,000 direct subscriptions to our forums and eNewsletters. Since operations are sustained by forum and eNewsletter sponsorship, as well as fees generated by our Resource Guide system, there is no cost to subscribe to any or all of our forums and eNewsletters

DRH Movement

The DRH Movement - A Global School Network in the Forefront of International Cooperation and Development.


The Education Center for Prostate Cancer Patients. Lengthening men's lives through education.

The Evergreen Society

The Evergreen State Society builds connections among people who care about Washington nonprofits so that it, its members, and other community leaders can work together. While contributing to the community's information and networking resources, The Evergreen State Society's particular interest is in addressing policy issues and management questions in ways that will strengthen the more than 40,000 nonprofits serving Washington communities.

The Foundation Center

The Giving Forum

The Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers is a national network of local leaders and organizations across the United States that support effective charitable giving. The Forum’s network focuses on the philanthropy of the city, state, and multi-state areas of the U.S. and encompasses 28 regional associations of grant-makers.

Google Groups

Discussion forum website.


The national data-base contains more than 850,000 IRS recognized non-profit organization.


HIPAA is the acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is responsible for implementing various unrelated provisions of HIPAA, therefore HIPAA may mean different things to different people. Here's a directory of CMS's business activities with regard to HIPAA. Additional information can be obtained by clicking this site.  Health care partners  Edma Org


Humana - People to People

The original organization, preceding The International Humana People to People Movement was UFF = U-landshjælp fra Folk til Folk (translated into English DAPP = Development Aid from People to People). This organization started in Denmark in 1977. So it is a grown creature - 24 years old. Many would say in its best age. Within the organization we think it has only had best ages, and will continue to have many more best ages. More...

Images and Voices of Hope

Images and Voices of Hope is an international conversation initiative convened by three partners:

  • Institute for Advanced Appreciative Inquiry

  • The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization

  • The Visions of a Better World Foundation

Their purpose is to strengthen the role of media as agents of world benefit, expanding awareness of the choices those in media make that raise public trust, generate constructive meaning, and amplify human hope, thus enhancing humanity’s capacity for life-promoting action.


Check out, a Canadian communications organization that has some excellent advice on doing PR in the not-for-profit sector. They are also in a partnership with the Canadian Centre of Philanthropy to try to convince the government to update its definition of charity so that more organizations can qualify for charitable status.

John Wayne Cancer Institute

A comprehensive database of trusted legal resources.


Legal Services Corporation programs help people restore their economic independence.

Maiti Nepal - Crusader for Victims of Slavery

Non-Profit Gateway

A network of links to U.S. Federal government information and services.


Open money is a means of exchange freely available to all. Any community, any association - indeed, any body - can have their own money. Open money is synonymous with LETS - an invitation to come inside and play, as in open door and open house; collaboration as in open hand and open for all; attitude as in open mind.

Tony Poderis

Development professional: consultant, author and speaker's guide to non-profit fundraising resource.

Weed and Seed Data Center

Wildfire - Community Currencies


The Montreal Tribune is working closely with all community groups "associations" within the Island of Montreal and Law Enforcement Agencies. If you would like to submit an article, news suggestions or report a criminal activity, please email us at

Association des exportateurs du livre canadien
Association Canadienne des Annonceurs Inc

Association des Propriétaires du Québec (A P Q)

Canadian Cancer Society

Catholic Community Services

Catholic Challenge Movement

Cine Cite Montreal

Community Contact

Conseil des métiers d'art du Québec

Diocese of Montreal - The Anglican Church of Canada

Heifer Project International


Immigration, Integration & Urban Dynamics

La Maison Slovaque - Slovensky Dom

Makivik Corporation

Montreal Film Festival

Montreal Jazz Festival

Montreal Jewish Communication

Montreal Symphony Orchestra

Netaid.Org - Project of Cisco Systems and United Nations Development Programme

Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal

Ordre Professionnel Des Conseillers Et Conseillères D'Orientation Du Québec

Ordre Professionnel des Diététistes du Québec

Pressure Point: Inside the Montreal Blockade

St. Andrews's Society of Montreal

United Irish Societies of MontrealLa Troupe Folklorique Grecque Syrtaki



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