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The McGurk Mystery Series

The McGurk Mystery Series by E.W. Hildick is a great series for kids. Each book features the McGurk Organization which is a detective organization of kids. They are Wanda Greg, Joey Rockaway, Willie Sandowskey, and the organization leader, Jack McGurk. Over the years a couple new “Officers” were added to the McGurk organization. The first was Brains Bellingham. Another new addition was Mari Yoshemura. The McGurk Mystery series has very sly plots. Here are a few McGurk Mystery books that I’m sure you will enjoy.

The Case of the Bashful Bank Robber

This exciting book features the McGurk organization, an organization of Wanda Greg, Joey Rockaway, Willie Sandowskey, and Jack McGurk. In this earlier McGurk book all the officers have their own expertise. Wanda is the trees expert. She’s good at identifying and climbing trees. Joey is the words expert. He tells the stories and keeps and writes all the case records. Willie is the smells expert. He has a very sensitive nose and is vital in lots of cases. McGurk is good at being the leader. It all starts out in the McGurk Organization headquarters, McGurk’s basement. There have been a lot of crimes going on lately and the organization decides to investigate. They practice their observation skills, looking for suspicious people and focusing on the banks. They go into a bank to investigate. Some people in ski masks hold up the bank, steal some money and take an innocent person with them! The gang has to figure out how the robbers did it. This book is a very interesting book. Willie’s smelling is really brought to life in this book. E.W. Hildick introduces a smell chart into the book. This chart shows the scent of a certain smell. In this Case, the smell was the robber’s cologne. The Case of the Bashful Bank Robber is a wonderful mystery and is a recommended book to read.

The Case of the Wiggling Wig
In this exciting book the McGurk Organization has two new members: Mari Yoshemura, the voice expert, and Brains (or Gerald) Bellingham, the science expert. It all starts out when the McGurk Organization comes to their Head Quarters for a meeting. When they get there McGurk is not there. The McGurk organization looks through the window and sees broken glass and blood! They guess that someone was trying to screw in a light bulb and fell. They soon find out that it was McGurk that took the fall and broke his leg. When the McGurk Organization comes to see him in his third story recovery room in his house, he has a mystery. They have to figure out that old lady who just moved in next door is wearing a wig and is a man! Their investigations include testing their observation skills and building a booby trap. The Case of the Wiggling Wig is a very funny and interesting mystery book for kids of all ages. The familiar characters are just like regular eleven and twelve year olds and are really brought to life by E.W. Hildick. The style the organization uses to uncover the mystery is really enjoyable and I think it is a very good book to read!

The Case of the Dragon in Distress
The Case of the Dragon in Distress is a book out of two of the McGurk Fantasy Series. In these two books the McGurk organization takes place in time travel. In the Dragon in Distress, Brains Bellingham brings six walkie-talkies to the organization so they can communicate on different missions. The leave them on while they’re sleeping and when they wake up they find themselves in they twelfth century! Joey finds himself in a cave. He has to find the password to get out of it. When he gets out he goes along the way he finds the rest of the organization in stone! Meanwhile the organization hears a voice from the walkie-talkies that tells them where they are. They have to help two young people escape from an evil ruler, Princess Melisade. The organization convinces the princess that they are artists. Soon they are captured and put in the castle dungeon. They have to get out, save their two friends, and get back to the present!
I think you will enjoy both of these books in the McGurk fantasy series as much as I do. E.W. Hildick really puts descriptive facts about castles in it. If you like time travel, you’ll like this exciting McGurk Mystery book!

My Favorite things about The McGurk series.

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