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Common fiber a 'true superfood'

A fiber found in most fruit and vegetables may help ward off cancer, experts believe.


A fiber in fruit and vegetables may play a role in fighting cancer

A fiber found in most fruit and vegetables may help ward off cancer, experts believe. An ongoing study by the Institute of Food Research suggested pectin, a fiber found in everything from potato to plums, helped to fight the disease. Lead researcher Professor Vic Morris said the likely effect of the fiber meant there was no need for people to rely on so-called superfoods. Foods such as blueberries and spinach have been linked to a host of benefits. But Professor Morris said it was probably better to eat a wide range of fruit and vegetables. Blueberries 'reverse memory loss'  'Huge rise' in superfood sales  Blueberries tackle bowel cancer  Related internet links Institute of Food Research   British Nutrition Foundation

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Darfur militia leader in custody

An estimated 300,000 have died since black African groups took up arms in 2003. A Sudanese militia leader wanted by the International Criminal Court over war crimes in Darfur is in custody, a minister confirms.

Ali Mohamed Ali Abdel-Rahman - known as Ali Kushayb

Ali Kushayb was arrested several months ago, the minister said

A Sudanese militia leader wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for alleged war crimes in Darfur is in custody, a minister has confirmed. The ICC issued an arrest warrant for Ali Mohamed Ali Abdel-Rahman - known as Ali Kushayb - in February last year. Sudanese Justice Minister Abdel Basit Sabderat said an investigation into alleged crimes committed by Ali Kushayb was now drawing to an end. The ICC chief prosecutor also accuses Sudan 's president of crimes in Darfur Darfur: Little hope five years on   China 'is fuelling war in Darfur'    Peace or justice?  ICC move is bold but could threaten Darfur peace process

Scaramanga’s golden gun is stolen

The £80,000 golden gun used in the 1974 James Bond film The Man With The Golden Gun has been stolen from studios in Hertfordshire. The golden gun is worth £80,000. The gun was noticed to be missing from Elstree Studios on Friday. It was made for the film starring Sir Roger Moore and Christopher Lee. Lee plays Bond's nemesis Scaramanga, who kills using the gun made from a cigarette case, a lighter and a pen. The studios hope the golden gun will be offered to a memorabilia dealer. It is then hoped the thief will be able to be traced via the dealer. The gun was in the care of Elstree Props, a firm which is based at the studios.

Search for the origin of 'yeti hair' ends up with a goat

The goral goat - it took several scientific tests to make the connection

Scientists in the US who have examined hairs claimed to belong to a yeti in India say that in fact they belong to a species of Himalayan goat. They say that DNA tests on the hairs - obtained from the north-east Indian state of Meghalaya - show that they are from a goat known as a Himalayan Goral. The rough-haired creature has a grey-brown coat and is between 95-130cm (37-51in) in length. It was not previously thought to roam so far south of its known habitat.

Dubai stink, due to disposal of raw sewage to beach front

Stench of success Rapid growth puts strain on Dubai sewage system - Down on the beach next to the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club and the fishing harbour there's a stink: raw sewage is flowing into the sea close to prime tourist beaches.  The putrid problem is caused by the illegal dumping of untreated sewage in Dubai 's inland storm drain network, as the city's rapid growth outstrips its infrastructure. At Dubai 's only sewage treatment plant there are long queues and serious delays. Truck drivers who are paid by the load to collect waste from the city's septic tanks wait for several hours to dispose of their foul cargo legally. There simply is not the capacity to deal with all the human waste the city dwellers produce.

British troops 'should go home'

British troops should leave Iraq because they are no longer needed to maintain security, Iraq 's prime minister has said. Nouri al-Maliki told the Times there might still be a need for their experience in training Iraqi forces. He said a "page had been turned" in the country's relationship with the UK . But he criticized Britain 's decision to move forces from a base at a palace in Basra to an airport on the edge of the city last year. He said: "They stayed away from the confrontation, which gave the gangs and militia the chance to control the city. Iraq PM questions US troop deal   Iraq UK troop reduction delayed   PM refuses Iraq troops timetable

Lotto scam 'fuels Jamaica crime'

It all started with Great Nigerian Con Game - Police in Jamaica say a lottery scam targeting US citizens is helping to arm gangs with powerful weapons. An American grandmother killed herself after losing nearly a quarter of a million dollars. Detectives say criminals are buying expensive high-powered weapons with the money sent by people who believe they have won a sweepstake on the island. Despite attempts by detectives to break the scam for the past few years, it still remains active. The operation is centred around Montego Bay , the country's second city on the north coast.It is similar to schemes that operate in other parts of the world.  

Markets surge after crisis talks   UK bank bail-out unveiled   Peston: An extraordinary day   Global round-up: markets react   Credit crisis: World in turmoil   Iceland market stays shut   European banking rescue   G7 acts, but will it be enough?   Mbeki seeks to save Zimbabwe deal  Krugman wins Nobel for economics  Clintons rally behind Obama   Darfur militia leader in custody   World 'to fail' on nature target   Beijing reintroduces car rules   Brain boost drugs 'growing trend'   Tenors reunite for Pavarotti gala   Ethiopian need 'under-estimated'   US banking rules 'outdated'   Markets rally after crisis talks   Iceland stock market to stay shut   British troops 'should go home'   India stocks up after assurance   UK banks' £37bn bail-out unveiled   News, explainers and analysis – see full coverage of the global turmoil   Gene scan to predict hair loss   US tourist set for space station   Perry to host MTV Europe awards   Music fans back legal downloads

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Harper predicts minority, but Dion still hopes to win

The Conservatives will dump Stephen Harper as leader if he doesn't a get a majority this time. Liberal's Stéphane Dion is in the same boat. (cdb)

Harper predicts minority, but Dion still hopes to win

Stéphane Dion at CTV studio last week

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is predicting that there will be a minority government after Canadians vote Oct. 14. Speaking in French in Saint-Tite, Que., he said Sunday that "the next government will probably be a minority, Liberal or Conservative." Saint-Tite is about 150 kilometres southwest of Quebec City . Harper has not been in the habit of forecasting the election outcome, although he said "we believe in all likelihood it will be a minority" when he called the vote on Sept. 7.   Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is predicting that there will be a minority government, but Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion is still pushing for victory. more » Vote set for Oct. 14: Harper expects tight, tough election

Alberta residents raise money to find girl's killer  Killer bear's cubs found, relocated to northern Alberta  Leaders focus on swing ridings in final weekend   Harper predicts minority, but Dion still hopes to win   Green party says leader not calling for strategic voting  Ontario protesters end bid to block train promoting Olympics  Alberta man faces 19 charges in three-week crime spree: RCMP  Harper must explain Cadman tape, Dion says  Audio expert says Cadman tape not altered  Ex-hacker 'Mafiaboy' tells all in memoir


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Now, they will kill each for water

Zardari warning over Kashmir dam Pakistan 's president warns of a row with India over the sharing of water from the Chenab river in the disputed Kashmir region. Pakistan President Asif Zardari says relations with India could be harmed over a water sharing dispute in the disputed Kashmir region. India inaugurated the controversial Baglihar hydro-electric dam project in Indian-administered Kashmir on Friday. Pakistan has said the dam would deprive its agricultural regions of irrigation. India says the project is crucial for meeting its power needs. In May 2005, the World Bank appointed an arbitrator to settle the dispute. The committee report was never made public, but both India and Pakistan said it backed their stand.   Also read reports from surrounding areas: Pakistan hit 'kills 35 Taliban'   Markets rally after crisis talks   Bollywood's Bachchan in hospital   Taliban killed in Afghan battles   India gets Christian woman saint   'US missiles' hit Pakistan town

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