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The Bridges of Abo Canyon Part 2

This page will focus on Bridges 4 Thru 6 in Abo canyon. Bridges 4 and 5 are in the center of the canyon and are in a more open area. Bridge 6 is in fairly narrow part of the canyon. Besides the railroad, there are herds of big horn sheep that call Abo home. I believe these were transplanted into this area. I have also seen them in the upper part of the canyon and you can find deer thoughout the canyon. Another creature indigenous to this area is the rattlesnake. Though you can go a long time without seeing one in Abo, they are there so be very carefull !!!!!!!

ATSF 4005 Leads a Heavy Freight across Bridge 4

ATSF GP60 #4005 leads ATSF units SD45-2 #5833, SD40 #5018 and another GP60 4036 with a heavy freight across bridge 4 on a cool winter day in 1994. You won't be seeing any more pure yellow or blue bonnet ATSF trains like this anymore.

Eastbound JB Hunt Containers at Bridge 5

SD45 5437 leads a mixed bag of power over bridge 5 in late 1996 with a post merger BNSF train of ATSF, BN and LMX power with a Conrail unit thrown in. In 1996 and 1997 there were a lot of Conrail units repaying hours on the former ATSF. Bridges 4-7 are all fairly close in proximity, with the rear end of this train still on bridge 4.

223 East at Bridge 6 in the winter of 1996

#223 east a mixture of containers and piggybacks crosses bridge 6 in the upper part of Abo canyon in the winter of 1996. #223 a SD75M leads #7445 a DASH8-40 B (the last of the non superfleet GE's on the Santa Fe)and two GP60'S thru Abo canyon. Between bridges 6 and 7 is a real narrow cut(BNSF has widened this recently) this cut is quite prone to rock slides. In all of these narrow cuts thru Abo canyon the track is protected by slide fences and warning lights. click here to return to the main page