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Dear Editor

Re Nigerian Letter Scam

Hello,  I recently received one of those letters stating that a long lost relative of mine had been killed in an accident in Nigeria and left behind x amount of dollars.  So what exactly do the perpetrators of these letters gain by writing these letters?


jonita chaisson <>

Editor: Just throw those letters to the garbage.. There's nothing to it... It's another scam.

I will be in Montreal for a long week-end next week.

Do you know of any tailors/furriers who specialized in custom-made or fitted coats.


Belinda Vicioso <

Editor: Yes, a number of them... you'll find them near Ste.Catherine Street West, right at the heart of downtown, between Bleury and Alexander Streets. Have a nice trip and enjoy the visit... I am sure you will.

I am a filmmaker living in Montreal and i found your website while doing a research about the term " Alkebu lan". Can you please confirm to me if Alkebu lan was one of the first word to describe the African continent before the Europeans? Do you know where the word came from? Who use it first?

Thanks you for your help,

Best regards

Julien Elie, Les Collègues filment!, e-mail:, 5230 rue de Gaspé, h2t 2a2, Montréal, QC, Canada

Editor: Yes, Alkebu Lan was the first description of the African Continent, and originated from Old East and North Africa.

Thank you for your reply... While browsing through the net and wanting to check on more information about the EAAS lottery Scam, i get your contact again... earlier i had mentioned about the e-mail msgs. and the winnings of 1million of which Tax/VAT chrge of $3100 needed to be sent.. i would like to tell you that the contact person who corresponds with me is Kris Jones and Mark Williams and Marks' contact no: +90-537-219-9803 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +90-537-219-9803      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.. would it be possible to check if this is genuine or a fraud?  could you let me know.. 

Thank you

"gillian letoille" <

Reply: Don't call, it's Scam.

EAAS Sweepstakes lottery Scam

I have read about the EAAS Sweepstakes lottery Scam... and your right, it looks to be real while its a scam... i'm shocked as i have been in correspondence with them and i have been told that for my winnings of US$1 million i need to pay Tax/VAT and Insurance of US$3100/- and only then this amount of 1 milion would be transfered to my account.   If this is a fraud company,and when this is a scam, why do they still have a website ?/  and if so many innocent people have been receiving such e-mails, why is'nt this stopped and put to rest.?  i was also told by them , that the final date to my claims would be Oct'19th and then they rush me after they have an internal meeting and decide that the final date would be in 10 days and i've asked for an extention until the 20th of Sept.... on going through these Fraud listed lottery scams,, i am totally shocked and still wonder how can people do such a thing ? in the first place, giving the so-called winner hopes and then making them send payments of which the first payment that i had sent was US$500 which was supposed to be for the paper work and courier charges involved in the transaction... and now US$3100 for Tax. etc.. and on telling them that normally these charges are deducted from the winnings amount, they have reasons to say that in US its a law that their company follows...

I think the best way to let all innocent people get the message is by having a FRAUD pop-up Menu for  these lottery scams,  that appears on every possible website which is normally accessed by people.

Thank you / Letoille

"Gillian Devine" <>

Thank you very much for your email and posting our event at The Montreal Tribune. Its really a subject that makes me wonder.. for regular people I do understand being driven by the news top stories and how exaggerating it could be, but, for business men to say "are you serious? Its dangerous over there?!"

They never been to Jordan or even the Middle East but believe me we are safer here than any part of the world, people are so friendly atmosphere is so peaceful and Jordan was will always be very secured.

And In response to such issues raised:

Travel to the Middle East  - while the region is undergoing a current period of turmoil, Jordan has continually strived to maintain a safe and moderate environment. Throughout the conflict with Iraq, Jordan was the base for all the foreign press, the aid and relief agencies. Jordan has always provided a secure environment for many foreigners to conduct their business as evidenced by the number of foreign joint ventures and investment opportunities being developed.  We believe current travel warnings for the area will be revised very soon in recognition of this fact and, by

September, the region will be well on the way to recovery business wise. This means exhibitors who participate can maximize this unique time and the associated opportunities with opening markets.

Whilst we understand that a negative perception of the Middle East may be an issue for some potential exhibitors, the market that it represents is not to be ignored. This is precisely why Amman, Jordan has been selected as the destination for the event. The safe and open business environment, the modern, forward looking attitudes that prevail and the infrastructure with hotels, facilities and services there will provide exhibitors with a professional environment to conduct business and the best opportunity to reach the full Middle East market including Israel, Iraq, Syria,  Lebanon and the Gulf states.

The current SARS issue is one of concern for all trade shows and  business worldwide and decisions to travel will be dependent on individuals' own circumstances. Jordan has no record of SARS at this stage.

The US has developed a very strong working relationship with Jordan through the recently signed Free Trade Agreement, the opportunity with various Qualifying Industrial Zones and the various business development  projects undertaken by JABA, USAID, Jordan US Business Promotion (JUSBP) etc.

All of these opportunities are not fully realized to date, however we believe,  with trade events such as IAG, the potential can start to be fulfilled.

To assist in providing more background to the Jordanian economy, its relationship with the US and business potential we would like to refer you to the following websites:,     Jordan American Business Association

It is worth noting that the JABA conference, AJEX (American Jordan Exhibition) is being held at the same time as the IAG event, in the same complex at Grand Hyatt Amman, where Zara Expo is located.

I hope the above will clarify points to who believes he will be in dangerous attending IAG, moreover, we have already participants from USA, Turkey, Italy, France, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and Gulf Area.  Why not Canada while we are inviting you to do business at one of the biggest markets on earth?

We do welcome Canadians and looking forward for more friendly and business communications.

Best wishes and regards



Yes, it's still a scam

From: Sakthi <> (Malaysia)


I did receive one yesterday. Let's assume its valid. If I provide my account number where there is only 100 in it. What sort of scam could come about out of this ?

I just don't want to miss this opportunity, the provided a dateline to respond by 4th. July, 2003.

This letter was from Flash Fortune Lotto South Africa ?

Hope you could advice me.



I know what the media is doing. Distorting everything and people are even more stupid.
Nobody wants to remember the 2nd world war when people were dying like flies from Cholera

Dysentry, Typhus and starvation. My parents had to run and hide, because the Health department or what was left of it was picking up people with the slightest symptom and take them away to a place without medical help and let them die there. Some people would run away to the countryside and hide.

That was happening by the thousands. And now for few hundred people with this virus and the media is creating havoc.

It is also the fault of the Hotel and airline industry to let themselves fall prey to these scavengers.
Have a happy day.

Shanghai, China



We are one of the knitted garment exporter from India.  We need a agent in Canada for getting
orders from the buyers.  We offer some percent of commission in  business.

If there is any chance to appoint someone at there, please give me a reply.
Thanks & Regards,
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"@HOME" <> wrote: >

Hi! I would like to add my fathers name to this study
Colin Mccandless 
Please contact me as to how this works, in getting  him involved in this research/testing 
We are in Windsor Ontario Canada.

He had a stroke 3 months ago.
His speach and left side is affectected leg and arm 
Thanks for your time on this matter 

Jason Mccandless


We are feeling heartfelt sorrow for these 7 member multi-community research  team.

Md. Forhad Hossain, Managing Director
FAX: 880 2 9331243,  MOBILE: 88 0171 61 74 23


Speaking as an American, my take on Iraq is simple; Saddam Hussein has to step down for the sake of his own people. Dictators like him; it's unpredictable what he's capable of. However, the idea of war and innocents dying is not something I'd agree to. We have all the enemies we need, and we certainly don't need to add to that list. But, there's more to this than meets the eye. After all, we, Americans were there backing Iraq against Iran.

For all we know we might have been the source of those weapons of mass destruction. We'll have to see what happens in about threee weeks. Hopefully, there will be no war and if there is one, we all wish that it would be swift and quick with minimal amount of casualties. (January 30, 2003)

From Martin Luther King?

What do you call human rights?

I have read few times what you have written to me.

I wish you can come to China, one day. Then you will be able to see for yourself what is going on here.

The western world is ill-informed about this country. What do you call human rights ?

The gang of Falong Gong are only a fake thing, especially when their leader have changed his legal birthday to be the same as Buddha. These people are very naive and they can only bad influence the children of this country. Did you know that churches in China are all over the country and flourishing, no one is stopping them and the number of Christians is growing by the hour in China and they are not bothered by the present government. This country today has more to offer than any other country in the world. Again I wish you can visit here one day.

One has to bear in mind that this is a country of 1,300 million people and law and order is the priority of the government.

Do you know that you can walk in the city of Shanghai which is home to 14 million people at anytime of the day or night without being bullied or harassed.

These government is not interfering with no other country business and they are promoting peace and friendship with all the country of the world. Look at President Zhan Je Ming traveling all over the world to promote peace and friendship.

Dave I am not here only for the business,This place is very good and Shanghai is a great city.

Taiwan issue ?? This question will be over in a matter of months. There are so many Taiwanese flocking down here, it is incredible, the rights they are given and how much money they are making here. Now Taiwan needs China.

I also predict that even Singapore one day will be part of China, surrounded by Moslem zealots ,Singapore may very well want to become part of this country. After all most of Singapore is Chinese and Putonghua is spoken by majority of the people.

If you want to know more I can write you every week about this country. Please come and visit, it is not at all what you are thinking. Furthermore all the newspapers and magazines of the world are sold very freely down here.

Rene Levary, Shanghai, China

I think you are missing the point. It's how they do it. Improvement or richness from all of the above is not kosher according to our  system.

As I was saying "We" are not (anymore) where we came from. You are Rene Levary, the Canadian, not the Tunisian or Algerian or I, where I came from... that's history... we came here because we have a mission, not to justify what our people (Canadians) suffered in losing their investments in a country where thieves are supported by the government.

Our Editor Ambassador to check the material development of China? No way!!!  First, we did not declare war on China, they did! They banned the Tribune there, didn't they?  

We have the pleasure to present to you Frakapor Group of Companies.

Our group of companies, Frakapor specializes in providing a complete package of logistics services. Established in 1979, Frakapor has been one of the most dynamically developing logistics company in Cyprus and Greece. Frakapor Group consists of 8 companies of which 3 operate in Greece and 5 in Cyprus.

The main services that the group offers are:

Warehousing, Customs Clearance, Distribution, Freight Forwarding, Courier Services

Our services solutions are recognized for their insight and technological advancements. The individual customers approach and professionalism ensure our leading market position in Cyprus and Greece.

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As true professionals we are trying to continuously meet and satisfy the demands of our clients.

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Our modern warehousing facilities located in Aspropyrgos-Athens and Kalochori-Thessaloniki give us the advantage to cover all of Greece as well as to have access to the Balkan countries. With our offices in the port of Piraeus and Thessaloniki, we are able to quickly process all incoming and outgoing container loads, organize all customs formalities and manage the goods on behalf of our clients according to their preferences and instructions.

Our aim is to establish long-term relations with serious companies and to continuously develop and offer logistics services according to their needs.

Detailed information about Frakapor Group of companies can be found on our web page as well as the flash presentation above which we hope you will enjoy.

For any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.

In the meantime we remain,

Sincerely Yours,
Chris Chrysostomou
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Hello !
Can you share with me if you live in Europe or the USA ??

Warmest Regards
Patrick McCann


“When Doctors Cry”


Just a few days ago, a very good friend told me, “When doctors cry, you know it’s time to do something”.  Inspired by her words, I am now asking, in fact I am begging, on behalf of the countless sick children we serve, for you to do something.  


Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Dr. Philip Cruz, the chief resident at the paediatric wards of the Philippine General Hospital . I speak for the doctors in our department who would like you to take a moment to consider being our partners, our allies, in saving the lives of our children.  


Each day, each week, each month, many children die in our wards.  This is not because our doctors are unskilled or incompetent. You know, most of the time the children are not too terribly sick. Mostly these children die because they are poor.


The ‘reasons’ are numerous. Mostly, the families cannot afford medicines. With the number of patients coming in, the hospital cannot provide for all of their needs. We double and triple up on the beds in the Emergency Room. Of course we don’t have enough room inside an incubator for 5 children.  No one expects us to let our children share a life saving ventilator – but the thought has crossed our minds.    


We cannot afford to buy new equipment with our PGH budget. We can hardly manage to get stocks of cleaning supplies. We have a few pieces of equipment that families can ‘rent’. But they simply cannot pay the respirator at 600 Pesos each day or even the 90 Pesos each blood test. We cannot supply VP shunts to save a child from suffering needlessly. We cannot stock antibiotics and we cannot give away chemotherapy drugs.  The list is endless.


The answer to most of our problems lies in you – can you help us save lives? Say you will.    


We need your help to overcome the struggle to get basic supplies.  We need your help to put into place the most fundamental of equipments.  We need your help to save lives.


Sometimes I think it makes no sense. Our best and brightest are helping the poorest, sickest children of our nation.  And, yet they do not have the tools they need nor the minimum supplies required. Our doctors end up fighting poverty instead of working hard to be the instruments of the miracles that can happen, the miracles I’ve witnessed.


What would it take to get you to help us so that we can save hundreds of young lives each year? Our capital campaign is set to run for the next year.  Imagine what we can do in just one year.  Just think of the million and one ways we can change the face of health care provision in this nation by just caring some more.


We are asking for much needed supplies, medicines, and equipment.  Your gifts during this campaign will remain with us for many years, helping doctors and nurses provide care for the sick, and very importantly – helping families face this most tragic and trying of times.


We welcome all kinds of ideas. Your suggestions will be appreciated. All you have to do is make this your personal mission, to rise to the challenge and answer the question -    How can I help?


The stories are unique – Raymond who swallowed potassium cyanide, Marcy with a hole in her heart, Jericho with advanced malnutrition, Marvin and Darwin with leukemia, Justin with meningitis. Hundreds of children a month go through wards 9 & 11.


What I find frustrating is that more often than not, the endings of these stories are not so happy.  Most of the times, it comes down to a rudimental question; ‘who can pay for it’.  I call it the ‘economic’ miracle.  Somehow, some way, a donor, a gift, a moment of saving grace comes and allows us to keep the child alive. We are extremely grateful for each and every ‘economic’ miracle that comes our way.    


But we should be able to save the lives of poor children without counting on these ‘economic’ miracles.  The stories of the many children whom we are not able to save are also unique. Manny with a bad pneumonia, Hector with advanced hydrocephalus, Nannette with oxygen deficiencies in her blood.  

The upsetting fact is that maybe we could have saved them.  But there were no ‘economic’ miracles that morning.


We need a system of getting the necessary medicines to these children. We are proposing a system that will ensure that miracles are always there for our kids.     


Complete families are left devastated because they cannot afford the costs of medicines, a ventilator, or the expenses of the blood gas tests or the ultrasound exam.  We need medicines, ventilators, incubators and our own ultrasound machine.


Won’t you please help?  We can tour you through our wards so you can get a picture of how it really is. We can come see you so we can talk some more. The bottom line is, we want to involve you. Don’t you think it’s about time we as a community stand up and do something before it’s too late?  If we don’t set out to set things in better order, one can see the situation in the wards spiraling downward.  Help us now to build up our capacities.  


A few months ago someone came to visit wards 9 & 11.  They saw the conditions in the emergency ward.  They heard the stories of how doctors get sick just serving there.  They noticed that the air wasn’t circulating, that the fans were all dilapidated and broken. They had new fans installed within a few weeks.  Viola!  Doctors are not getting sick, they work in better conditions, they are thus better able to look after our kids.


Two new incubators sit at the front of ward 9.  They were gifts pooled together from several small donations.  Each and every time I walk into the ward, my heart is filled with joy.  The tiny baby lying there now has a great chance for survival.  The incubators are bright and shiny, but the tiny life inside radiates its own incredibly beautiful life light.


We treat so many premature babies – one gets quite tired of seeing the bundled ones who have passed on simply because we couldn’t keep them warm. Now, joy fills my heart, hope is ever present and as I walk in, I see the future of PGH in such a positive light.  But, we need more.


An account at Banco de Oro – Give a Life, Account number 043-0071418 is established to facilitate donations. This is a wonderful ‘economic’ miracle in itself.  I am eternally obliged.  It is a true gift.  Due to this, we can run this campaign the way we need to – 100% of all funds raised go towards saving children.


Consider this, in the three months that this campaign has been able to support us with simple hygiene supplies the patient mortality rate has dropped from close to 35% to 23%.  This is an awesome ‘economic’ miracle.  


We are asking your support in whatever way you choose.  Recently, a gentleman came forward offering to ‘walk’ for us.  Watch for press releases for his walk.  He will leave from PGH on September 11th and walk to Baguio and return on September 21st.  He hopes to generate enough attention that the public will donate enough for two more incubators.


In October a Benedict College alumni association 1991 will host a nine-ball tournament to raise funds for PGH. These folks will shoot for a ventilator.


Other events are planned and you too are invited to participate. Just drop us a note and let us know what you would like to do.  The system is in place for helping, all we need is you!


So I invite you to come and see for yourself and figure out what you can do, how you can help. Commit now, choose a target and do it.  Do it for your corporate responsibility program, do it for your community outreach, do it to build leadership and team work in your own organization, do it for Halloween, for Christmas, or for the New Year - whatever. In truth, you don’t even need an occasion to go ahead and give especially if it means saving 1 more life.  


Philip A. Cruz, MD

Chief Resident

Department of Pediatrics

PGH wrote:


Editor's Note: Is this a joke or not? San Antonio is in Texas.. Check and consult U.S. 411


From: Kisumu Kinshasa <> wrote:  


As an African-American educator and political activist I take strong exception to an article  appearing on your web site.

The article starts with the following:



Here are samples of these original (unedited)  letters

This one comes from South Africa, Nelson Mandela's country:

Your article irresponsibly, erroneously and maliciously implies that these schemes are concocted by Nigerians.  This is far from the truth as even your article later seems to point out in the  "Hamilton" section were Canadians were defrauded to the tune of millions of dollars. 

Even an elementary investigation of these scams would show that almost ALL of these scams are initiated and run by persons from developed countries and usually, if not always, their racial  identity is white.  A tactic that they use is to present the appearance that their offers are coming from well known African despots.  Oddly enough those despots are usually those who have enjoyed long term support from the West, including Canada, such as Mobutu, Savimbe, etc.

A vicious trend over the years has been to shove responsibility for the dominant society's ills and crimes on the backs of Black people.  This ranges from a white Boston layer who was found to have killed his pregnant wife to the Southern white woman who used a car to drown all of her children.  Their story was the same as yours  blame it on the Blacks.

Additionally the obvious further attempt to smear Black people is quite evident with the "Nelson  Mandela's country" inclusion.  This is totally irresponsible and unconscionable "journalism.   It  is racist!

Do you care about the young minds, regardless of  race, who read your paper?

Do you really support the article as responsible journalism.

Do you really believe that even high school level student can not see through this thinly veiled racism?

As an educator and activist I cherish my to my students and community.  I must respond to them regarding these and other questions precipitated by your newspaper and the article.

A response from you would be appreciated.  

Editor's note: Please visit the following sites:



This quote demonstrates a total dearth of understanding of the real issues underlying the Israeli Arab problem, and can be construed as support for terrorism. Strapping a bomb to yourself in a crowded disco, brutally murdering at point-blank range an entire team of innocent Olympic Athletes (1972), or flying a jet-Airplane into a crowded building with the intent to kill as many > people as possible is Terrorism and it is wrong, and  we all must fight it as much as possible, without exception, regardless of your particular gripe.

Many, many people in the world have issues, gripes,  problems, struggles, etc.... Terrorism is NOT, EVER, the answer. Being a vociferous supporter of Saddam Hussein (both > in 1990 and now) doesn't help one's cause either. I suggest that you remove it, lest you risk losing > any credibility that may remain.Joshua Levy  

Dear Mr. Levy, Thanks for giving us your thoughts about the matter. I will surely post your letter, but please do not lecture us on this conflict. We are pro life not the same group as they have in the U.S., prolife, meaning we don't want anymore killings on both sides. Credibility? Who has that? Again, thanks...


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Editor's note: We are not printing anymore... try going back to our site and click on headline news page, then select the daily paper that you may want your ad placed. If interested to advertise in our website, please click the rate shown therein.  Thanks


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To expand our business to other parts of the world we are looking for Canadian Lingerie importers. Through the internet I could find your garment buyers list, but unfortunately I could not find out if there were any lingerie buyers included. Do you have any way that I can find that out?

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Re Shmata buyers guide Would you have an email address for Marvin Katz at Klopman Fabrics (Burlington Mills)? Many thanks for your help.
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“They (Israelis and the Palestinians) will just have to contend themselves living in morbidity”

By: Hermie SOLEMINIO (CEBU, Philippines)

Israel and Palestine.hmm...last night I remember discussing it with my board mates. We were talking religion and one of them asked me about the Israel-Palestine affair.

I was telling them, the issue is not religion. It is more political and geographical in nature. Religion only sets in third, in the roster of causes.

In the earlier time, if I have to use the bible as a reference for history, Israel is a land occupied by the Jews, although, these Palestinians were already present occupying a portion of it, which if I am not mistaken, somewhere in the upper or lower kingdom, Judah.I forgot.

When mass migration to Egypt took place, brought about by the ascension of Joseph, son of Jacob to Egyptian royalty and hierarchy, Israelites settled in Egypt leaving their lands behind because at that time Israel was famine stricken.

That was the moment when Palestine people moved their way out, extending their territories and occupying the lands that Jews used to occupy. During their liberation from bondage led by Moses, then Aaron

and another fellow whose name I forgot, Jews went back to the promise land and once again settled in part of which are already occupied by Palestinians.

So the trouble started. Anyway, I think nobody will give in. I don't think it is wise to give-in either for both of them. Because what is at stake is their survival as a nation, as a people. Or else they will be just like the Kurds who are nationless and landless and who are always easy prey to unscrupulous and indiscriminate attacks, eternally, squatting in the boundaries of Turkey and the neighboring countries. I suppose that will be a never-ending struggle.

With the millions of casualties already since time immemorial, they will just have to contend themselves living in morbidity. It brought me to thinking of the movie Independence Day, when in a scene there, the president of the United States was communicating to a captured alien in a mental telepathy and asking if co-existence is possible. The parallelism is there. One party never gives up. I supposed, it will take a Jesus and Allah to put these people together and meet across the table.


From: "David Bokey" <>

To: <>

Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2002 10:27 AM

Subject: Israel Arab conflict

I am disturbed by your political ignorance relating to the mid east conflict Please read again your history books relating to the Jewish people history and try and find in any reliable history book when did a Palestinian state exist????..........before you make you sarcastic remarks about Israeli's
Just a minor remark, the Palestinians slaughtered in the Lebanon war were killed by their Christian compatriots in retaliation to what the Moslems did to them in the Lebanese civil war .Gen. Sharon was the minister of defense of Israel at the time and the Arab propaganda succeeded in putting the blame
on him.........
We Israeli's have decided that Jews had enough with one holocaust . We shall fight the Arab villains that blow children , men , and women perhaps for a blow j..........of 72 virgins in the other world.
Canadians! we Israeli"s will not surrender to a bunch of terrorists even if it means a long and bloody war.
At the end we shall win.
God bless

David Bokey" <


From: "marilyn french"

Subject: marjorie hamilton Vancouver

Is Marjorie Hamilton still designing dresses and if so could you tell me what outlets  they being sold in.

M French.


Dear Sir:

We are greatly impressed of your reporting on Cohoes Fashions with regard, to their recent involvement in Shmata Trade. We want to have information whether they were indicted in a case registered against them by Royal Canadian Metropolitan Police. Recently they have started cheating a lot of their suppliers from Pakistan by dishonoring their commitments and through various blacking mailing tactics. We are very keen to receive

information on their state of operation such as :

1.    Addresses of their current stores and branches.

2.    Address and details of their Head Office operations.

3.    Any other information which can be helpful in starting criminal and civil proceeding against them.

Your help and assistance in this regard shall be highly appreciated.

Please reply by return on both of the following e-mails:,


T. TEX APPARELS, Karachi-Pakistan.


I heard someone in your staff is expert on Asian politics and systems.. can you tell me, if it's possible to be successful politician or businessman without becoming a crook, especially in the Philippines?

Jess Tish

Editor's reply: Will leave this to our readers to answer your question...


Property Investment in Montreal

I am planning to move to Montreal earliest end of next year and would like to explore the opportunity of property investment in Montreal, for revenue and capital gain.

Appreciate if you could advise please. Thanks!


I'd like to know who the Lemieux is who submitted this web site.

Parent, grandparents, spouse, something to identify from the 12,000 marriage records of the Lemieux Family of Québec, Canada and USA. My hobby is collecting everyone I can and fitting them in to their branch, either as a descendant of Pierre, tjhe elder brother, or Gabriel, the younger. All Lemieux are one family.

J Robert Dahling dit Lemieux

PS. There is a Lemieux Reunion in Hull, 28, 29 July 2001.


Keep up the great work. Really like everything about your media publication. Will be in touch.




We are coming to Montreal for four days of the festival, staying at the Inter-continental, and are trying to find the locations or the various stages. can you send a link, or any info. thanks

Pete Thomas



On the weekend of April 7-8 I will once again be visiting one of my favorite cities, Montreal. Last time I was there I didn't get to see too much, I basically only saw Olympic Park and the Casino, but this time I plan on doing some shopping and dining. Since my trip is going to be pretty short, I was wondering if you can recommend a few of the best shopping centers? Is there underground shopping? What is the finest Italian restaurant you could recommend? I will be staying at the Marriot on Sherbrooke. Thanks for your help!

Eric from Pennsylvania


Thank you very much for the website addresses of the Montreal Tribune. I did look into it and found lots of interesting articles and news.

We had an Executive Committee Meeting yesterday and I informed my fellow Board Members of your contact. While we are all very appreciative of your help and concern we feel now is not the appropriate time to approach the editor. This is because after waiting for more than a year, the Chinese authorities have still not finished processing Sunbeam Children's Village's licence yet. They have, however, allowed us to operate. So, until we get our official licence we would prefer to adopt a low profile.

We hope you understand our situation. Your continued support is very much appreciated.

May Chan
Sunbeam Children's Foundation
Nanjing, China


I checked out the Pre-fab pages. I am sure that any interested parties would like to see specifications and floor plan associated to each model. Any chance of getting that put on the web page. A simple click of the photo and "poof" you have the floor plan and specs.

Also, the model I was interested in was more of a Victorian with 4 BR and garage. It had a wrap around covered veranda. Do you have that one ??

Let me know.

Best regards,
Glenn Sparks
GTS New World Forwarding Inc.
24-705 Stuart Graham North
Dorval, Qc. Canada H4Y 1E7
Tel: (514) 633-0335  1 (877) 4AIRSEA    Fax:(514) 633-5995


Why in your humor section do you publish so many things making fun of America. We don't sit here and write about your President or Prime Minister, whatever you have. And by the way the electoral college does work! Anonymous

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