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Maltese Sausage

  • Zalzett tal-Malti

  • Ingredients

    1.50 kg.minced pork with fat
  • pork belly be good

  • 90g.sea salt
  • (Melh mil-ohxon)

  • 45g. crashed black peppercorns
    45g. crashed coriander seeds
    5 cloves of garlic
    5 tbsp. chopped parsley

  • Pork intestines skin (to use to put filling in )

  • Method

    Mix the pork with all the other ingredients
    except the intestines, wash the intestines thoroughly
    in several changes of cold salted water
    using a funnel or sausage making attachment fill the skins with the mixture
    then tie with string at 3-4 inch. apart to form sausage
    prick each sausage with a fork and hang in the coolest place possible for 2-4 days to dry

  • They can be grilled or fried

  • If you don't have the intestines skin, you can roll into small balls and use accordingly

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