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Sweet, Issue #Eight

Japanese Preps: The Silent Killer

::Scary music plays, like those violins that are all "screech screech screech" before someone gets killed in old horror movies:: Alright, another enthralling rant from the mind! Preppy clothes! Why do they exist? Who really makes them? And why do people like them?! These, and many other questions, are not going to be answered in this rant. HA! Instead, I'm just gonna bitch a little bit, ok? Great. Now, I like Japanese people as much as the next person ranting about preppy clothes, but really. I have noticed that almost all the Japanese people I see around here (Seattle, general northwest, blah blah) wear preppy clothes! Why?! Why do they have to do this? They can wear um...UNPREPPY clothes ::couldn't think of a better word:: and still be ok! In fact, I have noticed that just Asian people up here in general...very preppy! And not just in clothes, in the music, and just their lifestyle...why??? I suppose I'll never understand, since I'm adverted to all things, there's how Japan ties into all this. Now, to criticize the clothes...I'm focusing on Gap, Old navy, and A+F. First of all...Gap.... I hate it's commercials! They're really quite disturbing. Now, I could take the Khakis one, cause that led to a cool part in a Blink 182 video. But the rest of them...blah. Take the latest one, for the vests.There's a bunch of queers standing around in these uglyass vests, talking about wanting to dress you up in their love. Personally, I don't WANT to be loved by someone whose gender I can't figure out! Anyway, if love means wearing a Gap Vest, I'll just be single all my life. (Which may happen anyway... -.-;;) For clothes as mundane as Gap's I should hope that they're really cheap. Heh, no way. For RR (Rant Research) I went to the mall and looked around at the Gap outlet. Well, actually I went to see if Suncoast had the video I wanted (they didn't ;.;) and my so-called friend dragged me into Gap. And wouldn't ya know it, she's Asian...So, I went in and pretended to thrilled at seeing some polo shirts when all I really wanted to do was to go buy this one shirt at another store...of course, it cost waaaayyyy less than any of the Gap clothes and was 182 times cooler. Where was I...ah, yes. So, I was lamenting the fact that I hadn't bought my shirt, and my "friend" was about to buy a pair of preppy jeans or something. It was then that I realized how much I actually DID hate the Gap. I managed to do my research, though, and found out a very interesting fact: Gap clothes are the pinnacle of suckness, and they cost too much. Well, maybe that's not so interesting, but....oh well. Ok I was gonna add more stuff to this but I realized that this is getting really long and I have two more clothing companies to do..know what?! I decided to make this into a three part installment, entitled "The Silent Killers." There ya go. ::wipes her brow:: Well, I'm done for now! Next Installment: Old Navy! ::more scary music plays::