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What Kenny Says

This is everything Kenny(from South Park) has ever said:

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Intro Songs - Chef Aid CD - Season 1 - Season 2 - Season 3 - Shorts - Bigger Longer & Uncut

Intro Songs

Theme Song - Season 1 & 2
"I like women with big vaginas. I'm also a fan of big, fat titties"

Theme Song - Season 3
"I've got a 10 inch penis. Use your mouth if you want to clean it"

Chef Aid CD

Master P Music Video: Kenny's dead
1. When Kenny's dad tells Kenny to Las Vegas and win a thousand dollars Kenny says "Okay dad, I'll do my best"
2. When Kenny opens his new casino he shouts "Woo hoo! I'm rich I'm...ahh!"

Chef Aid song: Bubblegoose
1. When Cartman says Kenny's dad's an alcoholic, Kenny says "Fuck you Cartman".

Magic the Gathering Commercial
Kyle:This program is brought to you by 'Magic, the gathering'
Kenny:'It sounds fucking gay'
Note: It is also believed he says: "It's Not just a Game'

Season 1

Cartman Gets An Anal Probe
1. After Kyle asks Kenny what a dildo is, Kenny says "It's what your moms use when their alone"***
2. When the boys are talking about how far Stan can get with Wendy, Kenny says 'Maybe you can touch her pussy"
3. After he get by the Visitors blast and Kyle thinks he's , Kenny gets up and says "No, I, I'm all right. Ahhhh!"
4. After He gets ran over by the cows, he gets back up and says "Nope, I'm fine. Ah!"

Weightgain 4000
1. When they are talking to Chef about him sleeping with Kathie Lee, Kenny Says "Is your penis big?"
2. When Cartman thinks he is thinning, while he is only fattening, Kenny says "Look at the size of his boobs!"
3. After Kenny gets shot by Mr. Garrison, and is flown up in the air, he says "Oh no"

1. After Stan says to cartman "maybe your mom can give me a kiss too" Kenny says, 'Maybe she can suck my dick "***
2. After Kyle gets the flash light, Kenny says "Hey! What's that?" referring to the volcano.
3. After Jimbo throws the grenade that kills all the fish, Jimbo says it smells, and Kenny says "Kinda like a vagina."
4. After Jimbo makes Kenny his official nephew Kenny says "Cool"
5. After the lava ball lands on Kenny, he says "Nope, I'm okay"
6. After the lava ball rolls over him again Kenny goes "Ahhh"
7. After the volcano incident is over, Kenny comes walking back and he says "Hey guys, what's up?"
8. After getting shot by Ned, Kenny says "oh no!"

Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boatride
1. While Sparky is Raping Sylvester , Kenny see what they are doing and says "Oh my god I think they're screwing."
2. After Stan tries saying it's Sylvester who is confused, Kenny say "Not from what I saw"
3. When Stan is talking about gay people, Kenny says "They suck"

An Elephant makes Love to a Pig
1. When talking about pig and elephants, Kenny says "Hey you guys, I talked to Garrison and he told me they're like the same."
2. When talking about how much of a wuss Stan is for getting his ass kicked by a girl, Kenny say "Or are you gonna feather your
3. After Kyle says this about what Stan should do about his sister"Stan, you can use family love as a weapon against Shelley. The next
time she's gonna kick your ass, just tell her, "Shelley, you're my sister, and I love you."" Kenny says "And I want to take off your bra."
4. When the genetic doctor comes and tells the boys of Stan's clone, Kenny says "A big mutant Stan?!?"
5. When Kenny sees the destruction that Stan's clone is causing, he says "Oh my God!What is he doin'?"

1. After Kenny gets to school from being late due to diarrhea, Kenny raises his hand and say "I have to go fart."
2. After Kenny says number 1, Mr . Garrison says didn't you just go? And Kenny says "I did, I gotta go shit"
3. After Kenny comes out of the bathroom, he races back in and says "Oh my God!"
4. Kenny runs to the bathroom at Stan's and says "Oh My God"
5. After you hear Kenny make a farting sound, Kenny goes "OW!"
6. When they are discussing what's wrong with their parents, Kenny says "Well what I think, basically, if you let the decision of what you watch to be under the parent's control, television sucks. Television sucks because parents get offended mmmmmmmmmmmm a baby sitter for their kids."
be heard.

The only time Kenny says something is when he comes back from his grave, and it's either between him saying something or just
laughing. You be the judge. here's what he says:"Heeeyyy, I'm back, ahh."
Also Cartman when he is fantasizing that he's Hitler, when you play it backwards he says stuff like "You guys, seriously!" and "Hey
guys guess what?"

Starvin' Marvin
1.When the boys find out about the free sports watch, Kenny says "Woo hoo!"
2.When Stan asks what vas deferens are Kenny says "tube that's inside of your pee-pee" This one was hard and if you
think it's something different please tell me
3.When Stan says "She said it(the sport watch)would come tomarrow" Cartman, Kyle and Kenny all say "Cool!"

Mr. Hanky
1.After baby Jesus is delivered by Mary, angel Kenny says "It must be a miracle!"
2.After the bird poops in his hood he says "Hey!"
3.When Cartman says Kyle's messed up Kenny says "Kyle's crazy!"
4. When they find the poop in Kyle's box Kenny says "That is the sickest thing I have ever fucking
5.When Mr. Garrison asks Kenny to remove the star above the shark tank, he says "huh?".
6.After Kenny removes the star successfully, he gives a "whew!"
7.After everyone notices that something's missing (Kenny not being dead that is), the words "The
End" pop up and Kenny screams "Woo-hoo-hoo!"

Due to the fact that Kenny was a duckbilled platypus, he only said one thing. After Stan says to Damien
about Kenny talking about his mom being an ugly scank Kenny says "Yeah, she looks like a fucking
Also when Damien calls Satan, Satan is speaking latin. Rectuse, Domenius is "Ass Master" or in real form "Rectum

Tom's Rhinoplasty (Miss Ellen)
1.When the boys are amazed that their subsitute is so hot, Kenny says "God, I want to get a piece of
2.When Chef says "You know what they say about women with long arms, Kenny says "Yeah, they can
allways finger their pussy".
3. When the boys are asking Stan what he did to Ms. Ellen, Kenny says "Well did you stick it in Miss
Ellen's loose vagina?" I'm not sure "Loose" is the right word, but I'm damn close.

Mecha Streisand
1.When Kenny shows the carrot and marbles, he says "Yeah and I got these marbles to go with the
carrot stick."

Cartman's Mom is a dirty slut
This episode was as hard as Cartman gets an anal probe. Here's my  best estimates.
1.When the boys comment on how Cartman can't make it Kenny Says, "He's such a fat kid, he can't
make it."
2. After the boys see Cartman having a tea party Kenny Says "What the fuck is he doing with the
animals and tea?"***
3.When Kenny is being dragged by the go-cart, Kenny says words like "Ow, fuck ,shit, ect."
4.After Kenny's okay, he says "No guys I'm okay...Now if I can", then he dies.

Season 2

Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut
1.After Mephesto is shot, Kenny says "Oh my god, they killed Mephesto"
2.After "Team b" is set up, and the plain is set, Kenny says "huh?"
3.When Kenny comes out of the sewer, he says "This is team b".
4.After "Team a" finds a new path, Kenny says "you fucking people make me walk though the
5.When Kenny looks at the shelter, he says "Yep it's there all right."
6.When Kenny reaches the power box he says "Okay now I'm at the power box."
7.After the doctor asks if Kenny can see the copper nose Kenny says "Roger".
8.When the doctor asks Kenny if he can connect the wires he says "Nah-un".
9.When Kenny says he's going to connect the wires he says "I'll connect the wires".

Ike's Bris
1.When Chef arrives the kids and Kenny say "Hey Chef".
2.When Chef is disapointed in the boys Kenny says "Oh, your penis!"

Chicken Lover
1.When Kenny sees the book he says "There's a lot of hot vaginas and penises"
2.After a scream is heard, Kenny says "What was that?"
3.Kenny says "Hooray" when Kyle and Stan are cheering too.
4.When the show "Cartman" is rolling, Kenny comes up to the door and says "Hey Cartman".
5.When Mrs. McCormick is kicking her husband's ass, Kenny cheers on with "Yeah yeah yeah!"
6.When Kenny is shot he says "No, it hit my jacket".

Conjointed Fetus Lady
1.When Kyle is telling the other boys about the freak, Kenny says "Ew!" a couple of times.
2.When Kyle's mom shows the boys about "Freaks" Kenny says "Gross!"

The Mexican Staring Frog
1.When the boys are done with their paper, the boys and Kenny say "The end".
2.When Mr Mackey is talking over the boys Kenny says "Cause your unlce sucks dick"***
3.When the boys make fun of Jimbo and Ned, Kenny says "Yeah, what a couple of bitchass mother fuckers!"

City on the Edge Forever (Flashbacks)
1.Kenny tell's Kyle the time is "7:35"
2.When Kenny remembers about Death, he says "Hey guys, remember that time we were chased by
death? I remember it was a looonng time ago and death came on a tricycle and ran us down."
3.When Kenny kicks Death's ass, he says "Take this, and don't touch me, and take that and that, and
that!" ect...
4.After the story is done, Kenny says "Now that's what I call a sticky situation!"
5.When Kyle corrects Kenny, Kenny says "Oh yeah."
After being taken by the big scary monster, Kenny screams and says "Hey guys he's taken..." and it
fades off
6.When the Fonz kills him Kenny says "holy fucking!"

Summer Sucks
1.When the boys go to buy fireworks, Kenny and the boys say "Hey Stu".
2.When Kenny escapes his death, he says "Guys I dodged the ahh..!"

Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls
1.When the boys are talking about Stan not being Wendy's girlfriend, Kenny says "Yeah cause you allways puke on her"***
2.When they're talking about Cartman's ass, Kenny says "Cartman's ass is so fucking fat that sometimes it takes up a whole room."

Chicken Pox
1.When Kenny's mom tells him to come and play with his friends, he says "But mom, I'm fucking sick!"
2.When Kenny comes out he says "Hey guys, what's going on?"
3.When the boys are talking about the rats Kenny tells us "Well, we shouldn't have any rats when we put the fucking ceiling in."

Robert Ebert Should Lay Off The Fatty Foods
1.Kenny's haiku goes "When I get blowjobs, that I'll cum through discharging, that's the way to fuck".
This was really hard. I'm not too sure, but listen for yourself.
2.When Kenny first talks about the stars, he says "nothing"
3.When the lasers come on, Kenny says "whoa dude".

1.When all the boys say "fine" Kenny also says "Fine."
2.When Cartman's telling Kenny what to do with Endor Clubhouse, Kenny says "Well why the fuck do I have to do

everything when you stand around..." and then Kenny's cut out by Cartman saying he's the worker.
3.When Cartman tells Kenny to get the carpet Kenny says"You fuck ,you suck dick"
4.When Cartman tells Kenny he has to wait for the hot tub he says in a depressed voice, "Yes sir".

5.As Kenny and Cartman talk about Endor Clubhouse, Kenny says "Uh-huh"
6.After Cartman says Kenny and him have to find chicks he says "YEAH!"
7.After Cartman demands that Kenny goes and finds the chicks, Kenny says, "Why do I have to go find the chicks?"
8.When Cartman asks if Kenny finds the chicks, Kenny says "Mmm hmm!"

Cow Days
1.When Kenny pulls out his food stamps he says "What? These?"
2.When Kyle tells Kenny to give him the food stamps he says "Nah-uh"
3.When Kyle demands the food stamps Kenny says "Dude, these are mother fucking food stamps and I
don't need to be used right outta these food stamps".
4.When Cartman's lying on the ground, Kenny says "Oh my god, they killed Cartman!"
5.After the boys wonder where Cartman is, Kenny says "He ran away"
6.Stan tells Kenny to go find Cartman, and Kenny says "Okay."
7.When Kenny comes back with no Cartman and the boys ask where he is, Kenny says "I don't know, I can't
find em'"
8.They tell Kenny he's on in a few minutes and he says "I know, I know!"
9.When Kenny's about to come to help Cartman, Kenny says "Nah-uh, I ain't going in that ring...ahh!"

Chef Aid
1.When Elton John says that he'll help the boys out, Kenny says "Hooray"!

1.When Kenny takes more of the blanket from his brother he says "Give me this."
2.When Kenny's mom smacks him he says "Hey Mom!"
3.After Kenny's dad asks if that was Cartman, Kenny says "Uh huh"
4.When Kenny shows his 'pumpkin' he says "It's all I could afford"

Merry Christmas Charlie Manson
1. When Kenny's dad tells him to put some food in a bag, Kenny says "okay".

2. After Charlie Manson says Kenny's 'around' , Kenny says "Hey guys, lets go".

Underpants Gnomes
1. When Cartman says Kenny's happy being poor, Kenny says "Fuck you".
2. During the commercial, Kenny says "and get back to the home owned enterprise"

Prehistoric Ice Man
1. When Kenny's watching TV, he says "Oh no!"
2. When Stan says Cartman killed Kyle, Kenny says "You bastard!"
3. When "Yeah, I think you ought to name him Steve"
4. When Barbrady asks what color to pick, Kenny says "Blue".
5. Just before Kenny is smushed under the escalator belt, he says "Uh oh!"

Season 3

Rainforest Schmainforest
1. When the Choir Teacher is tell the kids about G.G.W.K Kenny Says," Its sounds So Fucken Stupid,"
2. When the Counselor says the boys will be going to Costa Rica Kenny says,"WO Ho,"
3. When he sits with the Girl on the bus he says," Hi My name is Kenny. No,   Kenny. KENNY!"
4. When Cartman says that Kenny is Costa Rican," I hate that Fucker."
5. When the Girl he likes says," This place makes you happy to know that you live in American." Kenny says," Uhuh."
6. When the Girl asks him did you remember the choreography Kenny says, "Yea I think so."
7. When the Girl wonders if there all going to be OK Kenny says, "Yea I think we're going to be fine."Then, he says"OK."
Then, he says," What?"
Then," Great, I Really Like you."
Then, he says," Why not?"
8. When the girl says she hates this place Kenny says, "Don't worry we will get home soon."
Then, he says, "Cool."
Then, he says," God Damn it"
9. When they are all tied up Kenny says, "O. Me too,"
10. When the girl says we are going to have a long distance relationship, and we will call each other every other day Kenny says," OK, I can do that."

Spontaneous Combustion
1. When Kenny gives Kyle the hairdryer, Kenny says "How about this?"
2. After being kicked out of the store and Stan complains, Kenny says "I know, fucking seriously!"
3. As the boys are walking away, Kenny says "Well see you guys, I have to get on the bus".
4. When Cartman asks if Kenny's going to see his little girlfriend again, Kenny says "Yeah dude, seriously"

1. When cartman is taking a crap and ask for one of Kenny gloves he says "here ya go...wait no!"
1. When cartman ran to the game show when he found out it was a fix, Stan and Kyle chased them and said "hey guys, where you goin?" (then the bear jumped on him)

Tweek vs. Craig
1. The teacher talks about what they will learn in home ec then Kenny says "woo hoo!"
2. The teacher says "that is why we take home ec" then Kenny says "woo hoo!"
3. Kenny walks up to the other kids on the playground and says "hey guys, what do you want to do"
4. All the girls said bye to Kenny on the playground then Kenny said "bye laddies"
5. While Kenny, Stan, Kyle, and Cartman are fighting Kenny yells out a few swear words
6. When the teacher shows the cards to the class, everyone recites them, including Kenny
7. When the teacher shows the card to Kenny and tells him to read he says "I can't make love to you until we get a king sized bed"
8. When the teacher tells Kenny she needs to talk to him he says "yeah ok"
9. When the teacher tells Kenny he isn't right for home-ec he says "why?"
10. When the teacher tells Kenny his odds for marrying a rich man in the future are not good he says "it's not?"
11. When the teacher tells Kenny he should transfer to shop class he says "shop class! Oh no!"
12. When the teacher tells Kenny few students are injured in shop class he says "I don't want to go to shop class!"
13. When Kenny walks into shop class and Mr Adler is about to kill himself he says "hey is this shop class?"
14. When he got tossed in nails then he started yelling then Mr Adler picked him up and he said "I'm ok"


Jay Leno Special
1.After all the kids are astounded by Jay's chin, Kenny says "It looks like it's made of silicon!"

BONUS Cartman's Jap Anime Lines:
1. " Yeah Cartman, Do It" "Damn, Shit, Cock, Respect My Fucken' Athoritah"
2. "Hey Little Boy You Better Watch Your Mouth" "Dog Shit Taco"
3. "Check This One Out, Blood Frost Tampon Popsical"
4. "Hey Man, I Know I Was Mean Before But Hey, I Can Change." "Ok" "(Gasp)"
"Not...Fuck Shit Taco Bitch Ass My Mother Fucken' Pussy Ass Barbra Strisand!