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  • Cauliflower Flan (Torta tal-Pastard)

  • ingredients
  • for four persons

  • Short crust pastry

    25g. Margarine
    25g. Flour
    3 eggs
    1 onion
    Parmesan cheese
    Salt & pepper
    Finely chopped parsley
    White Sauce

    Clean and rinse the cauliflower, put in a deep pan cover with water add the salt and boil till you see that its cooked , when ready put in a sieve and drain all the water, leave till its cool
    (White sauce)(On low flame) In a pan melt the margarine then add the onion that you chopped thinly cook till it starts to change color and its soften, ad the flour and stir all the time add the luke warm milk a little at a time while stirring, keep stirring till it become creamy and getting thick, remove from flame,
    Mash the cauliflower, add the white sauce, cheese eggs salt and pepper, mix them well
    in a flan dish melt a little butter then cover with pastry, add the cauliflower mixture add cheese on top and parsley
    cook in a moderate oven for 40-45mintues till top is golden