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Title/Name Tico of the Seven Seas
English title: Tico & Nanami
[Czech Republic] Tico a Nanami - Tico sedmi mo
Japanese Title: nanatsu no umi no tiko
Spanish title: Tico Y sus Amigos (Tico and Friends; used on other dubs).
Country of Origin Japan
Language Japanese, Spanish, English, others
Style Adventure
Line-up Nanami
Scott Simpson
Cheryl Melville
Thomas LeConte
Lable Nippon Animation; Fuji TV
Releases * 39 TV episodes [15-Jan-1995 - 17-Dec-1995]
* Japanese VHS: Entire series in 10 volumes, videos: released by Pioneer LDC. 3800/ 4 (four) episodes each (except for the last volume, 3 episodes).
* Includes episode 31, which was not shown on TV.
* LD: Entire series in 5 volumes, released by Bandai Visual. 11,650 each.
* DVD: Entire series to be released end of 2001
Credits Original story idea by Hiro'o Akira
Produced by: Nippon Animation; Fuji TV
Staff: Producer(s): Motohashi Kichi
Director(s): Takagi Jun
Character Designer: Morikawa ?Akiko
Episode Directors: Fujimoto Jir, Miyashita Shinpei, Kuzuha Kz, Hanai
Nobuya, Inagaki Takuya
Animation Director(s): Sat Yoshiharu, shiro Katsu, Saotome
Kichir, Inoue Ei, Sugiyama Azumayami
Art Director(s): Morimoto Shigeru
Storyboards: Takagi Jun, Kuzuha Kz, Chibuki Ayumi, Katabuchi Sunao, Tsuji
Shin'ichi, Suzuki ?
Script Writer(s): Aoyama Noriyuki, Mitsui Hideki, Matsui Aya, Ikeda
Mamiko, Nobuto Tru
Music: Saneai Ky
Art Layout: It Kazue
Voice actors:
Nanami: Hayashibara Megumi
Scott Simpson: Ikeda Shichi
Al: Ogata Ken'ichi
Cheryl Melville: Mizutani Yko
Thomas: Matsui Mami
James: Masuoka Hiroshi
Thomas LeConte: Naya Rokur
Gaulois: Yamashita Keisuke
Benex: Kawashima Chiyoko
Gayle: Ishimaru Hiroya
Topia: Yajima Akiko

Theme songs:
- Opening: Sea loves you
- Ending: Twinkle Talk
* Vocalist: Sat Arisu
* Lyrics: Seik Chiho
* Music: Tozuka Osamu
* Arrangement: Shinozuka Mayumi

Description A pre-teen girl (not sure about age) named nanami (Naomi, on the Spanish dub) befriends a killer whale (Tico). Together they engage in a number of exciting adventures. Some really silly in nature, others filled with adventure, drama, happiness, sadness, ... in short: you don't know what'll happens next! At their side we find Nanami's father, Scott Simpson and Al (the engineer). Later they were joined by Cheryl Melville (the rich girl), Thomas (son of a scientist, friend of Nanami's dad), and James (Cheryl's majordomo).
Comments This Anim was released as part of Nippon Animation's World Masterpiece Theater series, which is odd because ALL shows made for that series are based on famous books and Tico is an original story. True, it was later made into a book but still it don't justify it's inclusion. But don't take this statement as a bad review, because it isn't. Tico and Nanami is a real good anime. So good it captured my heart, and I'm mustly interested in action and sci-fi anime, specially those featuring robots! So what makes Tico appealing to a "mecha-freak" like myself??? Firstly, the animation; as a Nippon Animation's tradition, the animation is excelent! Second, the story line; despise beign aimed to younger viewers, the content is still appealing to grown ups. I wsih ALL western cartoons are made that way. Third, maturity?; maybe I've grown to appreciate Anime in general and not just the "guy" stuff. Finally: Nanami herself! Call me a pervert but she's so cute it's hard to ignore her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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