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 The Seattle Hempfest is an interesting organization
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The Seattle Hempfest is exciting!
 An effort for the legalization of hemp is connected with a multiplicity of ideas, values, and changes in this nation.  Our constitutional foundations were recorded on hemp.  A return to the use of hemp as a primary paper source could help save our rainforests and preserve our planet.  The Hempfest is a stand for freedom and the value and worth of individual Americans as critical parts of the whole of our nation.  Peace, equity, the rule of law, and the efficacy of constitutional integrity may not hinge on this specific issue.  But the millions of Americans who support this reform, might also be persuaded to share as we reform our nation.  When multitudes gather to celebrate diversity, freedom, and counter-cultural liberation... let the thunder of our ideas roll down like the waters of a might streams and rivers, cascading into oceans of equity and justice... 
Let it rain.  best regards, Tim

While the political implications of hemp may perhaps be relatively limited, it has been suggested that this struggle could become
a locus for some politically active causes.  Veterans for Peace is one of several organizations who see this connection.
Veterans For Peace - 20 Years of Waging Peace
The Rainbow Family of Living Light
, sometimes known as the "Rainbow Tribe", is an international loose affiliation of individuals who have a common goal of trying to achieve peace and love on Earth 

Visit the  Rainbow Family of Living Light Unofficial Home Page   unofficial Rainbow Family Web Site.
This sites contains much information on the Rainbow Gatherings and the Rainbow Family.
While many of us may consider ourselves
"undercover soldiers" who are ready to defend the US constitution, human rights, and justice...  translating this empathy into action is essential.  American patriots can find common ground and embrace global perspectives as they participate in local initiatives.

Here are some alternative resources for peace:

These URL's are available at International Peace Resource Center (IPRC)

Post Script: 
The rolling thunder which is Barack Obama may well change our nation.  He may even be the next president.
John Edwards has already been elected vice president.  Al Gore has already been elected president.  Both of these
men should be part of the next administration.  The Obama presidency holds promise for America. Let us hope
Barack can rally the troops at home and abroad and lead us to positive change by enlisting the aid of our best and brightest.  Dennis Kucinich is a brilliant man whose contributions to our discussions have been critical.
His leadership, ideas, and clear vision can help rebuild America.
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