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You don't have to look far, Quebec is the one and only province in Canada that is unique. One of the original four provinces that established the union that we now know as Canada. The contribution of Quebec to Canada is priceless. It is deeply engrave in it's history, paving the way to one of the best forms of democratic society in existence. Quebec society continues to evolve to be the best. There are many struggles and challenges to look forward to and if you think this is the place for you, then click on the following link below:


If you are a professional looking for new opportunities and desire a fresh start on career and family. Consider Canada as an option, it is one of the best country in the world. For more information click on the link below:

Please note that there are numerous ways to immigrate to Canada through legal channels. Canada needs business people looking to start a new life and invest in Canada, start a business. Doctors and Nurses are in high demand. Contract work is also available to qualified people. For more info email us at


Looking for a job or considering going back to school? You are between 16 to 35 years of age? Then check out Emploi-Quèbec's solution to get you back into the job market. The following independent agencies in collaboration with Emploi-Quèbec are offering their services free of charge.

The following is a list of agencies within the Montreal & Verdun area:


1951 Maisonneuve Boulevard East, Suite 002

(514) 522-9151


911 Jean-Talon Street East, Suite 226

(514) 495-6571


1453 Beaubien  Street East, Suite 302

(514) 278-7211


1212 Ontario Street East

(514) 598-7319


1077 St-Denis Street

(514) 281-1030


8147 Sherbrooke Street East

(514) 356-3266


4005 Wellington Street, Verdun

(514) 767-9971

Contact the office close to your home and feel free to inquire about their program. Most services are offered in French.


Easy as 1,2,3 ... Take advantage of the self employment support measure from Emploi-Quèbec in collaboration with SAJE Montréal Métro and CDEC. This is a program that offers the opportunity for budding young entrepreneurs.

Call the agency close to your home:

SAJE Montréal Métro, Division Est

Service d'Aide aux jeunes entrepreneurs

(514) 253-1774

Corporation de Développement Économique et Communautaire

Anjou Montréal-Est

(514) 353-7171

You can log into their website, The website is currently available in French. English services will be coming soon.

The Government of Canada

You can learn about Canada and it's Government through their website. It is a world class site, very informative and well organized. The links and search engine take you directly to where you want to be. The Canadian Government publishes programs, issues and relevant information in their site. The links includes Federal Sub-Government Agencies, including their respective Provincial Governments and relevant agencies. For more information point to the following or cut & paste the following to your browser's URL:

The New Canada Customs and Revenue Agency

The policy to trim down government spending resulted in the merger of Canada Revenue and Customs Canada, both government agencies were merged into one government agency. It is now called, "Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. Details and information are accessible through their site, You can find information regarding Customs, Taxes, Tax Credit Programs to Child and Family Benefits.

Human Resources and Development Canada

Surf the HRDC site for details and information on Employment Insurance Benefits, Job Bank, Services for Employers and Entrepreneurs, Labour Market Information, Learning Opportunities, Partnership Information, Grants and Contribution. These information are accessible through their site,

Quebec Government

The Provincial Government of Quebec's website is one of the best sites in the internet world. You can learn more about Quebec through their well structured website. The search engine is precise and makes it very easy to research programs and issues that the Provincial government Publishes. The website also includes links to Quebec's Provincial Sub-Government Agencies. Just point to the following or cut & paste this to your browser's URL:

Questions on Labour Standards

Do you have problems at work due to abuse by employers or management. Put your mind at ease, learn more about your rights in Quebec. For questions on labour standards, please direct your attention to "La Commission des normes du travail". Just click on the following,

Ministère du Revenu

For information on a variety of Taxes, Source Deductions and Employer Contributions, Support Payment, Starting a Business and Assistance Program. You can surf Québec Revenu website at


IF YOU ARE IN THE TEXTILE AND GARMENT BUSINESS AND LOOKING FOR BUYERS IN CANADA Order your copy NOW of the NEW 2003-04  up-dated version or current listing of the Canadian Garment and Textile Buyers Guide and Industry Textile Book (fabric identification in dictionary form) are available at US$50 per copy

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