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Kannoli Tal-Irkotta

Ricotta-filled Cannoli


For the Pastry:

8 oz flour
2 tsps sugar
2 tsps drinking chocolate
2 tsps margarine
2 tsps shortening
2 tbsps red wine
1/4 pint cold water

For the Filling:

14 oz ricotta
2 oz plain chocolate
4 oz glace' cherries
2 oz icing sugar
4 oz blanched & roasted almonds


Mash the ricotta, chop up the chocolate, cherries and almonds. Stir these into the ricotta together with the sugar.
Make the pastry: either place all ingredients in an electric mixer and blend, using a dough hook, or mix by hand, using the rubbing-in method. Roll the pastry out thinly. Cut into rounds with a cutter and place each round over a tube.
Heat some deep oil, and drop in a piece of lemon rind. Fry the cannoli a few at a time turning them until they are evenly brown. When lemon rind gets brown replace with a fresh piece. Cool the cannoli on absorbent paper.

Fill cannoli when cool.