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Richter Belmont

Richter Belmont. THE pinnacle of the Belmont family and the most powerful holy warrior ever in the war against Dracula. Before and after his time, there never was a more powerful hunter. Richter is the culmination of the Belmont family's ever increasing spiritual power presented on the physical plane as the generations grew in christianity.

Richter's stats (Hey, he looks like me!!!^_^ Down,girls!!)

Appearances: 1792 A.D. Castlevania: Dracula X- the Rondo of Blood(age 19),1797 A.D. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night(age 24)
Height: 6'
Weight: 170lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Family: Annette Renard Belmont(wife), Maria Renard(sister-in-law)

Friends: Tara(a nun), Iris(the village doctor's daughter), Alucard(Dracula's son)

Ancestors: Sonia Belmont, Trevor Belmont & Sypha Belnades Belmont, Simon Belmont, Christopher Belmont

Descendants: Reinhardt Schneider, Quincy Morris, John Morris

Note: The "Belmont" surname seems to end after Richter, which I believe is because Richter may have not had any sons to pass on the name.

Outfits: His blue, sleeveless, vampire hunter outfit, or his casual-wear with his royal blue coat( and his hair grew out after being captured for so long.)


Richter's mission begins in 1792, when the Count ressurects again, this time kidnapping many villagers, including Richter's girlfriend and her sister, to slow him down. Richter sets on his quest and frees all the captives, and finally arrives at Dracula, with the unexpected help of Maria. Richter proved far more than a match for the Count, and easily defeated him with his vast spiritual power.

Four years later, Richter mysteriously vanished. Maria, now his sister-in-law, set out to find him. After a year of searching, evil began to stir. Castlevania, Dracula's castle, reappeared prematurely out of the mists. Because of Richter's absence, the forces of Good woke Alucard, Dracula's rebellious son, from his eternal slumber, to fight. Alucard found that Richter had been put under a spell, making him lord of Dracula's castle, to eliminate him and his overpowering abilities as a threat to evil, thus bringing him to their side. Alucard broke the spell, and he and Richter eliminated the threat again. Alucard dueled with his father as Richter and Maria escaped the castle. Afterwards, Richter returned to the village alone, as Maria followed Alucard as he made his way back to his lonely slumber.

The Belmont Lineage

Richter's Love, Annette
Just look at her! You know you'd face Hell on Earth for her!!

The Ever Present Ally of the Belmont Family, Alucard!

He's extremelly powerful, but he's no Belmont. He and Richter make an awesome team though!! ^_^

Master the Blue-Clad Butt Kicker!!!

Richter's moves Dang straight you wanna know these!! Reckonize!

Richter is without a doubt, the most versatile character I've ever played as. All it took was patience, experimentation, and time to learn his moves. And, yes, there are a lot of moves!! Also, if one is fast enough( and cool enough--ego trip!!!^_^--j/k), you can pull helluva tough combos with him!! Alucard is a perfect character for beginners, but if you really want to be good, you have to learn Richter. He is easily overlooked because he starts out with very weak health, but a patient and skilled player will slowly unlock all of Richter's potential....but first things first... some motivation for the skeptical..

Despite what it seems, or what the memory card says, yes, Richter does gain levels, although it isn't obvious or in a traditional manner. You gotta be helluva tough for this.

Richter's Level Gain

Richter's life bar grows stronger with each boss he defeats. Try out the easy ones first, and don't use item crashes to do it. You must use skill!! Item crashes cancel the level up. After approximately half of the bosses in the game are defeated, Richter's attack will also double( as if he wasn't powerful enough). He also takes less and less damage from spikes each time he goes up(unlike Alucard, who takes MORE damage with each level up from spikes). When you're strong enough, I dare you to take on Galamoth. I did, and I won too!! Without getting hit!! Booyah!!! No item crashes either! Now only if I could fight the final Dracula with him. Gameshark codes anybody?

Basic moves

Whip: square(because of its range, the whip will hit enemies behind Richter as well that are close)

Jump: X

Move left or right: Left or right on the d-pad

Duck: down on the d-pad

Stand ready: up on the d-pad

Brandish whip: hold square and move d-pad

Slide attack: hold down and press X

Flying Slide attack: Hold down, and quickly tap X twice

Backflip: tap X twice while standing. Very good evasive maneuver and excellent for dodging and counterattacking. Richter can go into any move while performing this, even while in mid-air. An excellent choice is to backflip out of the way and throw a dagger while falling. Very fast and effective. You can two-in-one from the dagger throw, but we'll get to that later.

Run: quickly tap left or right twice and hold on the second tap(everyone seems to have trouble with that for some reason)

Jump and attack(man, I am REALLY getting basic here):press X and hit square in the air( you can also brandish in the air, just so I don't have to type that below)

Use special Item: hold up and press square



Richter throws a cross out that glows with holy power and works as a boomerang.

Holy Water

Richter throws a flask of holy water that bursts into a stream of holy blue flames.


Richter uses his skill to throw an extremely fast dagger.(duh)


Richter heaves a heavy axe that arches upward and comes down with force. Great for flying enemies.


Richter uses scripture to protect himself from evil. The bible flys around his body, causing damage to enemies that it contacts.


Richter stops minor enemies in time.


Richter throws out an electric spark that contacts the enemy and continues to electricute if the square button is held or until your hearts run out.


Richter throws holy ashes(catholic much?) down that just sit there until something hits it. Sucks a lot.

Rebound stone(diamond)

Richter throws a gem to the ground that bounces infinitely as long as there is a surface to bounce off of. It damages enemies on contact and is good in close quarters.


Richter must unlock the cells of his friends trapped in Dracula's castle with this.(In Dracula X)

Richter's Special Moves

Note: all special moves require a fluid, continuous motion on the d-pad followed by a button press. If you're familiar with Street Fighter, then this shouldn't be a problem.

Spinning Whip Dash(also the Blade Dash): up, down, down/forward, forward, square

Richter dashes at the enemy with his whip spinning so fast it works as a blade.(this move can be done in mid-air, and continuously, letting Richter fly horizontal, and makes him invincible while performing it)

Holy Sword Uppercut(or the "Belmont Jump"): down, up, X

Richter launches himself into the air with his sword ready.(this move can also be done continuously in mid-air, letting Richter fly vertical and also makes him invincible as he rises.)

Note:Both the Blade Dash and the Belmont Jump can be interchanged to take you virtually anywhere.

Item Crashes(super attacks): triangle

Richter's enhances the abilities of the items he holds.

Note: Richter is invincible during the duration of most of these attacks

Flame Whip

When Richter has no item, he powers up and charges his whip with holy fire. It lasts for some time, but, unfortunately, in Symphony of the Night, it does no extra damage on enemies, unless they're weak against fire. In Dracula X, it's one big whip blast that reaches halfway across the screen. Rocks majorly...

Crucifix/ Holy Cross

Richter uses the power of the cross to immerse himself in a holy light and eradicate all enemies with rotating crucifixes.

Holy Water/ Hydro Storm

Richter's most useful crash. Richter calls down a holy torrent and is fully mobile while the storm lasts- and it lasts long too. Does HEAVY cumulative damage. No enemy is safe.

Dagger/ Dagger Barrage

Richter throws daggers at lightning speed for about 20 to 30 seconds. Does awesome damage and is just plain cool to watch. Look at 'em go!!

Axe/ Axe Spiral

Richter flies in the air, causing half a dozen axes to swirl about his body before launching them out in a spiral fashion. It works great if you're close to a large enemy, because they hit multiple times when they spiral close to him.

Bible/ Scripture Blast

Richter charges up and releases the power of the scriptures, which spin and form a star of David before releasing an enormous, powerful holy blast of energy.

Stopwatch/ Time Slow

Richter charges up and creates 6 clocks around him. Each one counts down and slows time until they run out, which releases a lightning blast to all onscreen enemies.

Agunea/ Lightning Storm

Richter stands with his hand to the air and sends lightning bolts rotating from it in a clockwise direction.

Bibuti/ Ash Fog

Ok, Richter DOES have a sucky crash, but this was a sucky item to begin with. He's doin' his best, people! Richter raises his hand to the air, sending a small, streaming cloud of holy ashes(I hate saying that) into the air. Limited range.

Rebound Stone(diamond)/Gem Flash

Richter sends 4 gems into the air, which combine offscreen and create one bright flash that lights up everything for a split second. Yes, even the dark, where Alucard needs sonar as the bat.

Key/ Key Confusion

Richter flies into the air and falls back down with a question mark over his head, not knowing what the heck to do....

Advanced moves

Mid air backflip: jump, and attack with the whip, and immediately jump again.

Mid air jump: Blade dash in the air and immediately jump after it ends. Can also be turned into a midair backflip if you press jump twice quickly.

Flying Slide Kick Rebound: When you execute a Flying Slide Kick, immediately hold square. When you connect with it, you'll backflip off the enemy without taking damage. You can go into any attack you choose after the rebound begins.

Helluva Tough Combos

These are some of my favs that I've come up with. They maximize Richter's versatility and require IMMENSE speed and skill with his moves. Only attempt these in a heavy battle if you can do all of Richter's other moves without even thinking.

Combo #1:Richter's Two-in-One

If you're familiar with Street Fighter, than you know two-in-ones. They begin with a normal move and the rest of the animation is cancelled by a special move. Richter is the same. Perform a whip attack, standing, jumping, backflipping- whatever. Immediately start the Blade Dash movement. Richter's dash should cancel the rest of the whip animation after the hit and should combo the enemy, ending up behind them.(remember, the dash can be done anywhere- even the air) Very basic. Items can also be used in a two-in-one. Primarily, it's the dagger and cross, because the can be most effectively be done in the air or ground, but the Holy Water can be done effectively in close range on the ground as well.

Combo #2:Richter's Rebound Combo

Attack the enemy with a flying slide kick, bounce off, and perform Richter's two-in-one. Recommended for smaller enemies, as the dash probably won't pass all the way through larger ones, causing you damage when it's finished.

Combo #3:Cross Rebound Combo

Throw the cross at an enemy, do a flying slide kick and you'll bounce off, the cross will boomerang and hit the enemy again, and you'll catch it on it's return as you backflip, then just do Richter's two-in-one. You're timing must be flawless, but it pays off cuz it looks helluva smooth.

Combo #4: Item Crash Fusion

This can only be done while there is a cross item and a holy water item both onscreen. Pick up the holy water and perform Hydro Storm.(the storm will last for a bit) Immediately grab the cross and perform Holy Cross. You'll do MEGA damage as the rain and the crosses wail on the enemy.

Combo #5: Dracula Killer

This works great on Drac during "Final Stage:Bloodlines". As he teleports, stand next to where he'll be, throw a cross before he appears, and as he does, do a Belmont Jump, drop straight down, do a blade dash at his head, and IMMEDIATELY turn the other direction and do another. The cross will do it's own work, hitting him twice, but you'll do MAJOR damage. This really tends to piss him off...You must be VERY fast to get this one. Even I rarely get it...

Combo #6: Belmont Finale(ultimate combo!!)

This works great on Zombie Trevor. I usually kill Grant and Sypha, then duel it out with Rich's great, great gramp. Kinda dramatic, but I like that...

Do Richter's Rebound Combo. As you land on the other side of Trevor, immediately snap your whip(it hits from behind, remember?)Trevor will start to fall toward you. IMMEDIATELY backflip as the whip connects. As you just BARELY end up on the other side, quickly do a Belmont Jump before you hit the ground(Richter's landing animation from a flip will slow you up.)You'll juggle ol' Trevor as he flies backwards. Then, just escape before you land on him and take damage.

Questions? Comments? Disbeliefs that I could be so helluva tough?(j/k!!)Send em here!

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Pics taken from the Castlevania Dungeon