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Sweet, Issue #Nine

Japanese Preps: The Silent Killer Part 2: Old Navy

::More scary music! AAH!:: Well, I've decided to only make this a two-part rant...since I actually have some A+F clothes, and they don't have any commercials to whine about. Anyway, I'm tired of that whole prep thing anyway...I still hate it as much as I ever have, but it's getting old. So, anyway...Old Navy. What the hell is up with their commercials?! For one thing, none of them wear the clothes they're advertising. That lady with the thick glasses doesn't. The lady who looks like she stepped off the set of "I Dream of Jeanne" doesn't. And of course, the dog, Magic, doesn't. Take the newest shit, Tech Vests. Here come those twins, from Sister-Sister, second in idiocy only to MaryKate and Ashley Olsen, who I wouldn't be surprised to see on one of these commercials anyway. Anyway, those sister girls come in wearing their ever so *snazzy* Tech Vests...where they come upon these two twin brothers (ooh, how convenient!) "Sister sister? Brother brother!" the two boys triumphantly proclaim, and in a Roxbury-like fashion, jump up and rub their chests together...I really can't comment on that, it made me embarrassed just to be watching the commercial. They go off and dance, all that great shit, and show off their incredibly ugly vests. Then the dog, Magic, starts doin some disc jockey stuff...who knows, maybe that's why the music sucked so bad. Now..I have to go do some algebra homework..I hate Old Navy...Sailor's Ass, Marmaduke, is a great piece o ass. (she paid me to put that in there. Go shop at Hot Topic. Ja. Better rant next time, I promise. ^ ^;;;