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Calling of the Dark Messiah

Welcome to my tiny tribute to the many facets of the Guardian of Death and Rebirth, Sailor Saturn. In here,
you will find her words, her images, and her compelling story. You will find her guardian, the planet of Saturn,
and her current body, Tomoe Hotaru, along with Hotaru's former dark streak. Welcome to my shrine to
the Dark Messiah, and enjoy the beauty of her life.

Image Galleries

[Innocence Found] [Darkness Made] [Soldier Called]

Crystalline Words

[Pure Words] [Heavy Words] [Dark Words]

Tragic History

[Silent Statistics] [Tragic Hope]

Messiah Distractions

[Moon Sighs][Forecasting][Crimson Questions][Random Wisdom]
[Saturn Quest]

Crystal Implications

[Crystal Directions][Crystal Recognitions]

[Crystal Refraction]