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Links Worthy of the Utenas
General Buddhist/Orient:

Hsi Lai University Home Page My temple, the largest known in the North American region, has it's own University! Yes, now you too can learn Sanskrit, Mandarin Chinese and read the original sutras of the Guatama Buddha Siddhartha like all of your Chinese Ch'en Buddhist friends! Or just so you can read thier monthly newsletter, Buddha's Light! Gooooo Hsi Lai! ^_^

AAR Syllabi Project: Buddhist Traditions (Str...
Zenshuji Soto Mission Unofficial Web Page
Venice Hongwanji Buddhist Temple Home Page Somehow I seem to know monks or priests from each of these sites. O.O**
Anime, Japanese/Hong Kong Music, and other misc crap that makes you a Jap Nationalist. O.O

Kodocha Anime: Quality subtitled Japanese anime! Dios will tell you, Kodocha is our friend when it comes to fansubbers.

Nakimori Studios And Nakimori? Even friendlier!
noAnime Subtitlers No Anime really means NO ANIME. This guy is a slacker and has backorders from early last year. You can try to order from him, but only if you believe you have a high ass life expectancy.
Mako's link A cool J-Rock Visual Kei site
Personal Checks HEH! You can get some really bitchen Japanese personal checks here. Had to mention them.
The Unofficial "Beat" Takeshi Kitano Spot MY FAVORITE DIRECTOR IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! Beat Takeshi Kitano. Please, love this man the way you would your marmot.
For anything J-Pop, go to, then watch as the hard-to-find CD they do not have in stock takes about 8 weeks or so to finally come in! ^_^
JPOPHelp Japanese Mulitmedia Page More J-Pop...
AudioFind - Glay - Master Artist List GLAY equals YAY!
Mr.Heartbreaker's Chart Liner_JP Top 40 as of... Best site online to see who's who in Japanese music. Comes in english and Jap (if you have an online translator).
LySiNe's ULTIMATE X JAPAN MP3 PAGE!!! YOSHIKI! HIDE! Even that psycho nut Toshi!!
The Tiny JRock Image Galleries - X Japan Can't get enough of that X-Japan Stuff...


bannered links:
Anime Episode Search Search for full anime eps in rm format
Anime Digest Anime News
Amber Anime Archive Some guy's scans of all his LD covers and pencilboards.. worth a look, trust me!
This Chick's Revolution Scanned Utena Images! =D
HK Pop Stuff:

HKPOP Hong Kong Pop. Yes, I know many of you ask, why HK? Why not?

Welcome to! More Hong Kong pop, damnit.
Kissaki's Asian Cinema Page! Even Hong Kong cinema! (look for Fallen Angels, people. UtenaSama recommended.)



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