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Sweet, Issue #Eleven

Japanese Snack Food, and Why it is Different Than Sushi.

Look, I'm back! And with a new rant, nonetheless! Remember the wonderful (wonderful as in I had to slap something together really quickly so Utena wouldn't come to my house and kill me in the night because I miss so many deadlines) about sushi? Well, continuing on the food trend, here's something else for you to ponder. Japanese snack food! Now, I know what you're thinking. "Japanese snack food? That's just like sushi! If she just runs the same rant again, it's going to me ME killing her in the night, not Utena." Well, I have five rebuttals to that comment:

1. Snack food is not the same thing as sushi. Sushi has fish in it sometimes.

2. Don't kill me in the night! That would be scary!

3. And so what if I did run the same article again, it was cool.

4. I can't think of another rebuttal!

5. I still can't think of another rebuttal!

Well, there you go. Five reasons why we should bring Communism to So-- I mean, five reasons why sushi is different from snack food. No one ever said they were good reasons. With those five reasons, I don't see why anyone would need more of a rant. I mean, they were numbered and everything! But I am not really sure that my rant is long enough yet, so moving along to another point of interest...

Hairdye! I was looking for Clairol's Torrid Touch in Crimson. See, that's what Tori Amos uses (or used to use, same diff), so I decided that I just had to have it. I searched all over..but to no avail! I looked high and low, even on the Clairol website. I sent them an email and it has yet to be replied, to. All you Clairol employees out there, listen up! I demand better service. Stock all stores with your magical yet hard to find hair dyes! To make it up to me, you can send me some Pocky... and no, that's not a type of sushi roll.

(note: at time of publication, Sweet did get an email back from Clairol and it turns out that she had the name of the hairdye wrong. Its called Torrids in Torch Crimson. And she had only looked at the grocery store for it, which is probably why she was not able to find it. And no, she is not a ditz.)