The Explosion of the Internet had a profound impact across the globe. It is the fastest growing medium in existence. It broke the record of "RADIO MEDIA", when it took 5 years to reach critical mass. The astounding thing about it, "It is an undiscovered country." The possibilities are vast and in the past decade since its application, we've used it to a limited degree. However, it is a powerful tool. It can be a force for good or malice. Everyone is on equal footing, it does not matter whether you are a big corporation, a small organization, non-profit group or an individual. We all share in a common goal and it is to reach our target market of consumer and information seeker.

We are now looking at a globalization of economies. We interact across the continent in real time. Technology and the Internet revolutionized today's business. The company of the future benefit from today's technology, enhancing productivity. However, we are far from equipping each household a computer. There is an enormous amount of room to grow as well as the reality of many companies difficulty in surviving. The failures for a lot of enterprise is their assumption that "if you build it, they will come cliche". Their approach was wrong or at least they didn't realize that the conventional way of doing business does not apply in the virtual world. After all the Internet was intended to make life easier for everyone, not the opposite, and as the internet grows the problem grows as well. We are now in a race to find a working formula to use as a template for others to follow. For those seeking the right formula always bear in mind, if your target is a global market, then you have to think in those terms.

There are many adversities in a global economy. We have to overcome difference in trade practices and establish a clean way of doing business. We have to go back to the good old days of honour and integrity. There was a time when a hand shake was worth something. Those days are gone, and its place is a fierce business practice that can put you in your grave. However, "all is not lost," as an International Trader for many years, we learnt that there are still a few people out there that are good and honest and that is our niche market.

The Montreal Tribune with the association of Traders Point Inc., we are expanding our network of well seasoned business people and international traders. One of our goal is to promote Montreal. We are acting as a catalyst to stimulate Quebec economy and open a market place for "New Business Opportunities." If you have any questions, please address it to THE PUBLISHER OF THE MONTREAL TRIBUNE.

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