Jo Amarillo, an honest, serious and ambitious individual with a taste for worthy challenges tempered by a keen sense of humour. He is easy going very practical with an open mind. His been described as a bookish type, a believer in the value of knowledge. He comes from the old school, conservative upbringing. This young man had come a long way, at 19 years of age moved to Montreal, and settled in the heart of the downtown McGill ghetto.

He has an artistic background, excelling in fine arts and music. He has several achievements in music under his belt during his teen years. He attributes his musical talents to his father, a musical genius, who he owes a great deal. One of the many traits that he picked up when he was a musician was to always "play it by ear." He learnt many things but nothing prepared him for the culture shock that he experienced when he moved to Montreal.

Everything he thought he knew was useless in his newly adopted country. He had to start all over again, overcoming adversities and racism. He was determined to find his place in this world. He took courses in architecture and engineering, hoping to break in that market, realizing that it wasn't his calling. He had a very colourful job history, undaunted by adversities, persevered through menial jobs one after another. However, his true calling was in business. Conrad, John & Johnson, an import/export company situated at the heart of the downtown Montreal provided him a good start. It wasn't exactly what he had in mind but it provided him valuable learning experience. His first break came when he started his apprenticeship in International Trade with Itoman & Company, a Japanese International Trading Corporation. Building the key elements needed for the next challenge. The next move was to learn manufacturing and took up a job in Men's Clothing Manufacturing. Starting from the very bottom all the way to the top. Learning the business inside and out, until he reached a point where no more challenges and financial gain could be attained. The next logical step in his progression was now to be in business.

He is currently working with "The Montreal Tribune", handling the daily management of it's website. He is also a Journalist and Promoter, determined to make waves in the North American business community. His vision is to bridge the gap between nations and build a secure and profitable International Trade. The explosion of the Internet and Globalization of the world's economy left a big void in understanding this new way of doing business. He is at the forefront of that trend working hand in hand with The Montreal Tribune and Traders Points Inc.


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