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Welcome to Prytani's Witchery

The Goddess and the Horned God
Whisper in the dreams of those who love them
Seek Us...Find Us...Know Us
Walk the way that leads between the worlds

Vivianne Crowley

This is a continual work in progress as I learn. Hopefully, these pages will be informative to you as well as pleasing to the eye and ear. It has taken some time for me to reach this point in my life. What follows is my path, a blending of Keltic Witchcraft, Wicca, and elements of Western Kabbalistic Magickal Tradition. While your path will be different, I hope that you will find my site interesting. I have used Gaelic font throughout the site. If you would like to download it, click here. Unzip the file and place it in your C:\windows\fonts folder. There is music on all pages here, so please be patient as they load.

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