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Lots of restrictions has been amended on imports...sell your products and services directly to Canadian Buyers, hereís  our  Previous Issue of Canadian Fashion & Textile Buyers Guide, you can down load it for free but if you want  the NEW and  up-dated version  place your order now at a cost of US$50 per copy payable by money order or  if you were to pay by credit card let us know and at the same time donít forget to inquire about the Industry Textile Book known as The Shmata Business which is used world-wide by manufacturers, designers, teachers and students, price US$50 per copy. Sound professional, use the book.

Foreign Companies From Time To Time are sending us request  to provide them with Canadian sales people for representation in Canada, all inquiries are welcome and there is  No Service Fee To Pay, All Entries Are Treated Confidential, And Will never Be Used For Any Other Purposes Whatsoever.  For further inquiry Contact The Executive Busters

Garment Buyers' Guide Directory - "R" Listing


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Legends & Codes:
* ? Listed under another name
** ? Converters ? Textile Wholesalers
*** ? Reported closed, please check

R.A. Cruz Co. (Screen Print Service)
2703 E. 15th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia V5M 2K2
Tel (604) 451-1232, 1-800-665-3565, Fax 432-7306
Attn: Mr. Chris Eriksen

R.A.I. Sportswear
50 Noble Street
Toronto, Ontario M6K 2C9
Tel (416) 533-4230

*R.D. International
400 Sauve St. W, Suite #100
Montreal, Quebec H3L 1Z8
Tel (514) 382-9395, Fax 382-1429
Attn: Kenny Hollinger

R.J. Welsh
11807 48th Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5W 2Y4
Tel (403) 471-5333
Attn: R.J. Welch

R. King & Associates (Yarn & Textile Converters)
6300 Part Avenue, Suite 602
Montreal, Quebec H2V 4H8
Tel (514) 279-9413, Fax 279-8619
Attn: Mr. R. King

R. Lavoie Knitting Ltd. (Hosiery)
36 Armstrong Avenue
Georgetown, Ontario L7G 4R9
Tel (905) 873-8318, Fax 873-9943
Attn: Ms Barbara Lavoie

R. Martella Inc.
9586 Notre Dame East
Montreal, Quebec H1L 3P4
Tel (514) 351-9090
Attn: Mr. Rene Martella

R.P.W. Sales Agency (Textile & Trimmings)
231 Westvale Drive
Waterloo, Ontario N2T 1X9
Tel (519) 746-3052, Fax 746-2475
Attn: Mr. Peter Wilson

Rakaposhica Traders Limited
Unit 8,
1981 Boylen Road, Mississauga, Ontario L5S 1R9

Tel & Fax Numbers:4169397467
Attn:  Asif Karim, Sales Manager, Garment Impoters

*Radiance Maternity (Kovac Manufacturing)
6869 Henri Bourassa
Ville St-Laurent, Quebec H4R 1E1
Tel (514) 335-6869, Fax 335-1999
Attn: Mr. John Kovac

Radley Cotton Mills (Textile Knitters)
2220 Midland Avenue, Unit 4
Scarborough, Ontario M1P 3E6
Tel (416) 291-8128, Fax 291-6771
Attn: Mr. N.M. Amersey

Rainee Manufacturing
111 Vallarbond Crescent Unit 3
Concord, Ontario L4K 4K2
Tel (416) 660-9891

Rajac Canada
1111 Finch Avenue West, Suite 45
Toronto, Ontario M3J 2E5
Tel (416) 665-5565, Fax 665-6211
Attn: Mr. Mark Burnstein

Rajnida Corporation
1265 Indian Road
Mississauga, Ontario L5H 1S2
Tel (416) 278-2898, Fax 278-9807
Attn: Mr. Malcolm King-Stewart

Ralph Lauren Womenswear
5575 Royalmount
Town of Mt Royal, Quebec H4P 1J3
Tel (514) 739-3122, Fax 739-1649

Rashi Textiles (Converters/Agency)
333 Chabanel West, Suite 528
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2E7
Tel (514) 381-8543, Fax 385-9343
Attn: Mr. Rashi

Rau Canada
8955 St.Lawrence Blvd, Suite #100
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1M5
Tel (514) 383-4481, Fax 383-8341
Attn: Mr. Alan Handwerger

Raymond Lanchot
5790 Pare St., Suite #200
Montreal, Quebec H4P 2M2
Tel (514) 731-6841, Fax 342-4059
Attn: Ms Diane Lanctot

Re-Al-Ge Canada
9600 Meilleur, Suite #510
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2E3
Tel (514) 381-7433, Fax 383-6531
Attn: Mr. Michael Darwish

Reactor Art & Design
51 Camden St., 2nd Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1V2
Tel (416) 362-1913, Fax 362-6356

Realm Fashion Group Ltd.
77 River St. Suite #202
Toronto, Ontario M5A 3P1
Tel (416) 364-2583, Fax 364-5226
Attn: General Manager

Realooks Montreal, Inc.
9150 Meilleur, Suite 400
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2A5
Tel (514) 387-8806, Fax 387-0350
Attn: Eugene Waldman

Rebel Slacks
7070 St. Urbain
Montreal, Quebec H2S 3H6
Tel (514) 271-4664, Fax 271-5627
Attn: General Manager

Red Crane Enterprises
P.O. Box 492
Truro, Nova Scotia B2N 5C7
Tel (902) 893-7825, Fax 897-9610
Attn: Mr. Alan Syliboy

RedStone apparel Group Inc.
960 Beaumont Avenue
Montreal, Quebec H3N 1V5
Tel (514) 273-9471, Fax 277-3509
Attn: Mr. Bernard Ghetler

Reffini Clothing & Sportswear
433 Chabanel West, Suite #709
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2J7
Tel (514) 385-1337, Fax 385-1339
Attn: General Manager

Regent Knitting Mills
2025 Parthenais Street
Montreal, Quebec H2K 3T2
Tel (514) 524-3581, Fax 524-3587
Attn: Mr. Marvyn H. Grover

Reliable Hosiery Mfg.
8785 Park Avenue
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1Y7
Tel (514) 382-2861, Fax 382-6141
Attn: Mr. Herman Gruenwald

Remo Imports
4455 Cousens
Ville St-Laurent, Quebec H4S 9Z7
Tel (514) 339-9898, Fax 339-1967
Attn: Mr. Moise Bassal

Rene Derhy (Canada)
555 Chabanel W, Suite #1400
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2H8
Tel (514) 382-7577, Fax 383-0968
Attn: Mr. Emile Bensabat

Rennie Inc.
420 Elizabeth Street
Guelph, Ontario N1H 6N3
Tel (519) 822-3211, Fax 822-2603
Attn: Mr. John H. Rennie

Rensen International Inc.
15 Lesmill Rd. Unit 1A
Toronto, Ontario M3B 2T3
Tel (416) 510-8788, Fax 510-0719

Rentex Mills (Textile Knitters)
8650 Delmeade
Montreal, Quebec H4T 1L6
Tel (514) 735-2641, Fax 735-7247
Attn: Mr. Arnold S. Derstenfeld

Request Jeans
8125 St. Lawrence Blvd
Montreal, Quebec H2P 2M1
Tel (514) 383-1650, Fax 383-1583
Attn: Mr. Charles Bitton

Reynolds Manufacturing
10645 102nd Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5H 2T6
Tel (403) 426-7602
Attn: Mr. Norman Reynolds

Riat Fashions Inc.
5600 Smart
Cote St.Luc, Quebec H4W 2M3
Tel (514) 847-5200, Fax 487-5200
Attn: Mr. Irving Itman

Rice Sportswear
1270 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 0P3
Tel (204) 786-6571, Fax 783-0749
Attn: Mr. Mark Yukelis

Richard Steininger
1588 Centre Rd. R.R.#2
Hamilton, Ontario L8N 2Z7
Tel (416) 689-4540
Attn: Mr. Richard Steininger

Richelieu Knitting
200 Ramesay
Sorel, Quebec J3P 4A3
Tel (514) 743-5585, Fax 743-1675
Attn: Mr. Gilles Simard

Richlu Sportswear
85 Adelaide Street, 4th Floor
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3A 0V9
Tel (204) 942-3494, Fax 943-5813
Attn: Mr. David Rich

Richman Group
555 Richmond St. W, Suite #900
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3B1
Tel (416) 368-1800,Fax 368-0910
Attn: Mr. Martin Richman

Richmond Int'l
809 Ash Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba RN3 0R7
Tel (204) 488-7413, Fax 488-8758
Attn: Mr. Raymond Pollock

Ricky International
1435 St. Alexander, Suite #960
Montreal, Quebec H3A 2G4
Tel (514) 843-8811

Rigold Canada Company
1815 27th Ave N.E. Bay 6
Calgary, Alberta T2E 7E1
Tel (403) 291-3220, Fax 291-3283
Attn: Maren Paen

Ritz Lace & Embroidery
6600 St. Urbain, Suite 102
Montreal, Quebec H2S 2G8
Tel (514) 279-7363, Fax 381-0978
Attn: General Manager

Riverdale Sportswear
919 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 0M8
Tel (204) 774-7514
Attn: Mr. George Hrycak

Riviera Can Trading Corp.
545 King St.W, Suite #300
Toronto, Ont M5V 1M1
Tel (416) 595-9500, Fax 595-5627
Attn: Mr. Gary Grundman

Riviera Inc.
233 Carlaw Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4M 3E9
Tel (416) 465-1131, Fax 465-3587

*Riviera Slacks Inc. (Barmish)
5555 Thimens Blvd.
Montreal, Quebec H4R 2H4
Tel (514) 335-0350, 1-800-363-2855, Fax 335-0926
Attn: Mr. Steven Barmish

Roadrunner Apparel Inc.
2275 43rd Avenue
Lachine, Quebec H8T 2K1
Tel 9514) 631-2275, Fax 631-2400
Attn: General Manager

Robert Hall Originals
138 Sugar Maple Road
St. George, Ontario N0E 1N0
Tel (519) 448-1236, Fax 448-1236
Attn: Mr. Robert Parry

Robert Lefort
10120 St. Lawrence Blvd.
Montreal, Quebec H3L 2N7
Tel (514) 385-1160, Fax 385-1154
Attn: Mr. Lionel Collins

Robert Lorne Group
720 King St. W, Suite #217
Toronto, Ontario M4V 2T3
Tel (416) 369-0899, Fax 369-0842
Attn: Mr. Robert Kastner

Robin Kay Clothing Co.
201 Dufferin Street., 3rd Floor
Toronto, Ontario M6K 1X9
Tel 9416) 532-7899
Attn: General Manager

Rocky Mountain Sportswear
6021 5th St. S.E.
Calgary, Alberta T2H 1L5
Tel (403) 258-1280, Fax 259-2178
Attn: Mr. Tony Marshall

Roddy Uniforms
296 McDermot Street
1619 Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 2Z6
Tell (204) 943-3293

Roger De Botton Sales Agency (Textile)
9281 Tolhurst
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1X1
Tel (514) 385-1101, Fax 382-9976
Attn: Mr. Roger de Botton

Roger Edwards Ltd.
339 Queen Street, East
Toronto, Ontario M5A 1S9
Tel (416) 366-2501, Fax 366-6696
Attn: Mr. Roger Edwards

Roger Goyut Ltd. (Ties)
600 Legendre East
Montreal, Quebec H2M 1G4
Tel (514) 382-4820, 1-800-668-4800, Fax 382-4824
Attn: Mr. Gilles Guyot

Romantic Night
4544 Dufferin St., Unit 14
Downsview, Ontario M3H 5X2
Tel (416) 665-6181, Fax 665-1862
Attn: Ms Lilianna Mann

119 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2L1
Tel (416) 593-0049
Attn: Mr. S. Roth

Rouie Industries
82 Peter St., Suite #100
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2G5
Tel (416) 598-1161, Fax 598-7734
Attn: Mr. David Chang

Rova International
7101 Park Ave., Suite #205
Montreal, Quebec H3N 1X9
Tel (514) 271-4374, 270-6423
Attn: Mr. Samuel Rosemberg

Roxy Incorporated
9500 Meilleur, Suite #400
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2B7
Tel 9514) 381-5618, 381-5158
Attn: Mr. Daniel Slomovic

Roy & Cie (1990) Ltd.
433 Chabanel West, Suite #608
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2J6
Tel (514) 385-5522
Attn: Mr. Eugene Roy

Royal Knitwear
2219 35th Ave N.E., Suite #8
Calgary, Alberta T2E 6W3
Tel 9403) 291-9373, 250-6745
Attn: Mr. Parvez Joffer

Royal Leather Goods
365 Weston Road
Toronto, Ontario M6N 3P7
Tel (416) 762-8175
Attn: Mr. Jeffrey Wortsman

Royal Shirt
40 Adesso Drive
Concord, Ontario L4K 2Y1
Tel (905) 738-4676, Fax 738-6254
Mr. Luigi D'Abbondanza

Ruth Elias Marketing
1 Wood Ave.Suite #1703
Westmount, Quebec H3Z 3C5
Tel (514) 939-4095, Fax 939-6127
Attn: Ms Ruth Elias

Ruth Montgomery of Carelle
70 Mount Royal West
Montreal, Quebec H2T 2S4
Tel (514) 288-6171, Fax 288-3250
Attn: Ms Ruth Montgomery



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