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Hauberks (shirts)

Full-size shirts cover the arms down to the elbow and extend to mid-thigh.
They can be made with in four variations. Basically, how do you want to put it on? 1) Pull over the head (like a T-shirt). 2) Laced up the back (help will be needed) 3) Laced up the side (either/or or both) or 4) Laced up the front (like a jacket).
All prices shown are for the standard 4 to 1 pattern.
Subtract $75 from price for half shirts (no arms and stops at waist - vest style)
Click on picture for measurement guide.

12 gauge
3/8 in. ring.......$250
14 gauge
1/4 in. ring.......$400
5/16 in. ring....$350
3/8 in. ring.......$300
16 gauge
3/16 in. ring.....$550
1/4 in. ring........$500
5/16 in. ring.....$450
3/8 in. ring........$400
Other wire sizes and larger rings are available.
I now have aluminum and stainless steel wire available. Contact me for more info.

Patches (for the little stuff)

If you only need a small piece you can order a patch. Patches I sell by the square inch. Base prices are shown below. I use this pricing system for belts, chokers, necklaces, etc.
14 gauge	4 to 1	6 to 1	8 to 1
  3/8 in. ring	      $.25	 n/a	    n/a
16 gauge 1/4 in. ring $.40 n/a n/a 5/16 in. ring $.35 $.45 n/a 3/8 in. ring $.30 $.40 $.50
18 gauge 3/16 in. ring $.55 n/a n/a 1/4 in. ring $.50 $.60 n/a 5/16 in. ring $.45 $.55 $.65 3/8 in. ring $.40 $.50 $.60

The fine print

Please allow six to eight weeks for delivery.
All costs include shipping (US). International delivery extra. Minimum order of $20.
Click here to download my brochure in PDF format.
Sorry, I can't accept credit card orders at this time.
Please send an email to get my current mailing address.

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