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2/14/04 - Just about two weeks on the market and the bike is gone. I sold it to a very nice young fellow named John. May you enjoy it as much as I did, John. And, above all, ride safely.
I will not maintain these pages anymore, but I will try to keep them here as long as possible. I hope you still find them useful.


I considered creating a decent front page, but, first, I don't have time; second I privilege content to form (which is another way to say that I am lazy); third, and most important, I collect here mostly home-made easy mods. A nice presentation would clash with the intent of these pages, that is to get the maximum benefit with the mininum cost, sometimes regardless of look.

Mods & how-to's

I hope you'll find these pages useful.


Here are my favorite GS500 links:

Enjoy your rides, and keep the rubber side down.