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My Interests
    I like to listen to both country music and some rock.  I enjoy The Simpsons and any Star Trek, among other TV SHOWS. Good American comedies include 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Colbert.   If you don't live in Canada, and want to know what Canadians are all about (and have access to CBC TV), watch This Hour Has 22 Minutes for Canadian news done with Maritime humour. If you live in Canada, watch 22 Minutes, Canada's most trusted news team (they say so themselves). Rick Mercer Report is also a good source of Canadian news. And it's online too at
    I was a student at the University of Regina. My Resume is available upon request, in Open Office format (among others) if you want to hire an online superhero.
I like to play tennis, ping-pong, bicycle, restore and build computers, and shoot pool.
Put your computer's spare time to work - Run BOINC:
SETI@HOME was the screen saver that used to be looking for alien signals, while donating to valuable science!
uTorrent - For sharing files on the Internet
Virus Myths - Don't be fooled anymore
eBay - John's ME Web-Page See my auctions...

Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan, Canada
Before Google, there was AltaVista
AltaVista: Translations
The American Red Cross; please give blood
Crude but often funny, Joke A (is no more) Try or Miss Cellania instead.
Hotmail - The World's FREE Web-Based Email - now eclipsed by Gmail.
ICQ Inc. - John's Personal ICQ #13 Web-Page B Beattie
R Harrison
K J Rose
MSNBC - Homepage for News
TD Bank
ING Direct Bank Orange Key 14220777S1 - sign up, and get $13 free with an initial deposit of more than $100 (as of 2009 this still works).
Star Trek
American Country Countdown with Bob Kingsley - Now Kix Brooks
Billboard Online
Rick Dees Online! Limerick School - now closed, and is instead a community centre.
Mergel Ranch Campgrounds

Other things I waste time on.

    Visit my TV SHOWS web page. My JOKES are from things I have heard or found on the net.
    Have you heard of MP3 music?  At you can listen to free and cheap music, legally. is another good site. "Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie" are a good comedy group. 
University site. My CS372 Software Engineering class project consisted of the construction of a CD store online. Anyone interested in buying some code?
Be sure to upgrade your Browser to Mozilla Seamonkey 1.1 or Firefox 3.0 (I wouldn't recommend Netscape, or IE 8)
Don't you know it is rude to point there?
My digital self-portrait. For a more accurate depiction of me look in my Insights page linked at the top of this page.

  I used to own a 1973 Buick LeSabre.  Here is a picture of it: 2003 - it is a classic!  I didn't drive the "tank" much though.   If the weather is nice, I bike or walk to work. I used a Raleigh bicycle, but it was destroyed October 27, 2005 in an accident with a van that hit me. I'm OK, but the bike was broken. In 2006, I traveled over 522km on my new Giant Boulder SE bike. In 2008 I won a car, and only put about 1200km on it in 6 months.

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