The Mozingo/Monzingo Family Tree


This project is an attempt to connect the various branches of the Mozingo family tree. Through the years some families have changed the spelling of the surname. These new ones include Masingo, Mazingo, Montzingo, Monzingo, Mosingo, and Muzingo. The accuracy of the family connections is dependent on the known records. As new records are found adjustments may need to be made.

I will be updating this site at the end of Jan 2011. My house was broken into back in Oct and my computer and backup memory stick were among the items stolen. The most current back up I could locate was made in Jan 2010. If you are still interested in having your family data on the site please send it to me again at my new email account Also, if you emailed me in Dec 2010 and haven't heard back please do so again at my new email address. I moved and my old email account, which was linked to my home service, was closed early and I didn't get a chance to pull all my emails off. I'm sorry about the confusion and hope to hear from you.

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