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How to Patent your Invention video.

This 90 minute video takes you through the entire invention process from your idea to prototypes, patents, trademarks, bar codes, manufacturing, labels, packaging, and marketing.

The video was made by Frank Ahl, who has 5 patents and two products on the market.  The video includes a lot of his experiences with ideas, patents and what it took for him to get his first invention to the market.  In the video Frank shares his mistakes and his successes in an attempt to help you avoid the pitfalls that come with the invention and patent process.

No matter what stage you are in with your invention Frank guarantees the video will save you time and money in getting your idea to market.  It took Frank 3 years and $250,000 to get his first invention on the market.  He feels if he would have known the information shown on this tape he could have saved two thirds of the time and money it took him to get his product to market.

By Ahl Inc.

For a copy of this tape How to Patent your Invention Video send $19.95 (which includes shipping) to Ahl, Inc. P.O. Box 41, Elliston, Montana 59728 or call toll free 1-877-2-INVENT which is 1-877-246-8368 to order with a credit card.

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