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The four pictures on the left are of a hauberk I made several years ago. It is made using 15 gauge wire at a 1/4" inside diameter. The three on the right are of an oriental 6 to 1 pattern using two different size rings.

These pictures are of various small items I made. Belts, earrings, choker, mantle, and headress. My son, Dareik (2 yrs.) is showing off his aluminum Persian pattern (almost done) shirt.

Here's a picture of one of my youngest customers. Annwynn Elizabeth Mackenzie Stabler, born Aug. 1, 1999. Picture taken approx. 12/12/99.
The hauberk is made of 3/16" x 17 ga. Aluminum. Picture taken by dad, Dwivian Stabler. Thanks.

More information will be posted in the future. My picture taking hasn't been what it should be.

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