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Ran, Issue # Eleven

My rants suck. Look at them. They were okay when I talked about Queen, or did other stuff to make it look like I was some friggin' faerie spreading pixie dust everywhere, but now though. Now I just blow (so, um, I made the transition from being a faerie to blowing...right, so am I gay yet?). Only Sweet writes anything truly good, and she doesn't even know it. Ocelot can write incredibly funny stuff, when he's motivated enough to talk schmack. But me? I suck. And now to (not so) cleverly place the blame elsewhere: its because my rants have gotten too damn long. Damn Ocelot and his damn rants. Remember the beginning of it all? When Utena and Jyuu (or Hikaru or whatever) ranted? Their stuff wasn't even half the length of Ocelot's rants...and my rants are too big now too, because I'm intimidated by size (shut up, I'm only talking about rant-size here). From now on, I'm gonna keep my rants short and sweet (just another excuse to do less work; gawsh I'm clever). And by virtue of the fact most of you are Aol users, I'm fairly sure you're all easily intimidated by large portions of writing, especially ones like Ocelot's, with big obscure words all over the place (here's a lil secret: Ocelot himself doesn't necessarily know what those words mean). Anywho, I'm really trying to think of some way to tie this in to Japan, and I'm desperate. So right now I'll just take of one little imperfection from that Perfect Rant rubbish. Some little monkey escaped from the local zoo and managed to find it's way to my computer. It then proceeded to make some little uninformed comment about Japan not having an army. I myself have been aware of their internal defense for a while now, which has been in existence for years, a very formidable force despite not being much in numbers. About three years ago though, Japan began expanding on their dainty little military force, and are stocked with a whole lotta used American toys. We're flying latest-generation Z-28's, they've got handed-down 6-cylinders. America's real good about selling outdated weaponry to keep us one step ahead. And keep your eyes open, Japan looks like it just may have an opportunity to actually strut their gun-toting stuff. You know, those crazy North Koreans firing off a missile every now and then, trying to get attention. I don't see why they can't just get along. I mean, all those asians are the same, right? Dog-eating short people with funny beliefs and funnier accents, every one of 'em