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Sweet, Issue #Ten

Okay, I don't think this rant is going to be as funny as some of my previous might turn out to be, I'm just kind of like that, but it probably won't. This is gonna sound like a preachy afterschool special, but Utena said to go for it,'s topic is Social Pressure. I don't know how many times I'm been dreading going to some party or something like that...I always get invited and at first it sound like a fine idea. Go somewhere and screw around with people for a few hours/the night/a weekend, whatever. Lately, though, I find myself just not wanting to bother. Those things suck. I'm not by any means antisocial, I just...don't like to go. Sounds lame, but I don't think I'm the only one. Actually, I know I'm not. Everyone gets so excited about parties, but my bet is that most of them really don't wanna go. You go in self conscious and unsure of yourself, and leave feeling self conscious, unsure of yourself, and depressed because you just wasted your whole Saturday night. Unsettling events happen at these so-called "fun" social gatherings…I don't know, I think there are better things I could be doing with myself than standing around somewhere being bored and feeling out of place. Well, Sweet, easy solution, right? Just don't go! It's as fucken simple as that! Come on, it doesn't take a genius to think of these things! But, of course, it's not that easy. If you don't go to one of these…..things, you're labeled as being antisocial or some shit! And no one wants to be a social outcast. Then you won't fit in. We all wanted top be accepted by someone or another, right? And I don't just mean like a certain "popular" group, or whatever, but just anyone! As much as I hate going to lots of things, it's not really an option. Especially at one of those "everyone's invited" sort of parties…don't go to one and you get asked "hey how come you weren't at the (rave/party/concert/whatever sort of thing you freaks reading this like to go to!)? I didn't see you there!" And, of course, if you answer "Oh, I just didn't want to…" You sound like a real bigass no-life loser! I mean, everyone loves to go to parties! What's your problem? Just make up some lame excuse like "I had to wash dishes" or something. Not that something as stupid as what I just said will really be believable, so I recommend making up your own alibi. Or, if you use the washing dishes one, make sure that you're telling someone really, really, stupid. Like Kyuu. (Hah I bet lots of you don't KNOW Kyuu, but it was just funny and I had to put it in.) Well, after using whatever excuse you decide to use, tell yourself that next time will be different! Next time something comes up that you could go to, no more conforming to that social shit. Instead, do what YOU want to do. Decide stay home all weekend in your pajamas, eating ice cream out of the carton, and watching old Tenchi Muyo tapes. Hah, then find yourself at the party standing alone, trying to remember why the hell you came in the first place. Hey, no big deal, right? At least you're fitting in!