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  • Stew with dumplings (My Family Tradition Stew)
  • Ingredients
  • 400g carrots
    200g potatoes
    1 turnip
    2 medium onion
    2 stalks celery
    100g fresh or frozen peas
    Half kilo. Lean beef cut in cubes
    1-tablespoon tomato puree

  • For dumplings

  • 200g flour
    Salt and pepper
    1 small can corn beef

  • Method

  • Wash and cut all the vegetables in small cubes, the carrots, celary, onion, potatoes, peas, turnip and the beef
    Put in deep casserole cover with water, add the tomato puree and put to boil on high flame, the veg. have to be covered and the water three quarters pull in a deep casserole,
    Meanwhile in a small bowl put the flour salt pepper, the margarine and the corn beef, mix and rub well with your clean hands till they resemble crumbs, then add a little water and continue working it if still dry ad more water a little at a time till it comes like a big ball and not too dry or to soggy,
    cover and leave to set till the vegetable starts to boil, as soon as it starts boiling put the flame on its lowest the lowest the better, then pick bits of the dough (dumplings) small pieces and form into small like balls put one by one in the boiling casserole, bring the flame up again till it boils as soon as it starts to boil with the dumpling in lower the flame again on a very low heat leave for 60minutes while stirring from time to time ,
    see that you made enough water at the start with the veg. If after 60minutes you still have a lot of gravy leave till it thickens When you see that the stew thicken it be ready to serve, this best served hot and if you prefer when ready put a spoonful of curry and mix with the ready stew

  • Serve with bread or toast

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